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Mermaid Party


Under the ocean blue, swam a mermaid or two, a school of fish, a sugar starfish, and an octopus cried boo hoo! (he was about to be mermaid food!)

For weeks my daughter and I had been planning her mermaid party (for her 6th birthday), and the day finally arrived!  Mermaid invitations had been sent out:

Everything for the party had been thought out, but we had to do all the decorating last minute! (nothing new there!) Our dining room was transformed into under the sea caverns.  Blue and purple origami fish swam by in schools (made by little mermaid’s big mer-sister!)Under the table was the Secret Sea Cavern, where the girls could hide, relax on some sand-colored pillows and blankets and watch some Backyardigans mermaid movies for a little while…This little mermaid was hanging around in her undersea world (hanging from some fishing line) She was the inspiration for this party!  See Mermaid Color Palettes.  Swimming by was her friend the Paper Jellyfish.Starfish crafts were popular and expanded the undersea population.  How-tos for crafts are here.Many of them drifted up into the “fishing net” suspended from the ceiling.Silver glinted off the walls of the undersea caverns.  (10 minute picture frame makeover: just covered up my wall-art with wrinkled tissue paper and ripped silver wrapping paper and secured with lots of green painters tape on the back!)A sandy sand castle complete with shells and starfish appeared on the bottom of the ocean, along with beach glass and that rock that floats: pumice…

Mermaidy mirrors were around (dollar store) so our little mermaids could check out their face-paint (face painting by mermaid Avery)!Surrounded by sea friends, our little mermaids were starting to feel hungry….but not exactly for seafood!See some more under the sea party food ideas here.  Guzzling down the “goldfish guts punch” (named by Carrie….hey get out of that punch!), the girls also munched on veggies and octopus dip, “clam sandwiches” and other goodies like oatmeal sand dollar cookies.This is the octopus that was about to get eaten!!After munching away for awhile, the little mermaids smacked around the piñata for a bit….just waiting their turn….to rip up the piñata!!And after that, time to gobble up the purple octo pops that they had made during “crafting” time.The party favor bags (piñata bags) were really organza wine-bottle covers from the 50 cent bin at Michaels, just perfect colors.  Add a mermaid fin (glue or sew) and some fishy tags for great party bags!A few more crafting ideas:  cute clothespin mermaids….(painted body or silver paper wrapped body, glitter glue and ribbon)…and a bottle filled with sand, paper “lucky stars” and shells and a small paper boat (this would be more fun for the boys…if any were brave enough to show up at a mermaid party!)Wrap the end with “pearl” bracelets from the dollar store (I sure got a lot of use out of those bracelets!!)The girls (and I) decorated some cake box favors, and I made some to match the cake,

Here are some variations of mermaid cake.  🙂Ahh, we’ve come to the end of another party!  And I know the photos make everything look less crazy than they really were, but that’s ok.  My little mermaid and I had fun (and work) celebrating her birthday.  I think she’s already coming up with ideas for next year’s party…..!

Kids’ Under the Sea Party Food

Kids’ Under the Sea Party Food

There are a lot of cute ideas for kids’ food and lunches out there.  Sometimes they look overwhelmingly difficult to put together….or maybe they all do.  But really, with just a little extra effort, food can really be made to look, well, FUN!  I think the coolest and craziest party food we had was the Giant Octopus swimming in Dip!!  It took about 10 minutes to put together, but looks fabulous!  All you need is 2 orange bell peppers, something for eyes, like black olive slices and dip!

In my all-time favorite, the dollar store, I had found some blue plates and a blue bubbly bowl and polka dot cup, $3.50 for all.  These were used for 2 “cake” stands.  Just stick ’em together with a bit of hot glue….so far they’ve been through several (hand) washings and different uses. the Fabulous Giant Octopus Dip (idea from the Disney Family Fun site):

I put a little battery operated “tea” light under the octo, to look like we were cooking him!! 😉So cute!  And then there were goldfish crackers, of course….And end-of-the-season plates and napkins that were on sale….that’s why it’s good to do a party “out of season”, you can find great sales!!  (I ended up doing a “summer” party theme in the fall, but the stores are still selling off their summer stock!)I had wanted to make crab croissant sandwiches, but the croissants we had were straight and not curved, so last minute our sandwiches turned out to be little clams with just their beady eyes showing (reminded me of the clams from the original Alice in Wonderland Disney cartoon!! heehee)We ended up having a mermaid party weekend, so what I didn’t get done for the first party, I worked on for the next day, but I’m posting it all together to make it look like I actually had it all together.  So here are the super easy crab croissants!!

