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Nutella-filled Cookie Tarts for Fall

Nutella-filled Cookie Tarts for Fall

Mmmm Nutella!  I have noticed several posts on facebook about the *surprising* evils of Nutella.  It’s not the “healthy” food we thought.  Or is it.  I always knew that something that yummy couldn’t possibly be healthy, so I don’t feel that I was led astray by advertising.  I don’t even remember discovering the deliciousness of Nutella until I was a grown-up.  Ah well, someone special brought me a treat the other day….2 jars of Nutella!  And all of a sudden I felt a crazing* for Nutella and cookies. Together. In one bite.  I was just going to spread it on a plain cookie, then sandwich it with another cookie, but then I started looking at photos of Nutella-filled cookies, and more goodies made with Nutelllllllllla 🙂  I had fun.  Then I decided to kind of adapt a bit and try spooning the chocolaty sweet into cute little pastry shells, but made from cookie dough.  I grabbed the idea from Chef Cathy here and adapted the cookie dough recipe a bit from Lilaloa who has great cookie recipes.  And boy did it turn out well!!  (Not like all of my experiments!)  Chef Cathy calls them Cookie Pies, but I just have to call them Tarts, because that’s what they look like, a good-old Canadian butter tart shell, in miniature!         (* a crazing is a crazy craving!!  I just mispelled that and thought it quite clever!)denna's ideas.com: Nutella-filled cookie tarts, with how-to and recipeThe cookie dough recipe:

Makes about 40 mini tarts

1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup of white sugar (a heaping cup, or 2/3 cup)

1 egg

1/2 tsp. each of vanilla and orange extract

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. baking powder

2 cups of all purpose flour

Beat the butter and sugar together.  It might be nice to use room temperature butter, but mine was fairly cold, and it still works.  Add in the egg and beat a bit more.  Add in vanilla and orange extract, and any food coloring if you want.  I added some orange coloring, but it came out very pale-looking!  Throw in the salt, and keep mixing.  Sprinkle the baking powder over the batter, then one cup of the flour and mix.  Add in the last cup of flour and mix.  (Or you can do it the traditional way!)  The dough was fairly stiff and just a bit dry, so I worked it a bit with my hands at the end.  No need to chill!

Roll out the dough, and use a round cookie cutter that is a bit larger than the openings of a mini muffin pan.  I used a scalloped one.denna's ideas.com: Nutella-filled cookie tarts, with how-to and recipeCut out the rounds and gently press them into the mini muffin tin.  (I used the rounded handle of a spatula to ever so gently tap them down a bit).  I had greased the pan for the first batch, but later found out that that wasn’t necessary if it is a non-stick pan.denna's ideas.com: Nutella-filled cookie tarts, with how-to and recipeI didn’t push the shells all the way to the bottom of the cups, and that seemed to work great.  Now with  2 teaspoons, fill each shell with Nutella, about a teaspoon each.  I used a small teaspoon (baby sized) and acutally twirled the Nutella into the shells a bit after these ones were sticking up a bit too much, and that worked well.denna's ideas.com: Nutella-filled cookie tarts, with how-to and recipeOut of the cookie dough, I used a very small cutter and cut out some maple leaves to pop on top.  The cutter was from one of those linzer cookie cutters that fell apart, so now I just use the middle cutter-outter piece for tiny cookies.  Or you can just crumble up some dough and sprinkle it on top, which is what Chef Cathy did!  Now bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.denna's ideas.com: Nutella-filled cookie tarts, with how-to and recipeThey popped out of the pan after sitting a few minutes, very nicely and were golden enough and had cute little bottoms!denna's ideas.com: Nutella-filled cookie tarts, with how-to and recipeHave a bite!!! or two!denna's ideas.com: Nutella-filled cookie tarts, with how-to and recipedenna's ideas.com: Nutella-filled cookie tarts, with how-to and recipeI decided that I like them cold, instead of warm out the the oven.denna's ideas.com: Nutella-filled cookie tarts, with how-to and recipeA sprinkle of cinnamon on the plate was nice, too…denna's ideas.com: Nutella-filled cookie tarts, with how-to and recipeI originally just baked up half of the dough, and thought I would save the rest for something else.  But these little cuties disappeared so quickly and were so yummy, the next day I baked up another batch!  That’s why I’m kind of guesstimating that the recipe made 40 mini tarts, we ate them so fast, and a fair bit of cookie dough was munched up, too, so that’s the closest I could come for a number!  These would look super on a Canadian Thanksgiving Table next week!!  Or on an American Table in November.  Or on anyone’s table at any time this fall!  If you like Nutella, I’m pretty sure you will like this easy recipe! 😉

The 5 Minute Individual Chocolate Chip Cookie Midnight Snack


Oh, forgot to mention that it’s a Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Mmmm….what a lovely new recipe I have found!

