Canada Day T-shirts…with robots!


Canada Day is coming up this weekend!!  Here’s our first project for Canada Day:  T-shirts.  There are so many fun designs and ideas for patriotic t-shirts…I’d like to try them all!  (I say “our” project, but I didn’t acutally let the kids help!  We were going to let the kids draw on the shirts, but then decided not to, ha!)

We went for a Robot theme for the shirts, since we were having a robot party….(I’ll post about that later).

I found some free retro robot vector files on  OpenGraphicDesign which I used for one of the designs, which you can dowload at the end of this post!  For the other designs, I used the digital kit Itty Bitty Robots by Mindy Terasawa (personal use only).

T-shirt transfers are easy to make with transfer paper.  I bought this stuff 3 years ago, and it’s still working fine!  When you make a design on your computer, you just need to flip the design before you print it out on the transfer paper.  Then cut it out and iron it onto your t-shirt!  (100% cotton works best).Here’s one of the designs the kids could choose from:And some cute ones (back and front designs) for the little girls:Does that remind anyone else of my favorite robot ever?  Rolie Polie Olie!!  (and the time Pappy lost his happy gear….)the front design:Here are the crazy bots with their new t-shirts on!And here’s the t-shirt design that I have for you to print and use today:The zipped file has two pages in it…one with one of the above designs on, and one page with 3 designs on.   They are for a regular 8 1/2×11 size paper, and the designs are already flipped backwards for you, so they are ready to print onto the transfer paper.  Please just use them for your personal use!!  You can dowload the print-ready image HERE!!  Get ready to celebrate Canada Day, all you Canucks and Canadian-lovers! 🙂

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