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picking party colors…


I’m gearing up for the next party around here…slowly but surely.  Today I made up some color palettes for a cute, girly party, involving Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors doll, Hello Kitty and a cute little pink sock monkey.  My Pinterest board for this party is getting out of hand…but I love dreaming about all the colorful and edible things that can go on at a little girl’s party….so many things, so little time to get them done!!  🙂

denna's ideas: little girl party color paletteand here’s another one……which one to use…oh the agony of decision!!!  Ha ha, it all depends on what I can find at the dollar store…..denna's ideas: little girl party color palette

Hello Kitty Strawberries


Hope this will brighten up your day…super sweet Hello Kitty Berries!!  These delicious bites of apple and strawberry with a hint of chocolate are perfect for your next Hello Kitty party, or your next couple of Hello Kitty parties… (We just had a Hello Kitty party and I’m sure that it won’t be the last)…or really for any party or any day at all!!  These easy-to-make berry snacks are just the cutest things around.denna's ideas: Hello Kitty Strawberry snacksMy daughter found this instructional video on youtube by Mosogourmet on how to make strawberry men.  When we watched it we knew that we had to try them….just as soon as I could get my hands on a melon-baller!!  🙂  I couldn’t find a tiny one, like in the video, but I finally found one that had two sizes, at Canadian Tire!!  It was a lot harder to find that little tool than I thought it would be.  The rest is easy, just follow the steps in the video.  The Hello Kitty faces were my idea, since all I’ve been thinking about for weeks has been that cute little graphic cat!denna's ideas: Hello Kitty Strawberry snacksFast and easy to make, yummy to eat, fun to look at….and Hello Kitty….what could be better?!?!!!denna's ideas: Hello Kitty Strawberry snacks

Fast and Easy DIY Hello Kitty Party Banner


I love fabulous crafts that are fast and easy!!!  Especially when they are party decorations.

This party banner for a Hello Kitty themed party, or any girly party, takes about 10 minutes to whip together. Or maybe less…. I love things that whip up in 10 miutes or less!  Have I mentioned that I do all my party stuff quite last minute?  It’s the planning and getting ideas that takes weeks and weeks and hours of pinning on Pinterest…..

The other great thing about this cute little banner is that it costs under $2 to make.  Well, since I already had ribbon, it really only cost $0.99, but then add sales tax….so rounding up to $2 is fine.  The tricky part is finding Hello Kitty playing cards.  (I mean it might be tricky for you to find at your stores…)  I just walked into The Party Store and peeked in the Hello Kitty party favors bin and there they were…the last pack.  The possibilities for using them seemed endless and I had so many plans….but getting back to last minute party decorating….they became a fast and easy party banner.

What you need:  Hello Kitty cards, tape and ribbon, like the kind you wrap presents with.

denna's ideas: Fast and Easy Hello Kitty Party Banner from playing cardsWhat to do:  lay a long length of ribbon out on your workspace….slip a Kitty card, playing card side up, under the ribbon.  Add a curled up piece of tape on top of the ribbon going over the card…see…. denna's ideas: Fast and Easy Hello Kitty Party Banner how tothen set the next card, face up, on top.  It’s impossible to match up the heads on the front and back of the banner, so alternate the heads…upsidedown for the back one, rightside up for the front one then rightside up for the next back one, upsidedown for the next top one…and so on 🙂denna's ideas: Fast and Easy Hello Kitty Party Banner how toSpace them out a little or a lot, whatever you like.  If you have more time, it would be cute to add something extra between the Hello Kitties, but if 10 minutes is all the time you have, it still looks…hello cute!denna's ideas: Fast and Easy Hello Kitty Party Banner from playing cardsNow all you have to do is hang it up!  I had it hanging low over the dessert table at our recent Hello Kitty Party. Right above some Balloon Ice Cream Cones.

Hey….another fast and easy party decoration!  Turn balloons into ice cream cones by adding a paper cone to the bottom (I happened to have some ceramic waffle-cone dessert holders, so used them), smear glue stick onto the balloons and add sprinkles…real ones!!  Or you could add paper confetti for sprinkles.  Make a cherry for on top with crunched up red tissue paper.  The hardest part was figuring how to stick the “cherries” on top…in the end I used the glue stick.

denna's ideas: Hello Kitty Banner and party ice cream balloonsThere you go, two easy party decorating ideas for your next girly party….I’ll be posting some more Hello Kitty Party Ideas soon….