The other night I was searching on Pinterest for brilliant ideas to add to my online idea-board stash….and I was feeling kind of hungry.  And then suddenly I found this recipe….just the thing to test out for a late night snack!

It turned out to be the perfect Midnight Snack for One…..or for Two, if you feel like sharing! 😉  There’s nothing like a hot chocolate chip cookie with a cold glass of milk….except a hot chocolate cookie that is ready in 5 minutes or less!

See if this convinces you….

Here’s the recipe with a few of my own tweaks:

5 Minute Individual Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie

1 Tbsp. melted butter

1 Tbsp. brown sugar

1 Tbsp. white sugar

1/8 tsp. salt (or a big pinch)

1 egg yolk

1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

1/4 cup white flour

2 Tbsp. chocolate chips

Melt the butter in a small micorwave-proof dish or bowl.  Add the sugars and salt and lightly beat in the egg yolk with a fork.  Add the vanilla and then the flour, a bit at a time while stirring. Stir just until mixed.  Add the chocolate chips and mix in.  I’m afraid that I already have this recipe memorized.  Oh, a note: you can cut down a tiny bit on the sugar, and another: don’t use whole wheat flour!  Microwave on high power for 40-60 seconds….I found that 40 seconds were just right.  Now pour a glass of milk and dig in!!   (I found this recipe on a site that wasn’t a proper blog or anything, so that’s why I didn’t post the link).This is what it looks like right out of the microwave!Share a bite!I was fairly pleased with the texture, it’s not exactly like oven-baked, but it’s yummy nonetheless.  Quite addiciting….don’t ask me how many times I’ve already “tested” out this new recipe…

The perfect quick snack for a chilly autumn evening! (and for breakfast and for lunch and for an after-school snack….)

Sand Dollar Oatmeal Cookies and Mexico

Sand Dollar Oatmeal Cookies and Mexico

I was drooling over some incredible photos of sand dollar cookies on pinterest lately.  I love sand dollars (and cookies!) and I really wanted to make some, but knew I didn’t have the time for those fancy things.  Around midnight one night, I was baking some cupcakes for my daughter to take to school, and some oatmeal cookies.  I had remembered that there is a dairy-challenged kid in her class, so I thought I would make some dairy free cookies for that little someone.  Pulling out an old recipe book of my Grandma’s the other day, I had happened upon a recipe for oatmeal ice box cookies, and yay, no dairy!  So I mixed them up and put them in the freezer to chill.  So as I was baking them (at 1 am),  I thought maybe I could transform these plain oatmeal cookies into sand dollars.  Leaving some of the dough overnight in the fridge, I determined to try it out.

These cookies really spread out when they bake, so patting them into ovals and making cutouts in the raw dough didn’t work, they just spread back together.  Making a star shape on the top of the raw cookie with bits of dough didn’t look too bad, though.  Next I tried cutting out circles as soon as the cookies came out of the oven.  Ah, I think this will do the trick.  I used the end of an icing tip to make the holes, it worked great.  Decided not to do the dough designs on top, took too much time.

Very humble looking cookies, I admit.  I wasn’t too crazy about the taste, but everyone else seemed to really like them.  I think they needed some cinnamon and pecans!!

Right before the party I quickly melted some white (vanilla) candy melts (kind of like white chocolate) and piped on a simple flower shape and then sifted confectioner’s (icing) sugar over the cookies.

 They were very fast to make, and I think they turned out cute!!  I was very pleased when some of the kids exclaimed “Sand dollars!!”  yay, that made it all worth while  😉

And yes, these cookies were made for a party!!  (not just for us to munch on!)  Stay tuned to see what party they were made for!!

And now you are wondering what these cookies have to do with Mexico??  Well, other than the fact that sand dollars abound on some of the beaches in Mexico and one time we collected a bunch of live sand dollars on a beach there, and my dad was crazy enough to let us keep them, pack them into a Pringles tin and travel hundreds of miles with them hidden under the back seat….making the van smell a bit fishy……other than that……….nothing.

