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St. Patrick’s Day Healthy Fruit Rainbow Pancakes

St. Patrick’s Day Healthy Fruit Rainbow Pancakes

There’s still a bit of time to make something yummy for tomorrow!  Well, ok, time is rather ticking away, but there’s still time to rush out and buy some fruit and whipped cream!  And then tomorrow you could mix up a batch of pancakes….layer them up and there you go, a fruit rainbow for St. Paddy’s day!  I saw this idea on Pinterest, but then when I started putting it together I realized that whatever was used in the photo was not pancakes (cookies I think).  (P.S. I just found out that the idea was from i am baker! Yes, cookies, with an awesome cream cheese frosting!)  So my pancakes were a bit floppy and the stack was leaning a bit….solved that with a straw right down the middle of the pile!  The “fun” part is to layer your fruit in the order of the rainbow.  If you don’t remember that order, watch the fun little video at the end of this rainbow post, then you’ll never forget again!healthy fruit rainbow pancakes for St. Patrick's Day by

The fruits I used were red grapes, frozen blueberries (fresh ones would have looked more blue), kiwi, banana, orange and strawberries.  So easy!healthy fruit rainbow pancakes for St. Patrick's Day by

And then it was sliced up into four awesome slices….healthy Rainbow fruit pancakes for St. Patrick's Day by healthy Rainbow fruit pancakes for St. Patrick's Day by

Add each fruit in a blanket of whipped cream between layers of pancakes.  Like I said, it was quite easy…..or would have been if this hadn’t happened….Rainbow pancakes by - Page 001

My mixer went crazy while I was getting a pancake out of the pan…when I looked over at it, a ring of cream was blobbing out of the bowl.  What a goopy mess!  But it didn’t actually surprise me….that’s how I usually cook….messy…. 😉

Anyways, to cheer myself up, I love to watch this video for St. Patrick’s Day!  An 8 minute account of St. Patrick’s life for the kids….even with flannel boards!

picking party colors…


I’m gearing up for the next party around here…slowly but surely.  Today I made up some color palettes for a cute, girly party, involving Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors doll, Hello Kitty and a cute little pink sock monkey.  My Pinterest board for this party is getting out of hand…but I love dreaming about all the colorful and edible things that can go on at a little girl’s party….so many things, so little time to get them done!!  🙂

denna's ideas: little girl party color paletteand here’s another one……which one to use…oh the agony of decision!!!  Ha ha, it all depends on what I can find at the dollar store…..denna's ideas: little girl party color palette

end of the summer color inspiration


Not sure if these color inspiration palettes are actually useful for anything, but I have fun making them!!  (it relaxes me to play around with the photos and colors)

Maybe someday I’ll make a card using one of these color palettes…or a digital scrapbook kit….or paint someone’s door in stripes…..who knows.  Today’s color inspirations come from different projects I’ve worked on this summer….

cotton candy princesses Color Palette by dennas - Page 060These little ladies were super fun to make!  I will hopfully get a post done of the how-to.

lavender & mint limeade Color Palette by dennas - Page 061Cookies for a lovely anniversary…limeade just for me!!

strawberry kitty cat Color Palette by dennas - Page 062Remember Custard the Cat from Strawberry Shortcake? Kitty for a special little girl’s birthday.

sugary almond citrus Color Palette by dennas - Page 063New recipe for Almond Sour Cream cupcakes, with a hint of brandy extract in the frosting!  My life has been all about yellow and orange this summer…you might kind of notice that…boy do I Iove those colors!

arriba aguacates Color Palette by dennas - Page 065(FYI, that’s an upside down exclamation point, if you didn’t figure that out…well, I guess it could be I arriba aguacates, because I do happen to like avocados a lot!  Ay, ay, arriba arrrrriba!)

I find that I cannot photograph light green objects!!  Either my camera’s wonky or the light from my windows is just awful or….something else…

la watermelon rosa Color Palette by dennas - Page 064Please let me know if you ever find these color thingies to be at all helpful to you for any reason!! 🙂  And for sure “pin” them on Pinterest if you hang out there a lot, but only if you want to….