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St. Patrick’s Day Healthy Fruit Rainbow Pancakes

St. Patrick’s Day Healthy Fruit Rainbow Pancakes

There’s still a bit of time to make something yummy for tomorrow!  Well, ok, time is rather ticking away, but there’s still time to rush out and buy some fruit and whipped cream!  And then tomorrow you could mix up a batch of pancakes….layer them up and there you go, a fruit rainbow for St. Paddy’s day!  I saw this idea on Pinterest, but then when I started putting it together I realized that whatever was used in the photo was not pancakes (cookies I think).  (P.S. I just found out that the idea was from i am baker! Yes, cookies, with an awesome cream cheese frosting!)  So my pancakes were a bit floppy and the stack was leaning a bit….solved that with a straw right down the middle of the pile!  The “fun” part is to layer your fruit in the order of the rainbow.  If you don’t remember that order, watch the fun little video at the end of this rainbow post, then you’ll never forget again!healthy fruit rainbow pancakes for St. Patrick's Day by dennasideas.com

The fruits I used were red grapes, frozen blueberries (fresh ones would have looked more blue), kiwi, banana, orange and strawberries.  So easy!healthy fruit rainbow pancakes for St. Patrick's Day by dennasideas.com

And then it was sliced up into four awesome slices….healthy Rainbow fruit pancakes for St. Patrick's Day by dennasideas.com healthy Rainbow fruit pancakes for St. Patrick's Day by dennasideas.com

Add each fruit in a blanket of whipped cream between layers of pancakes.  Like I said, it was quite easy…..or would have been if this hadn’t happened….Rainbow pancakes by dennasideas.com - Page 001

My mixer went crazy while I was getting a pancake out of the pan…when I looked over at it, a ring of cream was blobbing out of the bowl.  What a goopy mess!  But it didn’t actually surprise me….that’s how I usually cook….messy…. 😉

Anyways, to cheer myself up, I love to watch this video for St. Patrick’s Day!  An 8 minute account of St. Patrick’s life for the kids….even with flannel boards!

An Irish Rainbow!


I’m looking for a rainbow on this gloomy day.  I guess I’m always looking for rainbows.  My confession of messiness for today: I still have my rainbow-colored papel picado banner up from the Cinco de Mayo (personally I don’t think this is too awful as we are still in the month of May!!)denna's ideas: papel picado banner

There is something in me that is always looking for color and something beautiful to gaze at……and something in me that craves something beautiful and colorful to listen to.   On this gloomy day, I found it all in what I’m calling my Irish Rainbow!!  It’s my new favorite band, straight from the emerald isle of Ireland!  It’s Rend Collective Experiment.  A home-grown organic group….. here’s a fun video for today, just what I needed…colorful and fun….

I recently heard about this band from my friend Amber from Because Love is a Lifestyle and I guess I’m copycatting her by saying that the Campfire Album is my new favorite! 🙂  Rend Collective Experiment is not a new band (just new to me), it started as a group of friends in Ireland, eventually joined by almost 100 other artists, musicians etc.  The core 5 of the collective have gone on to an international success,with major tours all over the world.

Concerning the band itself Gareth comments,”We are a collective of people like a family and not just a band. We want our music to be what we call Organic worship, an honest and natural connection with God, something which is authentic and not artificial. We want to create an environment for people to have genuine encounters with Him and to find themselves singing to Him in ways that they find real”

I love it that their album Homemade Worship by Handmade People was recorded in a living room!!  Here’s an excerpt from Rend Collective Experiment‘s website:

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that anything homemade is typically better than its slick, factory-produced counterpart. Much like a handwritten note, a birthday gift that wasn’t procured at the local mall or a mouthwatering, made-from-scratch meal savored with family and friends, Irish worship artists Rend Collective Experiment wanted to approach the follow-up to their universally praised debut, Organic Family Hymnal, in the same decidedly homespun fashion. So instead of holing up in a studio for weeks on end, Rend Collective Experiment held their recording sessions a lot closer to home—namely in Gareth and Ally Gilkeson’s own living room in Northern Ireland.

