Hi, I’m Denna, and I wanted to start blogging as a creative outlet…an outlet for what, I’m not quite sure.  Some days I’m interested in home design, digital scrapbooking, DIY crafts and stuff, travel, (always interested in that!), photography and other things. Oh yes!  I’m interested in practicing my Spanish, and am going to try that out on this blog, hopefully everyone will be patient with my mistakes!  So I guess I’ll post about whatever I’m interested in at the moment!

June update:  So apparently, what I’m most interested in right now is baking and planning parties!!  I like to challenge myself to see if I can bake up, decorate up and photograph the ideas I find or make up….right now, mostly relating to food!  I’m on a party planning craze, too.  (and I’m not typing much in Spanish since my keyboard goes bonkers when I try the Spanish keyboard!!)

If you live in my area, you can hire me to bake for you, or help you come up with ideas for your next party.  If anyone from anywhere would like to hire me to do some digital designing for you, I can email you scrapbook pages, digital scrapbooks, card designs, designs with your photos for framing, invitation designs or any other digital things you need!!

You can reach me at: dennas-ideas@hotmail.com

You can find me and lots of ideas here on Pinterest!

¡Hola! Me llamo Denna, bienvenidos a mi blog.  Quería empezar este blog para tener un lugar para jugar con mis ideas creativas, de todo un poco.  Aveces me interesa diseño del hogar, otros días el scrapbooking digital, aveces manualidades, viajar (¡eso siempre!), la fotografía y otras cosas.  ¡O sí, tambien me interesa practicar mi español!  Les pido esto ¡tenme paciencia por favor!  

Entonces aqui verán lo que me interesa por el momento…

puede comunicarse conmigo aqui: dennas-ideas@hotmail.com

Tambien puede encontrarme y muchas ideas mas aqui en Pinterest.

Aviso (junio):  aparentemente, lo que me esta interesando en este momento (y en muchos otros momentos) es hornear pasteles y decorarlos y planear fiestas!!  Eso es lo que me tiene enloquecida por el momento….especialmente pasteles y fiestas para nenes… 🙂  Bueno, y realmente todo lo que me interesa ahorita tiene que ver con comida….pa’ que le digo que no si si!! 😉  Em, no muy he estado escribiendo en Espanol porque mi teclado no esta funcionando y no me salen los accentos, etc….ups!

Si vive en mi ciudad, puede contratarme para hacer pasteleria, galletas, cake pops, lo que necesita para su fiesta.  Si vive lejos o cerca, puede contratarme para hacer diseños digitales, como invitaciones, tarjetas, libros de mesa, scrapbooks, cuadros, cualquier cosa digital que necesita.

Here’s a realistic recent photo of me, taken by my daughter!

My loves, in random order:  photography, food, Guatemala, my husband, my 4 kids, owls, paper, food, crafty stuff, digital scrapbooking, color, trees, autumn, volcanoes, road trips, rainbows, my Creator, cute things, kawaii, flowers, Odyssey, honesty, friends, family, spanish, making things, my camera, my computer (love/hate), baking, Antigua, relaxing, spelling, reading, zebras, cobblestone streets, sunlight on snow, baking, sweet things.

My hates, in random order: getting blood tests and IVs, days and days without sunlight, vulgarity in any form, random and unnecessary destruction (including that of toys), cleaning the tray in the bottom of the dishwasher, housework in general and in particular, when people move my stuff around and then I can’t find it, rudeness by strangers, evil, tofu, seeing suffering, stupid movies, cockroaches…I’m sure there’s something else….did I mention vulgarity (crassness, crudity, discourtesy, filthiness, foulness, grossness, indecency, lewdness,obscenity, profaneness, profanity, rudeness)? … (did I mention I like looking things up in the dictionary & thesaurus?) low iron (anemia) and picking up things from the floor.

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    • Thanks Angela! I’m not sure exactly what makes me tick…Guate and lots of color??! oh, and food of course! sometimes I’m not sure.
      What kinds of things make you tick?

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  2. Hi! I love your monarch cake! I would like to make one for my mother in law. I was wondering how exactly did you make the butterflies with royal icing? They look so realistic !

  3. Hello!
    I love the chocolate covered almond bee! I’m looking for the how-to on this little bug for our carrot cake and cupcakes at my baby shower….what did you use for the yellow stripes and eyes? And how did you make those wings? They are the best I’ve seen 🙂
    Thank you!

    • I used melted candy melts ( Wiltons brand) to decorate the chocolate almonds. With the white I made the wings on wax paper and when they were dried, peeled them up and stuck them in the yellow candy melt stripes on the bee. They eyes were white candy melt with non-pareils for pupils!

  4. Hi Denna!
    I just came across your “peppermint craving addiction” article “the non-iron maiden” and I can’t tell you how happy to see that I’m not the only one!!!!! I have never told anyone about this weird addiction fearing what people would say, but here goes! I first started out eating Brach’s peppermints like one restaurants leave at the hostess stand; it went into me crunching bags and bags and bags and tons of bags of them for years. I spent a small fortune on them! I went as far as taking my kids piggy-bank money they’ve saved in order to buy mints when I was low on cash; at the point I realized I needed to stop cold turkey! I was scared that I was addicted to them like a drug addict! Well stopping only last about 5 years and then one day I found myself on the same situation, but I stopped eating the Brach’s mints and started eating Altoids, and I would eat about 4 boxes a day for about a year now. Then I went to Tic-Tac’s (they have the best crunch for me out of all of them) and now I’ve gone cold turkey again and haven’t had ANYTHING peppermint in 1 week!!!

    Your blog has given me the courage to tell my doctor and see if a blood test is in order.

    Thank you, Nardi

    • Thanks for your honesty, I hope that the doctor can help (and I’m glad that you found someone who understands that peppermint craving! I remember that desperate feeling….). Now I’m starting to wonder just what else is in all of those peppermint products….I should check. My iron is up but I have now switched to carrots and hummus to get my crunchy fix!! 🙂 take care!

  5. hi Denna,
    not a question about your recipes, instead: Where can a get the nice Maple Leaf Punch you used for your Canada Day cookies? And what size they are? I would like to have it in approx. 3″ .

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