I just really wanted to link up with a post my friend Amber who lives in Mexico did about their Independence Day celebration on the weekend!!  I knew she would snap some awesome photos of what goes on in their town for Sept. the 16th and thought that maybe you would like to check them out, too!!  🙂  It looks like they had a great time!!  I love the “carnival eggs” that they sell to smash on your friends’ heads!!  They are painted so adorably.  (We used to buy those in Guatemala, but on a different holiday….always lots of messy fun!!) 

oops, I almost forgot to include the cookie recipe:

Oatmeal Ice Box Cookies Recipe from Vi MacDonald  (dairy free)

1 cup flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 cup brown sugar

1 egg

2 cups oatmeal

1 cup shortening

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Cream the shortening and brown sugar and salt.  Add the oatmeal and flour and soda.  Beat the egg with the vanilla and mix into everything else.  Roll into a log shape, wrap in wax  paper or plastic wrap and refrigerate until chilled (overnight is good. if you are in a hurry, put in the freezer for awhile).  When ready to bake, cut slices, and either pat into the shape you want, or roll into a ball and flatten with a fork.  Bake. (my recipe didn’t give baking instructions, so I guessed:)  at 350 for about 9-12 minutes for large cookies.  Don’t let them get too brown.  Then pop them out of the oven, and while they are still on the cookie sheet, punch out holes for sand dollars (5 holes each cookie).  Let sit for a minute, then transfer the cookies to cooling racks.  When they are cool, ice with icing, melted chocolate, whatever, and dust with confectioner’s sugar to make the sand dollars.

When the kids came home the next afternoon, they said that the house smelled like those mini doughnuts that you buy at fairs!!  I’m thinking about trying them again, but rolling the dough into balls then into a mix of cinnamon and sugar, then it would really smell like mini doughnuts!! yum.


special Easter cookies to make

special Easter cookies to make

Here’s an Easter cookie that I have never seen before, but I’m liking a lot…the Crown of Thorns.  The kids and I worked on them today.  I found the idea on Pinterest and the “recipe” here: http://www.freefuneaster.com/easter-recipes/crown-of-thorns-snack/.  This recipe used pretzels and peanut butter on cookies, but I don’t like pretzels, so decided to make my own version. (this is probably a bit easier for small kids than my version)

It’s a cool cookie, with few ingredients: cookies, chow mein noodles, peanut butter chips and chocolate chips.

Instead of buying ready made cookies, I used a package of sugar cookie mix and made up these large cookies.

Then I divided some chow mein noodles into baggies, so that each kid could have one to break the noodles into smaller pieces .  These are the fried noodles that are like chips, not the hard raw ones!I melted the peanut butter chips (instead of butterscotch) and a few chocolate chips together in the microwave.Then I added a big spoonful to each kids’ bag of noodles. Very carefully, because it’s hot, they mixed it around to coat the noodles.  This was probably not the easiest way to do it, but it was very hands-on…Then, using spoons or fingers, the kids scraped out the noodles onto the cookies and mounded them around the edges of the cookies.It was a fun project, the Crown of Thorns cookies….and a good time to talk to the kids about the real Crown of Thorns, and Who wore it and the real meaning of Easter.When the kids were done, I melted some more peanut butter chips (w/o the chocolate ones) and coated some whole noodles to make these little spring bird’s nest cookies with malted eggs in them.

What to do with a pink grapefruit…?


All of a sudden, we had a big bag of grapefruits.  The kids love them, but I’m not so sure about them…they make my tongue sting…we juiced a few and added them to sprite for punch one night, but I still wanted to try and find another use for them (the punch gave me heartburn) so after searching around on Allrecipes.com I found one recipe for grapefruit cookies, but didn’t like the “cakey” sound of them.  The idea wouldn’t go away, so I made up my own recipe (altered an old one I had) for grapefruit cookies.

Here are the steps, and the recipe is at the end:

Zest up some grapefruit peel and squeeze some juice!  That’s pink grapefruit remember…

Beat the butter and sugar, of course!

Add the zest (finely grated grapefruit peel, the pink part only , not the white stuff) and some of the juice,

Mix the dry ingredients separately,  (non-exciting photo)

Make the dough, then roll it into a log shape on wax paper.