For some musicians, working at home would be the very definition of chaos. But for the group who’s always been less of a band and more of a family anyway, it was an ideal experience that culminated in the group’s exquisitely crafted (and appropriately titled) second album, Homemade Worship By Handmade People.

“The best way I could describe it was that we didn’t want to get involved in any clinical, polished studio where things felt detached from normal life,” Gareth says. “We wanted things to feel homey, and there was something intimate about that. Naturally, there were guitars and instruments everywhere for the better part of six months, and I’m not sure how my wife [Ally] coped, but it was an experience none of us will ever forget. It’s a fun way of making music.”

Love it!!  I know that the music from their CD Campfire is going to be my summer sound this year!! Some of my biggest favorites are: You Are My Vision, Praise like Fireworks, Movements, Build Your Kingdom, 10,000 Reasons….

My day has suddenly cheered up!!!!  Hope you have a nice one, too!

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbows

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbows

Top of the Mornin’ to ya!!  It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and we do have a few rainbows around here on this cold and frosty and blizzardy day!  Like I mentioned before, I feel the need for rainbows!  Especially since it’s been snowing for a few days and my son is feeling discouraged that the walks that he has shoveled keep filling in!  Every morning it looks as though the walkway was never shoveled at all.  At least we’ve had a bit of sun, in between the snowy clouds.  But we need some cheering up, an assurance that spring really is around the corner!

 So indoors is where we must fabricate our own rainbows….
denna's ideas: St. Patrick's Day Ideas Leprechaun Hatsdenna's ideas: St. Patrick's Day CookiesWee little Leprechaun hat pops!!  I found them and a tutorial on how to make them here.  I made my own cookies with holes in the middles to help out when dipping them in chocolate, and in order to have the hats on sticks so I could call them Pops.  Leprechaun Hat Pops.denna's ideas: making leprechaun hat popsdenna's ideas: St. Patrick's Day Ideas Leprechaun Hat PopsI made a few more St. Paddy’s Day cookies and my daughter and I were trying to take some different photos of them for LilaLoa’s cookie photo contest where she’s challenging us to change up our cookie photography.  It’s very hard to photograph in our weak winter kitchen light, but we did our best.  Lyra took some shots that are a bit different than I usually get….  🙂  Shamrocks and Rainbows!denna's ideas: St. Patrick's Day Ideas Shamrock Cookies denna's ideas: St. Patrick's Day Ideas Shamrock Cookies denna's ideas: St. Patrick's Day Ideas denna's ideas: St. Patrick's Day Ideas Rainbow Cookies denna's ideas: St. Patrick's Day Ideas Lucky Rainbow Cookies

I keep forgetting the order of the rainbow so I found this fun little video to help me remember….I watched it before I iced the cookies (I know I have different colors on my rainbows, but that’s all I had at 10pm last night!!)

Hope you have a fun Rainbow Sunday!!!  😉

Need a Rainbow?


It has been one of those weeks….one of those months…..a long winter month.  After living in Canada for quite a few years now, I guess I have to admit that the long winters we have (at least where we live) do really take their toll on you.  (It’s not just in your imagination).  January and February can be kind of hard.  We do see the sun sometimes, even in winter, but the days are so short.  Lately we’ve been remarking in the mornings “wow, look, there’s light!!”  So that the kids aren’t getting on the school bus in the dark…..and getting off the school bus in the dark…..now there’s finally some light!!  (Until we hit Daylight Savings Time, now we’re back to darkness in the morning, but I know that it’s only for a short while).  And the dark winter months seem like a great time to get a cold, or the flu.  Some sort of bug just hit us and Henry and I are still recovering.  I said that I can’t remember when we’ve both gotten sick at the exact same time with the exact same thing….usually one of us is ok, while the other deals with the sickness, but this time we suffered together!!  (It was kind of sweet, in a weird sort of way.  We both had to be kind and give sympathy, because our symptoms were the same….)

