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my “bum art” collection


My spur-of-the-moment photo art collection.  Really, I did it to embarass my kids, what can I say?  I know that on my “about me” page of this blog I have a list of things I don’t like, i.e. vulgar things, stuff like that.  Just to show that I’m not a total prude, I decided to post my little bum art collection of photos that I took at Christmas time.  We visited a wonderful art garden, on the top of a hill overlooking the colonial city of Antigua, Guatemala.  Without meaning to (at first) I took the monkey bum photo, then realizing that it was embarassing to most of my kids, I kept on…the youngest one was obviously not embarassed at all, and was very enthusiastic to do a bit of posing!!

This reminds me of the trouble it took to find out how to say the word “bum” in another language…namely, Spanish. But maybe “bum” is in another language for you….in the USA it’s usually “behind” or “butt”…which I always found a bit on the vulgar side, I admit. I prefer the often-used Canadian word “bum”… I think that word probably would come from England, though I haven’t acutally looked this one up! Anyways, I guess it was a bit embarassing when I was young, trying to find out how to say  bum in Spanish.  I think we always used the word trasero, which means “behind”.  Then one day I was at the ice skating rink (the only ice rink) in Guatemala City…and there were only a couple of people skating, and I happened to be talking to a girl who was skating (very well), and since it’s easier to bring up the subject of “behinds” when you are practicing a sport where you are likely to end up falling on your behind…it was kind of easier to drag it into the conversation!  She laughed and told me the word nalgas, which I later figured out meant “bum cheeks”.  😉

Anyways, this last trip down there I heard a few “new ones” for me, so thought I would write up a little list of ways to say “bum” in Guatemalan Spanish, to go along with my little “bum art” collection.  As far as I know, they are just funny slang and not offensive or vulgar.  (Of course I have no idea what they mean in Spanish from other countries!!  Just have a laugh, and don’t get insulted, please!! 🙂

trasero–behind or rear end

nalgas–bum cheeks

fundillo–(I think this is old-fashioned slang)

chumasera—(I’m pretty sure this is the back end of a vehicle, as in the rear end of a car!!)

las pompas, or la pompa

el pompis–(I think this might come from a TV show, Chespirito?)

las nachas—-(this just sound too too funny, like nachos! So I guess if you say “buenas nachas”, that doesn’t mean good night!!)

el mero, mero—literally, the head honcho! haha! (the head honcho, that’s English slang)

Enough laugter, now let’s get down to the serious ART:

colorful Mosaic monkey bums

Strangely tailess horse patooties….oh, ah, and ahem….someone else’s…..

yikes, this one is a little more graphic, but it was a challenge to try and get the Triple Butt shot….(is this, like a famous statue of something…the 3 muses or such?)

there were even scary bums in trees

ok, ok, there’s a behind in this photo somewhere…….somewhere……

this next piece of Art was accidental…my girl was going to pose beside the statue, and I was in the middle of saying, No, step back! but snapped the photo anyways….so this one looks weirder than it was meant to…..!!   (! que nalgitas!!)

and this one, was just perfect….

but she was still in “bum mode” and wouldn’t show her face even when I wanted her to!!

the final bum….

titled “Simbiosis”, this sculpture was the last bum in my collection, snapped out the window of a moving car, close to the airport.

A fitting “end” to the collection, eh? 😉

Taste the Rainbow and Owl Party….and a Graffiti Cake!

Taste the Rainbow and Owl Party….and a Graffiti Cake!

We’ve been gearing up for awhile for my daughter’s birthday party…visions of rainbows and owls danced in our heads…(that means we’ve been looking at lots of ideas on Pinterest, and it just happens that we both like rainbows and owls, two popular fads right now).  Here are some pics of the party, and later I’m going to post some “how to’s”.  (Right now I’m visiting my parents and my sister and her family…and brand new baby Micah!)

Don’t rainbows just make you feel happy?!  Even just seeing these rainbow balloons on the banister cheered me up every time I saw them!

The rainbow and owl fun started off with invites that we digitally made and had printed as photos.  I made a rainbowy banner (that also had some small owls on it!)

