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Thanksgiving printable for your fall decor

Thanksgiving printable for your fall decor

Thanksgiving is almost here for us Canadians, are you ready?  I’m still housecleaning and baking like a crazy.  Kind of.  I keep getting distracted by little fun things, like decorating or going through boxes that I haven’t seen for a while.  I saw a list yesterday that said countdown to Thanksgiving, and shows you what to do each week, for 4 weeks before the event!!  Things like start baking, send out invitations, etc.  And it says 4 weeks before: finish major housecleaning!  I figure that if I changed weeks to days, I’d be right on schedule.

Decorating is so much more fun than cleaning and de-cluttering.  I have a frame in my living room that is for changing, with the seasons, or with the birthdays, whatever.  It’s easy to pop out the picture and add something new.  I was looking around for a “free Thanksgiving printable” to print and frame, and I found lots of nice ones, but they were in color.  And even if I switched them to black and white, they’d be all grey and use up tons of ink.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m down to only black ink, so I made up something myself to print out for my frame, and thought I’d post it here, in case anyone else with a black-ink-only printer problem would like to have one for their Thanksgiving decor.  All the fonts I used are by Kimberly Geswein,  I really like her stuff!  Ooh, I just saw some new ones on her blog that I want, nice very nice!  There are links on her blog to download all her fonts, and she has examples, so you can see what the fonts look like in a paragraph form.  The  border is artwork by the Gypsy Chick, that I had for commercial use.  (warning: blurry photos ahead!)Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas! Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!

The printable is for a 8 1/2 by 11″ page, but my frame takes 12×12″, so I printed off 2 and cut one up to go behind the other.  My printer also didn’t print to the edge of the page, so I had to shave some off.  The printable should go to the edge of your page, if you can set your printer to do that.  So this is what I did: Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!

Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!Trimmed.Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!

Added some dollar store leaves behind the main page.Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!

I don’t like the placement of the red leaf, but am trying to tell myself to just leave it, to not take everything down to rearrange!!! grrrrr.  Oh well.  So this is what it looks like, and you can click on the folder below to download a zipped folder.  Unzip and print!  Let me know if it’s not working, since, ahem, it’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded a printable….  This photo below is just the example, and somehow one of the words is cut off and there’s a watermark that says personal use only, so that means it’s just for you to use in your home, y’know, no copying or selling or that kind of thing!

Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!Find the original copy for your personal printing use here:

Canada Day T-shirts…with robots!


Canada Day is coming up this weekend!!  Here’s our first project for Canada Day:  T-shirts.  There are so many fun designs and ideas for patriotic t-shirts…I’d like to try them all!  (I say “our” project, but I didn’t acutally let the kids help!  We were going to let the kids draw on the shirts, but then decided not to, ha!)

We went for a Robot theme for the shirts, since we were having a robot party….(I’ll post about that later).

I found some free retro robot vector files on  OpenGraphicDesign which I used for one of the designs, which you can dowload at the end of this post!  For the other designs, I used the digital kit Itty Bitty Robots by Mindy Terasawa (personal use only).

T-shirt transfers are easy to make with transfer paper.  I bought this stuff 3 years ago, and it’s still working fine!  When you make a design on your computer, you just need to flip the design before you print it out on the transfer paper.  Then cut it out and iron it onto your t-shirt!  (100% cotton works best).Here’s one of the designs the kids could choose from:And some cute ones (back and front designs) for the little girls:Does that remind anyone else of my favorite robot ever?  Rolie Polie Olie!!  (and the time Pappy lost his happy gear….)the front design:Here are the crazy bots with their new t-shirts on!And here’s the t-shirt design that I have for you to print and use today:The zipped file has two pages in it…one with one of the above designs on, and one page with 3 designs on.   They are for a regular 8 1/2×11 size paper, and the designs are already flipped backwards for you, so they are ready to print onto the transfer paper.  Please just use them for your personal use!!  You can dowload the print-ready image HERE!!  Get ready to celebrate Canada Day, all you Canucks and Canadian-lovers! 🙂

Father’s Day free printables!

Father’s Day free printables!

Ok, here’s what I have for you this afternoon: some cute tags and toppers for you to print out and use for Father’s Day tomorrow.  I found some cool cupcake papers and made these tags to coordinate, but they’d look great with solid color cupcake papers, too.  They are only in English (lo siento!) because I don’t know how to make all the “puns” in Spanish.  But if you really would like some in Spanish, let me know right away and I’ll send you some!

(The colors look really really bright on here, but those are my photos.  Every printer will probably print them out a bit different, but the colors are dark blue, dark purple, green and orange).  All you have to do is download the file, there are 4 pages of designs, then unzip it and print! Download here

There is a page with mostly “pop” tags.  I saw this idea for putting tags on pop bottles and soda pop cans on Pinterest, of course! 🙂There is a page of cupcake toppers, too.  Some of them say “You R one smart cookie, Dad!”  because I plan to make oreo cheesecake cupcakes for tomorrow!  (just hasn’t happened yet…hopefully I’ll get it done!).  There is also a page printable for the sides of the soda bottle holder, or you could use it as a sign, or whatever else your imagination comes up with!! (the cola font is Loki Cola from dafont.com)Dad’s are special, and deserve lots of junk food and soda pop and chips and popcorn and yummy stuff….yes, that is a fake cupcake…since I haven’t made them yet, I frosted some aluminum foil…just for the photoshoot, it’s trickier than I thought it would be….

Don’t forget some drinking straws to match!


Here are some more ideas I found on pinterest, for soda cans here, and for root beer bottles here, and here.

Hope this helps you out if you are in a rush and haven’t planned anything for tomorrow yet, just get printing! 😉  Now I’m off to do some baking, um, I mean shopping then baking….

Cinco de Mayo coloring page for kids

Cinco de Mayo coloring page for kids

The kids and I were having fun doing some “mexican” (sorry for the stereotype!) drawings.  I ended up making a coloring page for them.  (We’ll use it as a poster for our Cinco de Mayo ‘celebration’ on Saturday)

So you can dowload a just-for-fun free coloring page for kids, to celebrate the up-coming Cinco de Mayo!  Click here to find it.

Aqui pueden encontrar una pagina para colorear (pintar o lo que sea), para los nenes.  Lo pueden encontrar aquiLo hicimos solo divertiendonos haciendo dibujos “mejicanos” jaja, ya se que es un estereotipo, !perdonenme!  Amamos a nuestros amigos Mexicanos!! 

Hechense un su vistacito, compadres!……………

Here’s a little peek…..