What with the winter, the darkness, the dreariness, the sickness…..I’ve been thinking that I need a rainbow.  Lots of rainbows!  There is just something in me that is craving rainbows.  I need to see those bright colors.  Mostly, I need the promise. The  Rainbow symbolizes a Promise.  And not just any promise, from any old person.  The Rainbow appeared to symbolize a promise that God made to us.  Which is really the best kind of promise that there can be.  I need God’s promises, those are the ones you can count on.  I’m looking for His promises to get me through the dark days.

There are the “natural” promises:  in the middle of winter, there is the promise of spring, it’s coming, just hold on.  Summer will be here sometime this year.  The sun will shine, the snow will melt.  But I need even deeper ones.  Promises of a hope and a future.

This longing for rainbows could partially explain why, in the last few years, I’ve started celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s a rainbow sort of day, pots of shiny gold at the end of shimmery rainbows!  Coming at the end of a long winter.  And, boy, do I need those rainbows!  I’ve started planning a few little rainbow things….and eats.  The other day we made a rainbow dessert….I took photos, but…

Did I mention that my faithful old computer died?  Right on my birthday.  I haven’t transferred over my programs, so I haven’t been doing anything with my photos, and so haven’t been blogging.  That doesn’t help dispel the last of the winter’s gloom!  So today I grabbed a few photos of rainbows from days gone by…funny how they are all edible rainbows!
denna's ideas-cupcake gallery - Page 007I need to see those bright colors!  Even on a cupcake paper!  Eating a rainbow is even better than staring at one!  There is a “rainbow” movie that I really like.  It’s for kids, of course!  I made spaghetti and meatballs for supper a few nights ago, and just had to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!  There are a lot of satisfying rainbows in that animated movie, from the title to the end credits!  I also really like the story.  And how everything starts out so grey and sardine-y in the town.  Then comes the food and rainbows!!  Oh, and there are so many other things, too, deep stuff, like fathers and sons, being yourself, friendship and understanding, and then throw in some fun songs and a Guatemalan and a monkey, and it = one of my favorite movies ever!  (I was trying to add a few photos from the movie here, but couldn’t get it to work! And while I was looking for pictures, I just found out that a sequel is coming out in the fall!  Of course I had to watch the trailer…..might not be as awesome as the first movie, but still looks fun and foodie!!! Ahh, gives me something else to look forward to!)

Denna's Ideas- cupcake gallery - rainbowAbout rainbows…..what do you think?  I think I’m going to go hang up a rainbow in my kitchen today!

A rainbow a day keeps the blues away!

A rainbow a day keeps the blues away!

St. Patrick's Day Green Rainbow Cake

St. Patrick’s Day Green Rainbow Cake

Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops!!

Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops!!

This is one treat that I’ve really enjoyed making….cake pops, but disguised as ice cream cones!  I made this batch in a hurry, so I didn’t photograph the “how to” but I will someday.  They pack a sugary punch, but look so cute and sweet and innocent…just sitting there, wearing their chocolate splash and colorful sprinkles….sitting there and sitting there and not melting…it’s a sight to behold.  I think these pops tend to confuse younger children…..(heh heh!)

I was thinking of adding lollypop sticks to make it even more handy to hold, but realized that I’d have to saw away a good chunk of the bottom of the cone, and decided not to destroy the sharp sugary point of the perfect mini cones….(have I mentioned that I don’t like to destroy things?)These little cones had a surprise inside…rainbow colors of cake!  I didn’t bite into any of the cones, but I did bite some sample cake pops! 😉And here’s one that I was experimenting with, trying to make a real rainbow cake pop!I must say that I need to work on getting the flavors a little more….uh, flavorful (they all kind of tasted the same to me, especially in the rainbow pop).  The kids seemed to enjoy them, though….  The yellow ice cream cones were lemon inside, the orange ones were a light orange flavor, the white ones were blueberry and blue vanilla.

some more pics!  I definitely get tired of eating them, but never of looking at them! 😉

Taste the Rainbow and Owl Party….and a Graffiti Cake!

