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Some Digital Memories…


I was messing around on facebook, trying to find myself (heh heh) and none of my searches were finding my name…so somehow it  got into the web search….and then I googled myself (Denna de Motta) and a whole bunch of things popped up that I had forgotten about!  Mostly they were digital scrapbooking projects that I did in the past for Creative Memories.  Since I just re-found them, I thought I’d share some of them here:

Legohead"Authentic Legohead" Discover Grunge Digital Scrapbook Layout

and a tutorial on the Digital 411 blog:  Making the best of a blurry photo, has some ideas for editing photos.

and Baby’s Favorite Things:

Baby's Favorite Things - Ashby Series Baby Girl Scrapbooking Two Page Layout (left side)Baby's Favorite Things - Ashby Series Baby Girl Scrapbooking Two Page Layout (right side)

Daddy’s little girl!!  My sister took these photos.

And another  idea from the Creative Memories Digital 411 blog, giving an idea for a scrapbook page layout : The Rest of the StoryD-Motta_The Rest of the Story_image - Page 004

All of these projects were created with all Creative Memories Digital content, of course.  I had a great time designing digital stuff for them 🙂

Gone Fishin’


Summer is great, lots of time to do fun stuff, like reading, making crafts and going on vacation.  I’ve tried to keep up on the blog posts, but sometimes I’m just, well…gone fishin’  😉

This week I’m also taking my computer in for a “tune-up” and not sure how long that will take.  Today I wanted to share some “gone fishing” pages that I have been working on, from our time out at Moose Lake.

These pages were made with the fun digital kit Let’s Go Fishing by Paula Kesselring.  I just love the fun papers and the paper fish (and all the other crazy elements!)  I just had to get it to scrap some of our camp photos.

Let's go Fishing! {Full Kit}

Scrapping your Camping and Smore moments


Hi!! I’m back from summer camp!  I’m still on vacation, but just not at camp for the moment 🙂

Just thought I’d share a super-cute digital kit that I found that will be fun for scrappin’ those campy, smore-chomping summer moments….or even just any cute photos of little kids and their sweetness.

Luv U Smore

If its’ cuteness gets to you as it did to me, you can purchase this digital kit (by Valorie Wibbens and Lauren Reid) here at The Lily Pad (and check out some of the digital layouts that others have made with it)

Someday I’ll post a page or two that I’m gonna make with this cute kit! 😉

My Summer Fun lists


The challenge: write out a summer “bucket list” of things you are going to do, or things that you dream of doing this summer.  This was posted on My Scrapbook Art, from Home Is Where the Art Is newsletter designer’s challenge.  You can get the free “Juicy” digital kit if you are subscribed to the newsletter…and I must say, their free kits are always totally worth it!!  So if you want to do the Designer’s Challenge, you make up a digital layout using the free kit and post it to their gallery here.
This is my page:

I always have a bunch of things that I want to do in the summer….always hoping that I will get to do them all!!  But realistically I know that we can only do so much each summer!  So first I wrote out a Will Do list, to focus on the positive=the things that I know I will do.  Then I did add in my wishlist….like, every summer I really really want to go berry picking, but it just hasn’t happened for many summers!!  But I still dream about it!  This page has 2 short lists, as I was trying to get loads of laundry done today to get us ready for summer camp.  So far we are not close to being ready and our surprisingly hot weather sure has slowed things down for our packing!! 🙂  I’ve been thinking that I WILL NOT COMPLAIN about the cold weather this fall and winter.  I’ve decided I’m a cold-weather gal.  Just can’t function in really hot weather.  I was spoiled by growing up living in the “Land of Eternal Spring” with lovely perfect weather almost all year round…..Guatemala 🙂 not too hot, not too cold, not too too rainy or dry……!

Do you have a list of summer activities that you want to do?  Wish to do?  or would you rather not have any lists and just relax and take it one day at a time?? 🙂

! Feliz Dia de la Madre!


Today, the 10th of May, is Mother’s Day in Guatemala.  And also in much of South America, (but not Argentina, that’s in October)  Mexico, Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates, according to what I found on the internet.  I hope my info is right!  (Mexico might be the 8th of May…?)

So happy Mother’s Day to all our friends and relatives everywhere!!

I especially want to say a special Happy Mother’s Day to my very special Mother-in-Law!  I have been so blessed to have her in my life, as a friend, a sister in Christ, the mother of my husband, the abuelita to my children and as the woman who prayed for me even before I was born (for years before I was born!). Thank you for all your love and support, Mamita!

Quiero mandar un saludo especial en este Dia de La Madre para mi Querida Suegra!  He sido tan bendecida de tenerte en mi vida, como una amiga, como una hermana en Cristo, como la madre de mi esposo y la abuelita de mis hijos, y tambien como la mujer que ha orado por mi aun antes de que naciera (por a~nos antes de que naci!).  Gracias por todo tu amor y cari~no Mamita!


have I mentioned My Scrapbook Art?? :)


I’m not bragging, really!  I’m just mentioning myscrapbookart.com a site, get it? 😉  There’s this great newletter, or digital magazine called Home is Where the Art Is.  Every month they have a new, gorgeous, free digital kit for their subscribers. There are articles about digital scrapbooking, photography and even non-digital crafts. I have really enjoyed receiving it…and especially the free kits! Sometimes it’s 2 free kits a month!  I just wanted to let you know, because I wanted others to get these cool freebies too! If you sign up now, you’ll be in time to get next month’s….

Just so you can see what I mean, I’m posting the layout that I made for the Designer’s Challenge with this month’s free kit, called Be by Creashens.  What a cute kit, I love it!  The challenge was fun….3’s!  Everything on your layout was supposed to be in threes.  I started with 3 papers (2 wood-look and 1 picnic cloth), 3 bees was easy….but I squeezed my brain a bit for the 3 suns (and slightly altered a few things to make the “sun-pop”!  Anyways, it was a fun challenge.If digital scrapbooking is new to you and you’d like to know more about it, please contact me, I’d love to help you out!  When I first heard about it, I was sure I would never do it, I hated computers and felt totally helpless on one!  A few years ago I forced myself to try and wow! my new hobby was born!  I’ve been able to actually learn way more than I thought I ever could, and without too much effort (or else I just wouldn’t have done it!).  It’s a great option for people with small children, as you don’t make a mess with scissors, punches, glue and paper bits everywhere!

See my Home page here for my email to contact me.  I’d love to anwer any questions I can 🙂