All of a sudden, because of Valentine’s day,  I had the idea of shaping the log a bit so it would look heart shaped.  I pushed down on one side, to make the point of the heart, then flipped it over and pushed on the opposite side (still for the point)…(excuse the freakish hand)..then……….(pls. a lot of my ideas happen “suddenly” and “last minute/second” that’s the way I work..)

Then I used the handle of a spatula to make an indent in the opposite side, to divide the top of the heart.

Refridgerate the dough, usually for a couple of hours (or freeze for a bit) so it’s stiff enough to slice thinly.

Prepare some pink and orange decorator’s sugar in a shallow dish or plate, and mix it together.

Press each sliced cookie into the sugar so that one side is coated with sugar, then place sugar side up on baking trays (cookie sheets) lined with parchment paper (or just greased, I guess 🙂  I actually worked up some patience and let the kids help me with this part:

Bake and let cool on racks.  Now mix up some icing with the remaining grapefruit juice and  pipe out a line around the edge, then 3 lines crossing the inside of the heart, to look like grapefruit sections.  Add 2 or 3 little “seeds”!  The icing is a bit “blobby”, not super stiff, so it spreads out a bit…but what a taste!

I was surprised how yummy they turned out!  But they still made my tongue sting a bit!  The rest of the family gave them a big 2 thumbs up: 

The Pink Grapfruit Butter Cookie Recipe

This is a smaller recipe, using one grapefruit, doubling or tripling works out great.

From one pink grapefruit~ 1 Tbsp. juice and 2 tsp. zest (finely grated peel)  (Put aside an extra 2 Tbsp. of juice for the icing)

Combine the dry ingredients~

1 cup flour

1/8 tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. baking soda

1 Tbsp. cornstarch

Beat together:

1/4 cup icing sugar

1/3 cup butter

1/4 cup sugar

At low speed, beat in grapefruit peel and juice and 1/2 tsp. vanilla until mixed.  Gradually beat in flour mixture just until blended.   Roll dough into a log (about 2 inches wide and about 8 inches long), wrap in wax paper or plastic and refridgerate for a few hours until firm.  Slice into about 1/4 inch slices.  Push one side of each slice into sugar and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes.  Let cool then ice with the following icing~


melt 1/2 Tbsp butter

whisk in 1 cup of icing  sugar and

1/2 tsp. vanilla

1 to 2 Tbsp. grapefruit juice

chocolate and peanut butter experiment

chocolate and peanut butter experiment

For some reason, since our vacation, I’ve felt like baking, a lot.  Sometimes I go to Allrecipes.com and look up new recipes.  Lately, though, I also have another online interest…Pinterest!  I’m afraid that I’ve found it very addicting!  It’s like having bulletin boards for little photos and snips of all your to-do ideas and inspirations, but online.  So if you see a photo, quote, recipe, or anything at all that you like and want to remember or share, you “pin” it to your board.  Then you can share your cool stuff and check out other people’s cool stuff.  So goodbye magazine clippings!  Now all my cool ideas are online, stored in one place, with links to intructions, etc.  What fun!

The other night I saw a photo of these Peanut Butter Chocolate Pillows on Pinterest, and then I couldn’t get it out of my mind…I love that combination!!!  So I clicked into the blogs full of recipes, read dozens of readers’ comments on the recipes, then opted for the one that had the easiest ingredients.  I realized afterwards that it’s a vegan recipe (that’s made without dairy and eggs), so for you dairy-free people, here’s a yummy recipe!  I later found another recipe called Magic in the Middle, that has lots of added animal ingredients and am thinking of trying that one out later.  I liked these ones a lot, but there was a slightly strange “healthy” aftertaste, like I had added some secret extra-healthy ingredient, which I didn’t!  Because of this hint of healthy, I may try the other, more rich sounding recipe another day!

For the recipe for these little pillows (well, mine didn’t look like pillows because I didn’t use all natural peanut butter and the dairy-free stuff, so mine just look like normal cookies), see here http://www.theppk.com/2009/03/peanut-butter-pillows/ (the Post Punk Kitchen blog)

Here are a few photos of my efforts:   First you make little peanut butter balls, that was easy and fun!