gotta love them! and their easiness to put together!  filled with butter or herbed cream cheese.  Eyeballs are herbed cream cheese mixed with grated mozarella to make little cheese balls with a sliced black olive stuck on.  Legs are green snap peas sitting there, and the claws are strawberries (or could be red bell peppers).so yummy!! 🙂Along with the food, we had goldfish guts punch!  Ginger Ale with orange juice ice cubes and one drop of blue coloring!The food was fairly easy to put together, little kids are usually happy with fairly simple stuff…veggies and dip, plain sandwiches 🙂 I just love trying to give it that extra little twist, though!and then there was some cake!  This is the mermaid cake topper…..which eventually ended up on a cake…(my original idea had been to make one of these little mermaid cakes for each guest…but ran out of time!!  I would love to do that someday-for someone=make the individual mermaid (or dolly) cakes for someone elses’ party-hint*hint* contact me if you like that idea!)And these are some starfish candy pops….which weren’t actually handed out….I figured none of the parents would be upset if I didn’t give their kids a pure sugar coated candy pop…..what do you think?Fun, food and mermaids, it was a swimmingly mermaidy party.  🙂

Mermaid party crafting

Mermaid party crafting

More mermaids! I know, I know, you feel like swimming away, but hang in there a bit more…just swim through a few more posts and then we’ll leave the mermaids far behind us and swim off into the wild blue yonder, or the sunset or something.  The point is, I’m trying to finish up posting about this Mermaid party!!  If you are planning on hosting a mermaid party, then I imagine you are taking notes on every post, “pinning” your favorite ideas, etc.  If you have no wish of ever hosting a girlie mermaid party (and are glad that you never were invited to one) then you can do one of 3 things:  stop reading posts until next week, or scroll through and imagine that it’s a Marine Biologist party or a Sunken Pirate Treasure party….or just grab an idea here and there and forget the mermaids and the rest.  🙂

Just thought I’d mention a few crafts that went over well at the party.  Some little children’s parties have really gotten into the crafting aspect.  It just seems to work well to keep little fingers busy, if you have the patience to oversee the crafting and supply-buying.  I had to laugh when we were in the middle of our party, the girls were working away at something, and my 6 year old daughter comes into the kitchen and asks me very seriously, “What craft will we do next to keep the girls occupied?”  You hit the nail on the head, my little friend: keep them occupied.  I’m not really into let-them-all-run-around-and-yell-and-bounce-off-the-walls-and-furniture type parties.  Once in a while maybe…..

So….CRAFT is the word!  And the winner for the best all-around Under the Sea craft would be:

Paper Starfish!  And I’m proud to say that I invented this one all by my ownself (no ideas from Pinterest for this one!! insert proud but humble smile here.)

This craft works best if you just happen to own some fun paper-punching tools, and by fun I mean, punches that smaller hands can use without too much frustration.  Strangely enough, I have 2….one super old one that I bought at a garage sale because it looks like a Morse-code telegraph sender thingy….so it was originally bought to let the kids play with, and the other a mammoth Crop A Dile II, which has totally been worth it’s purchase (Michaels, with %50 off coupon of course. I needed it to punch through tin, many tins).

The easy to do instructions:  Trace out a starfish star onto a piece of cardstock (don’t complain that it’s hard to do, just try it, a star: a fat star: doesn’t matter if the arms are waving in different directions. If necessary, google an image!)  If the kids are into cutting, let them cut it out themselves, if not, it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

And now comes the fun part: let the kids go wild with the hole punchers!! 🙂 I can feel someone quaking in their boots.  Really, these little girls were very entertained by punching a bunch of holes into their starfish.  And the end result was cute enough to use as party decorations!!

Ok, there was one other result:  someone discovered that when you fling the starfish in the air, they kind of act like frisbees or boomerangs, so we did have a few minutes of flying starfish, but nothing was knocked over or anything like that.  Part of the party decoration was a large mosquito netting hanging from the living room ceiling, with the edges tacked up to the ceiling, so it looked like a fishing net, and when the starfish landed in the “net” it looked so cute, and turned out to be a not-so-bad game!!  So maybe that’s a little wild for you, but, I repeat, no one nor any starfish was harmed in this process and nothing was destroyed or dinged up.  So we were all pleased.Another idea was to make simple sand dollars with the hole punches.I was going to make octopus marshmallow pops for the party, but surprise surprise, I ran out of time, so decided to let the kids make their own, as another craft to “keep them occupied.”