Days before the party, the kids were busy assembling paper owls….the cutest little things….from this site:  we printed out a bunch in different colors.  I just love them!

I tried to find as many bright things as possible for the table setting.

Even one of the presents was wrapped in rainbows!

I just had to make these owl treat bags…the eyes are either super cute or slightly spooky….but I loved them!

We had to “taste the rainbow” so of course Skittles candies had to appear somewhere. I put candy into mason jars and  covered the tops of them with napkins (cut the edge into scallops) and tied on with ribbon.

After punching out a bunch of tiny owls from patterned scrapbook paper, the scraps were so cute I didn’t want to throw them away, so I stuffed them all into a large pickle jar….it looked cute and matched so nicely with everything and was large enough to make a statement (I had to fill a smaller jar with the candy…that didn’t give enough “punch for the penny”! -I think I made that up…-)

The centerpiece was the cake….I covered the cake in white fondant, and made a little owl for the top:

and then, one of the activities of the party was to have the guests “decorate” or more accurately, graffiti the cake!

Everyone had fun writing on the cake with edible markers!

It was pretty spectacular, I must say!!!  I found the idea here: I guess when it’s a little kid’s party you can call it doodling….when it’s for tweens…graffitied seems more like it!!

but the best part was hearing the gasps when the cake was cut into!

lovely lovely rainbows!

I am going to post some of the step by step pics about the rainbow layer cake later…with some of the extra batter, I made quick cupcakes, they were more for decoration….and owl toppers out of paper:

I’m afraid the birthday girl was sick, so to not spread her germs around by blowing out her candles, she waved them out (more like karate chopped them out!) oops, didn’t have a photo of that, but here’s another one….

Oh, here, I found the chopping photo…

yay! the best part is always pleasing and surprising the kids! 😉

more about rainbows later…..:)

mini panda party=panda mini party


We’ve been doing a fair bit of celebrating, and still have more to do.  I just wanted to mention a really cute site for party printables, here’s the blog:  (and you can visit their shop for really cute printable paper party stuff!) I just love their designs.  I printed out this cute free printable of a panda and kawaii stuff, just to do a little decorating for our little family-only party for my daughter.

It’s all about the improvisation: there were some rainbow jello parfaits leftover from St. Paddy’s day, so that was our special dessert!  I quickly printed out the panda cuties, cut them out and taped them to toothpicks. We only had a short time to celebrate on a school night.  This girl has had a whole bunch of yummy desserts for her bday and a few more to come (because I’ve been on this party/cake/baking kick lately)!  First (the cake I made on St. Paddy’s…it was really for my girlie) green cake….

then some panda rainbow jello parfaits another day….

Lately we’ve been really into the paper “engineering” (as we’ve been calling it).  The panda was her bday card from me, and I whipped up a crown cut out with a circle punch and taped on some of the panda cuties.  I love the cubed panda in a gift box….we’ve found a bunch of cool “cubees” here:

It was a cute mini party with mini pandas and my mini me’s=my kids!  🙂 My printer has been busy lately…tonight we are working on some darling paper owls for later this week…. 🙂

from the digital pickle barrel…


For yesterday, today and tomorrow only, there’s a great sale on…the Pickle Barrel at!!!

Pickleberrypop was one of the very very first sites that I found for digital scrapbooking supplies….and I loved it! So graphic and fun.  Back then it was based in Australia (I’m not sure if it still is) and I was introduced to a very different style of scrapbooking.  Right now there are a bunch of digital kits from various designers, that are all color-coordinated with each other, but with different themes, and they are each on sale for $1!! Just go to the Pickle Barrel.  They are great for mixing and matching, so I picked up a few yesterday.  This time I bought 2 kits with predone pages, so very quick for slapping on a photo…which is what I did.  It literally took me 5 minutes to put this together: (except I didn’t do any journalling, a big weakness of mine)

that’s from a Lindsey Jane kit, really fun colors, great for spring!