Then you make a chocolate dough, this was easy with ingredients that I had on hand, like canola oil….(I used milk instead of non-dairy milk).  No eggs or butter (which I didn’t happen to have).  It was all so quick and easy!  Then came the fiddly part: flattening chocolate balls, adding a peanut butter ball to the middle, then closing the flat chocolate tortilla around the middle filling and rolling it into a neat ball.  The photos I saw made it look so easy, but the chocolate dough had a strange texture, nice and greasy, but cracked easily.  So it took quite awhile to cover the little tan balls with the dark brown dough, making large ploppy mounds.

They baked up pretty nicely, making about 25 medium to large cookies.  The smell was wonderful while they baked! Straight out of the oven they were delicious!  When they cooled off they were still yummy, nice and crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, with a nice strip of peanut butter in the middle!  For some reason, sometimes I still felt like they had some strange ingredient or smell, like ground flax….sometimes, then other times they were super.  Sometimes I add strange healthy ingredients, but not this time!  The kids really liked them, but they were almost too big, and not all the kids finished the cookie they took.  I don’t think Henry was too impressed, but he ate quite a few anyways, with several glasses of milk.  So I guess my experiment was a success..!?!  Here’s the finished product:

If you would like an invitation to join Pinterest, just let me know 🙂  it’s so much fun (if you like that kinda thing, and clicking around, and looking at photos, etc)

Fun shortbread pistachio trees- galletas árbolitos de Navidad

Fun shortbread pistachio trees- galletas árbolitos de Navidad

This is the second time I’ve made these yummy treats, and I think they’ll become a Christmas classic at our house!  The recipe is from a Pillsbury cookbook, (pilfered from my mother) and it’s fun and easy, and a bit out of the usual.  This year I made the trees with really big pretzel rod trunks so that they could become part of the table decor, you’ll see…

Es la segunda vez que hago estas galletas, pero creo que van a convertir en una de nuestras recetas clásicas para esta época.  La receta viene de un libro de cocina de Pillsbury (la robé de mi Mamá), y es una receta fácil y divertida, un poco fuera de lo normal.  Este año las hice con los pretzels muy grandes para que podría usarlas como decoraciones, como ya verán…

First, get your slave labor, I mean your kids, to shell the pistachios…

Primero, haz que sus esclavos, digo, los hijos, pelan los pistchios…make them work hard and shell a lot!  ¡Hazlos trabajar duro y pelar bastantes!

(the photos are blurry because there is very little natural light here in the winter, it’s almost dark all the time!)

(las fotos se miran borrosos porque hay muy poca luz natural aqui en el invierno, ¡donde esta mero oscuro casi todo el dia!)

So whip up the dough and pull out the pretzels!

Prepare la masa y a sacar los pretzels (que no sé como decir en español)

then you will flatten down a lump of dough into a circle on the cookie tray and stick the pretzels in.

la masa hay que hacerlo en una bola, y después aplanarlo en un círculo y meter los pretzels.

looks so fun, with a little rearranging, you can fit 2 of these “suns” on a tray.  Mark the 8 lines where they will be cut later.

se mira bonito, y con un poco de trabajo, uno puede poner dos {solecitos} en cada bandeja.  Solo marcar las lineas en donde después se va a cortar.

next, bake the cookies and cut them apart after baking…

despues de hornearlas, se puede cortar completamente…here are the naked trees…..brrrrrrrr……get them dressed!!  Drizzle with white chocolate or icing and sprinkle with chopped pistachios!

aquí están los árbolitos desnuditos….¡que frío han de tener!….vístelos porfa!  Con un poco de chocolate blance o frosting, y más pistchios picaditos.

Now you can eat and enjoy! No, wait, first use them for table decor!

Ahora, ¡a comer y disfrutar!  ¡O no, espere un momentito, primero hay que usarlas como decoraciones para la mesa!

Fancy AND yummy!!  This post is for Michelle, so she can see how easy they are to make! 😉

I realize you’ve seen this mug in a previous post, and will probably see it again, as you will see, they figure prominently in my Christmas decor this year!!  (it’s a red & white thing)

¡Lindos y deliciosos!  esta receta la puse para Michelle, para que mira que tan fácil es hacer las galletas.  Me doy cuenta que ya enseñé estas pozillas antes, es que la verdad es que formar parte de toda mis decoraciones navideñas, ¡jaja, y las van a ver aún mas!  (es amor al rojo y blanco que tengo)

Ha ha, I almost forgot to include the recipe!!  ¡Ja ja casi se me olvida incluir la recta!