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Someone’s trash is my treasure


Something we love doing when we visit Moose Jaw is to go “garage sailing” (haha, just made that up),  I mean going to garage/yard sales, of course!  They are way way better here than in Edmonton!  The kids and I have found some real treasures, though I admit they may be only treasures in our eyes…..

I know the old saying…..and I’m sure it’s true: one’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  I just love having the eye to spot it!  It’s thrilling to find something that you’ve always wanted….at a great price!! Like this beauty:

I wanted a typewriter for the kids to practice on….and this beauty was just the right price: free!  yay!  And there’s always the thrill that you might find something truly priceless that someone else just wants to get rid of.  Anyways….

After a busy morning of garage sailing, we stopped by the Dutch bakery for something yummy for lunch:on one of my treasure finds!!yummy yum!It was a fun and yummy morning!! 🙂

The parents’ place


Not a diatribe about family relationships…. 😉  just some photos taken at my parents’ place!  It’s our summer tradition to come and visit them and the kids just love it.  It’s just the perfect place for grandparents!

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Complete with friendly squirrel who visits every day!!  We love it!

Moose Jaw library and gallery


There’s a beautiful building set in gorgeous Crescent Park in Moose Jaw: the public library, museum and art gallery.  The kids enjoyed both checking out some books to read and checking out some of the interactive displays in the gallery downstairs.  I had fun taking some photos the day that I visited….. 🙂

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Some views of Moose Jaw


It seems like many of the places I go to have the word “moose” in them….not sure why, but I like all of them!  Right now I’m in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  Yes, that’s a real place, and it’s not out in the boon-docks….it’s a beautiful little city, just the right size.  🙂

The other day “the girls” went for a walk downtown and we took turns taking some photos of some of the sights.  Just a few that caught our eye, this is not a comprehensive view of downtown Moose Jaw, just a few snippets from down a few alleys!

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Gone Fishin’


Summer is great, lots of time to do fun stuff, like reading, making crafts and going on vacation.  I’ve tried to keep up on the blog posts, but sometimes I’m just, well…gone fishin’  😉

This week I’m also taking my computer in for a “tune-up” and not sure how long that will take.  Today I wanted to share some “gone fishing” pages that I have been working on, from our time out at Moose Lake.

These pages were made with the fun digital kit Let’s Go Fishing by Paula Kesselring.  I just love the fun papers and the paper fish (and all the other crazy elements!)  I just had to get it to scrap some of our camp photos.

Let's go Fishing! {Full Kit}

Tooth-mouse pillows for El Ratoncito Pérez

Tooth-mouse pillows for El Ratoncito Pérez

Every year we have a little visitor to our house.  Sometimes he makes many visits and sometimes only a few.  He’s small and furry and has an important job to do.  This tradition that we follow with our children came from my husband’s family in Guatemala.  The visit of the “tooth mouse,” as my children know him, is always a fun event.  When they lose a tooth, they leave it under their pillow and the “ratoncito” or “tooth mouse” takes it during the night and leaves them some coins.  We recently had several visits and I made some new little tooth mouse pillows, but before I tell about that, let me tell you a bit more about this tradition.  I knew the basics, but since looking it up on wikipedia I found out some more interesting details:

“The Ratoncito Pérez or Ratón Pérez  is a figure popular in Spanish and Hispanic American cultures, similar to the tooth fairy, originating in Madrid in 1894. As is traditional in some English-speaking countries, when a child loses a tooth it is customary for him or her to place it under the pillow, so that Ratoncito Pérez will exchange it for a gift. The tradition is almost universal in Spanish cultures, but takes different forms in different areas. He is known as “Ratoncito Pérez” in Spanish speaking countries, with the exception of some regions of Mexico, Peru and Chile, where he is called “el Ratón de los Dientes” (The Tooth Mouse), and in Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay and Colombia, he is known simply as “El Ratón Pérez”.