Then I felt like typing out some lyrics to a song I listen to with the kids, so I grabbed another predone page and just did the typing and used the alpha set that came with the Out of This World kit to do the title….so fun!

this song has a lot to do with a bizarro experience that we had in Guatemala, which I will post about later! 😉

 such a fun kit by Trixie Scraps for boys and outerspace stuff.

Here’s a peek at something else I’m working on and will post about soon:

I’ve got rainbows and owls on the brain!

and the winner is…


Here’s the layout for the “winner” of my little bonus challenge the other day (was that the next to last post?).  I was just wondering if someone would notice that all the St. Patrick’s day digital scrapbook layouts that I posted had the same journaling, but this smart lady guessed that there are coins in the layouts and the word coincidence….get it….”coin” cidence?  That was pretty good!! (and she was the first one to message me back!)  so here’s her “lucky” layout!!

The layout is made with Paula Kesselring’s digital kit called “Lucky”. You can scroll back through my St. Paddy’s day posts if you want to find the link to buy it in her shop! 😉 Top O’ the Morning to ya (ok, evening…..)

our St. Paddy’s feast: improvisation is the name of the game

our St. Paddy’s feast: improvisation is the name of the game

Ok, it started out as a sleep-in pajama day, and ended up as a let’s-clean-up-the-house day, but in between that, we had our great St. Patrick’s Day feast and a Star Wars movie marathon.  I did most of the prep for all this food yesterday (while the Star Wars marathon was just beginning).  I made the pasta salad, baked the green cakes, and spent all yesterday afternoon making the jello parfaits.  First of all, I tried a “lucky quiche”, that looked so cute, instructions here:  (I actually did this last night).  It was a lot of work, and the dough was tricky (use plastic when called for to roll it out, nOT wax paper!)  I was despairing that the quiches were even going to turn out, but they did….and boy, were they delicious!  I had never made my own crust for quiche, wow does it make all the difference!  Definitely a recipe to keep!  (there’s a tutorial on the blog to get the shamrock shape 🙂 ) I didn’t have all the ingredients for the filling, so just improvised a bit with what I had on hand (no frozen spinach or parmesan cheese).

I saw the cutest leprechaun lunch here: and so decided to copy it.  I threw carrots in the coarse grater of the food processor, and the rest was easy to assemble.  I didn’t have any green apples, so used cucumbers for the green hats.  They turned out super cute and totally worth the effort!!

Ham sandwich face, cucumber hat, grated carrot hair and beard, M&M rainbow, M&M eyes, cucumber mouth, banana coins, shamrock salad.  Then we had root beer floats for dessert!

(Pasta salad with green onions, cucumbers, dill and parsely, yum yummy)

Grab a few fairy toys and  gold coins, throw them on the table.  Stick a few lollipops in a jar of buttons, and my good ol’ green $1 Ikea table runner (which has been used for everything, every party, forever!) and handy dandy green Ikea napkins, and there you go: St. Paddy’s day lunch!

It really didn’t take that long to make, and was so worth it to see the kids’ reactions! (I mentioned it was pj day, right?)

 While we ate, we had a good chat about St. Patrick (yesterday we listened to his story on Adventures in Odyssey).  I must admit, I love doing all this fancy food stuff, but can’t seem to get it together enough to get it ALL done, as in, clean up things enough to actually invite someone over to eat with us.  I do all this cool stuff, take photos of it, then we sit down and eat it, and I like to post photos of it….but can’t get things together enough…y’know….to do it “right”… here’s a photo of what things really looked like, aside from the fancy table, just to keep it real:

That’s my big weakness, I love to get all creative, but then I make a huge mess…and I’m usually a mess, the counter, the floor, ugh, everything…but I make some cute stuff.  Don’t ask me if it’s worth it…the answer will depend on the moment.

I spent all yesterday afternoon making the jello parfaits from this blog:  improvised with goblets instead of juice glasses.  I just kept the goblets in their box while I poured in layer after layer of jello, it made it easier to whip them in and out of the fridge.