The only prep work that I did was to cut a slit in the top of each large marshmallow, melt a little candy melt and put it on the end of the lolly sticks in order to keep the marshmallow safely stuck to the stick.  They sat out for a bit, so the marshmallows hardend up a tad, which helped when we were dipping them.Obviously we were doing this craft in the kitchen!!  I pre “piped” some purple melted candy melts into little legs on some parchement paper, they looked like stars.  So each girl dipped her marshmallow pop into the purple candy melts and then plopped them onto the octupus “legs” (which could have been made larger/longer!).

The eyes were tricky…..easier would have been buying those “pre-done” eye candies…..oh well!  I had to just let go of my perfectionist tendencies!!  The girls ran out to break open the pinata while the octo pops were “setting” then came back to eat them!The last craft we worked on were these cute paper cake boxes…the girls decorated them and then cut them out, then someone else assembled them….markers, colored pencils and glitter glue!!These little party favor boxes were so cute and fun, that I’m going to do another post about them in a bit, to let you know exactly what we did and where you can find them for yourself!! 🙂That’s a lot of crafting fun for one party, eh??!!  🙂  More mermaid stuff coming up…..heh heh heh.

Mermaid Color Palettes


Mermaids have been swimming in my brain.  And not just this past week, for a couple of months!  My girlie had this cute stuffed mermaid doll.  So cute that I took it back and put it in my room where I could see it every day.  (I know that sounds weird, but I just love the colors and seeing something colorful and cute cheers me up.  And gets my brain gears turning).  Mermaids started swimming around…and around…and my girl “somehow” surprisingly asked for a mermaid-themed birthday party.  So this is what inspired me for the colors of the mermaid party:

My own little mermaid would be wearing her “Ariel” mermaid dress to the party, so that’s where I was grabbing the dark blue and the coral color, and then just a splash of pink!  We were going to have a mermaid party (not an Ariel party!), but I just loved that coral/red color of Ariel’s hair….

When I went shopping for paper/cardstock/tissue, these are the colors I found:

Tucked away in my closet, I found a couple yards of this fabric, which went perfectly with our mermaidy colors:

And several months ago, this little mermaid swam into my shopping cart when I was shopping for something else…but I knew it would be the perfect birthday gift so I saved her, hidden away in my closet…..(now my girl has her own perfume, ooo lala).so like I said, I loved the coral color, but in the end there were only small touches of it at the party…it would have been great for party plates, cutlery, something like that.And the birthday cake…..just happened that it was easy to match our mermaid color palettes with the food coloring that I had on hand, without too much hair-pulling.

So I guess this is kind of how my thought processes went, in starting to plan out this mermaid party….kind of like mermaids swimming around and around in circles in a big empty ocean.

Paper Jellyfish.


“Everybody’s got a paper jellyfish, your’s is fast and mine goes swish, oh how to make them don’t you wish?, oh everybody’s got a paper jellyFISH.”

And those are my musical stylings for today, folks.

Haven’t you always wanted to make a paper jellyfish? no?  Well, I guess I didn’t either, until I decided to throw a Mermaid Under the Sea party.  Then a paper jellyfish became a must.  And it helped that I had a paper lantern (lampshade from IKEA) sitting in the basement from our Lego Star Wars party.  I really had my heart set on a jellyfish piñata, too.  I had a white ball piñata in the basement, that my daughter had made to eventually be hello kitty, but it never made it to a party, so now I thought it could be effortlessly transformed into a giant glowing jellyfish!!  I had all sorts of plans for the cool things that were going to be suspended from the giant jellyfish piñata.

And then I saw this jellyfish from paper & ink on pinterest: classic, simple, beautiful.

And then I ran out of time for party decorations.  So at the last moment (about half an hour before the guests came), we strung up the paper lantern and added some simple tissue paper “tentacles” as was explained in the above link.  I just had to add some extra curly silver ribbon, though.  I can’t get too simple and elegant, it’s just not in me to do so.  We threw in some glow stix, in hopes that it would make the jellyfish glow, but it wasn’t very noticible.

It did look really cute.  We were in a rush, so didn’t put very much curly tissue paper on the bottom of the lantern, but we were still pleased with the result.

The glow stix would have looked cooler at night!Here’s the plain piñata.  It was painful for me, because I really had my heart set on a jellyfish, but no one else was feeling it (the pain that is)!All the girlies were happy to swing the stick at the white ball.It didn’t make it through very many whacks, anyways!  It was filled with fun girlie stuff from the 50 cent bin at Michaels and not candy.  I liked that idea.The piñata, even though it wasn’t a jellyfish, was good for a few more chuckles….for 2 rather-jellyfish-looking girls.

So bit by bit, I’m posting about all the pieces that went into making our Mermaid party. 🙂