A mouse named Ratón Pérez first appeared in “Cuentos, oraciones, adivinanzas y refranes populares” (1877), as the husband of “La Ratita Presumida” (The Vain Little Mouse). This character would later inspire Luis Coloma, who would make him part of the Spanish traditional folklore by turning him into a sort of Tooth Fairy.

In 1894, Coloma was contracted to write a story for Alfonso XIII, who had just lost his tooth at the age of 8. Coloma’s story follows Ratoncito Pérez who lived with his family in a box of cookies in Madrid, but frequently ran away from home through the pipes of the city, and into the bedrooms of children who had lost their teeth. The story details how Ratoncito Pérez cunningly misleads any cats in the vicinity who may be lurking, and includes his interaction with King Buby (Queen Maria Cristina’s nickname for Alfonso XIII).

The city council of Madrid paid tribute to Ratoncito Pérez with a commemorative plaque outside the warehouse where the mouse was said to have lived. The plaque reads: “Here lived, in a box of cookies, Ratoncito Pérez, according to the story that the father Coloma wrote for the young King Alfonso XIII. Ratoncito Pérez thus became the first fictional character honored with a plaque by the Madrid City Council. Coloma’s original manuscript, with his signature and a dedication to King Alfonso XIII, is now located in the vault of the Royal Palace Library.

This last week, we supplied 3 baby teeth for El Ratoncito!!  I yanked one out one day and Grandpa tugged one out and one twisted itself out during lunch one day!  It was a little gross at lunchtime, but was accompanied by many squeals of delight and surprise by all of us!  heh heh.When the first tooth came out, I was in the middle of sewing a small quilt for Barbies, and so I thought it would be cute to sew a small pillow to keep Tassy’s tooth in.  Little did I know that Diego would lose a tooth a few days later and would ask for a pillow, too.   I really had to scramble to make up these little pillows before bedtime!!  But they were fun little projects.  Here’s one:For:and this one:for:Today I said, “Look kids, I took a photo of the tooth mouse!” and showed them this picture:They were not fooled.  Tassy said that couldn’t be him because he doesn’t have a crown on (I don’t know where that idea came from!) and doesn’t have clothes on.  She refuses to believe for certain that El Ratoncito is a boy mouse, even though we’ve explained it over and over….I think she’d like to believe that the mouse that takes her teeth is a little mouse dressed up like the tooth fairy!! 🙂  Now we know that he does wear clothes, and even a hat, and lives in a box of cookies! 😉

How to make a Barbie quilt….(my first quilt-making experience)


I am not a sewer (oops, did I spell that right? sower?).  I don’t really sew, is what I mean to say…not for lack of being taught when I was little…my Mom was very patient and showed me how to use her machine many times.  But I just haven’t done if for, uh, let’s just say many many years.  Being at my Mom’s house now, surrounded by her favorite hobby, has just inspired me to try something!  She has been working with my oldest on a quilt.  But I hadn’t made one yet…

So my 5 year old and I gathered up the scraps from the other quilt that is going on, and decided to make a quilt for her Barbies.  I thought that this might be a fun, small starter project that I (we) could successfully handle.She lined up the strips of cloth that she liked and I started sewing them togetherIt wasn’t as hard as I had thought it would be….especially on my Mom’s great sewing machine!!So far so good…now to iron the back…cutting out some sashing to go down the sides…cutting out the backing and lining up the backing, the batting and the quilt top…getting ready for quilting by pining the backing, batting and top together with special quilting safety pins!I just quilted plain squares on the quilt.  Here’s Tass working hard to get some of the safety pins out after the quilting…

The backing is fuzzy purple…now to add the green binding….here’s the back…I didn’t do so great on the binding, and decided to machine stitch instead of hand-stitch, oh well….the Barbies seemed to enjoy it!!Picnic time!!“Thanks Mommy, for the fun picnic, and the quilt!!”So it turned out to be a fun project!  Yay!!  Here are a few more shots:Sweet dreams, Barbie!!I’m totally inspired to try something else…hmmmmm…………