Ok, they turned out better than I thought they were going to.  I made the mistake of starting with whipped cream instead of a layer of jello, but i did it because I wrapped a penny in plastic wrap and plopped it in the bottom of the goblet…get it? the “gold” at the bottom of the rainbow!! 😉 I wanted to put a looney in (a Canadian $1 coin, because they look kinda goldish) but I didn’t have any!! I had to raid the kids’ piggy banks to get the pennies as it was…

So while everyone kept on with the Star Wars movie marathon, I started on the cake, which is kind of St. Paddy’s, but mostly for my daughter’s birthday.  This was the first time I tried an “ombre” cake.  (a cake in varying shades of the same color).  I used a white cake mix and added root beer instead of water, but think I would make a homemade cake next time.

It’s easy, bake several layers, tinting the batter for each layer successively darker and darker.  I used an 8 inch pan (only one, so had to wash it btwn layers).  Trim the layers

get the brown crumbs off

start with the darkest layer, rim with icing, then fill incontinue stacking them up!then finish icing and decorate!! I didn’t know what to do, and just felt too tired to roll out fondant, so I just iced it all white, then decorated the top with candy (while I was listening to Star Wars and trying to figure out what was going on in the story.  I never ever felt the desire to watch them, but the things we do for our kids, I tell ya….oh well, I liked the ending of movie #6 🙂

 Ta da! what a wow when you (very carefully) slice it!!!

next time, I’m trying the famous RAINBOW layer cake, haha!!! this was good practice 😉

And just so nothing goes to waste…use those leftover green crumbs to make some… got it….cake pops!!

Guess I should go dip those things in white chocolate now…..sigh, I think I’ve had enought foody creativity for today (this week, this month?)  Oh wait, a birthday is coming up!!!

St. Patricks food and crafts: in progress…

St. Patricks food and crafts: in progress…

I feel like getting into the festive mood for tomorrow.  Yesterday I posted a bit about what we’ve done for St. Patrick’s Day before, today I’m trying to get a couple things ready for tomorrow.  I’m thinking a lot about food, too because my nephew and my daughter’s bdays are right about St. Paddy’s day!!  Clicking around on Pinterest, I saw lots of fun ideas, and since I love rainbows so very much right now, I thought I’d try rainbow jello parfaits…you know, as in the “end of the rainbow” that’s where you find the pot of gold! 😉  So I’m working on that right now…it’s time consuming and mine is not turning out professional looking like the blog where I found it here:, but I guess Glory has made them a few times, and has all the “bugs” worked out!!  Here’s what they look like so far:

As I work on the layers and layers of jello, I thought of “encouraging” my daughter to make something to “recycle” the jello boxes.  She didn’t want to at first, but I threatened her, and that worked fine!  So now she’s busy making something cool out of them…

Another little “green” craft is a frog out of pop bottles.  Of course I found this idea on Pinterest…Cut the bottoms out of two 2 -litre green pop bottles (I’m Canadian, ok?!eh?!), for the head and body.  Then with your handy dandy glue gun, glue strips of felt around the sharp edges, and a small rectangle at the back for a hinge on froggy’s mouth.  Glue on the 2 pop tops as eyeballs, then add details with the glue gun: lips, freckles, cheeks, and around the  eyeballs.  A just-for-fun craft!  We have been using it to store our ABC flashcards that we made the other day…more on that later.  Here’s froggy:  (this was actually our Leap Year craft, heh, heh)

I’ve also printed out some St. Patrick’s Day old-fashioned greeting cards from the Lucky digital kit from my previous post.  Haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do with them, but will make some sort of decoration.

Now for some food planning for tomorrow….what to do?  I’ve made a pasta salad with lots of green bits in: cucumber, green onion, parsely.  A few years ago I actually made green bread!  Doesn’t look like I’ll get that done!  I was thinking we’d drink Root Beer Floats!  I know the kids will like that!  And yesterday I found this cool idea for a shamrock quiche on Pinterest, here’s the step by step instructions: I want to try it out!!

Are you planning any special food for tomorrow?  Just wondering….how about a lovely green sauce for your chicken??  green salad? green bread?  I’m not Irish, so I really don’t have too many ‘authentic’ ideas! 😉  We’ll see what I actually get done…..