Taste the Rainbow and Owl Party….and a Graffiti Cake!

We’ve been gearing up for awhile for my daughter’s birthday party…visions of rainbows and owls danced in our heads…(that means we’ve been looking at lots of ideas on Pinterest, and it just happens that we both like rainbows and owls, two popular fads right now).  Here are some pics of the party, and later I’m going to post some “how to’s”.  (Right now I’m visiting my parents and my sister and her family…and brand new baby Micah!)

Don’t rainbows just make you feel happy?!  Even just seeing these rainbow balloons on the banister cheered me up every time I saw them!

The rainbow and owl fun started off with invites that we digitally made and had printed as photos.  I made a rainbowy banner (that also had some small owls on it!)

Days before the party, the kids were busy assembling paper owls….the cutest little things….from this site: http://www.3eyedbear.com/2011/01/14/owl/  we printed out a bunch in different colors.  I just love them!

I tried to find as many bright things as possible for the table setting.

Even one of the presents was wrapped in rainbows!

I just had to make these owl treat bags…the eyes are either super cute or slightly spooky….but I loved them!

We had to “taste the rainbow” so of course Skittles candies had to appear somewhere. I put candy into mason jars and  covered the tops of them with napkins (cut the edge into scallops) and tied on with ribbon.

After punching out a bunch of tiny owls from patterned scrapbook paper, the scraps were so cute I didn’t want to throw them away, so I stuffed them all into a large pickle jar….it looked cute and matched so nicely with everything and was large enough to make a statement (I had to fill a smaller jar with the candy…that didn’t give enough “punch for the penny”! -I think I made that up…-)

The centerpiece was the cake….I covered the cake in white fondant, and made a little owl for the top:

and then, one of the activities of the party was to have the guests “decorate” or more accurately, graffiti the cake!

Everyone had fun writing on the cake with edible markers!

It was pretty spectacular, I must say!!!  I found the idea here:  http://sweetapolita.com/2011/04/rainbow-doodle-birthday-cake/ I guess when it’s a little kid’s party you can call it doodling….when it’s for tweens…graffitied seems more like it!!

but the best part was hearing the gasps when the cake was cut into!

lovely lovely rainbows!

I am going to post some of the step by step pics about the rainbow layer cake later…with some of the extra batter, I made quick cupcakes, they were more for decoration….and owl toppers out of paper:

I’m afraid the birthday girl was sick, so to not spread her germs around by blowing out her candles, she waved them out (more like karate chopped them out!) oops, didn’t have a photo of that, but here’s another one….

Oh, here, I found the chopping photo…

yay! the best part is always pleasing and surprising the kids! 😉

more about rainbows later…..:)

mini panda party=panda mini party


We’ve been doing a fair bit of celebrating, and still have more to do.  I just wanted to mention a really cute site for party printables, here’s the blog: http://paperglitter.blogspot.ca/  (and you can visit their shop for really cute printable paper party stuff!) I just love their designs.  I printed out this cute free printable of a panda and kawaii stuff, just to do a little decorating for our little family-only party for my daughter.

It’s all about the improvisation: there were some rainbow jello parfaits leftover from St. Paddy’s day, so that was our special dessert!  I quickly printed out the panda cuties, cut them out and taped them to toothpicks. We only had a short time to celebrate on a school night.  This girl has had a whole bunch of yummy desserts for her bday and a few more to come (because I’ve been on this party/cake/baking kick lately)!  First (the cake I made on St. Paddy’s…it was really for my girlie) green cake….

then some panda rainbow jello parfaits another day….

Lately we’ve been really into the paper “engineering” (as we’ve been calling it).  The panda was her bday card from me, and I whipped up a crown cut out with a circle punch and taped on some of the panda cuties.  I love the cubed panda in a gift box….we’ve found a bunch of cool “cubees” here: http://www.cubeecraft.com/

It was a cute mini party with mini pandas and my mini me’s=my kids!  🙂 My printer has been busy lately…tonight we are working on some darling paper owls for later this week…. 🙂