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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Narnia movie night

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Narnia movie night

Time for a family movie night!  We just had to get around to watching the Narnia movies sometime during our Narnian Christmas theme.  Yes, it did start out as a November Narnia theme during the C.S. Lewis memorial week, but now it has transformed into a Narnian Christmas!  The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is the second book in the series, but the first movie (Disney version) that has come out in recent years, so we started with that one.  I wanted the kids to enter into the land of Narnia to watch the movie.  I’ve been thinking about this theme for awhile, and about ideas to do, so have been gathering a few props.  But in the end, I had to throw this movie night together quickly because there happened to be a free, non-school-night that would work.


What images pop into your mind when you think of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?  I guess those three things would be the first obvious ones, the Lion Aslan, the wardrobe full of fur coats which leads into Narnia, and the White Witch who has made it always winter and never Christmas in Narnia.  And if you thought of something to eat…would it be the Turkish delight that tempts Edmund into betraying his siblings to the witch?  How about that famous symbol, the lighted lamp post, where Lucy first meets the Faun, Mr. Tumnus, in the middle of a wintry wood.The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie night

It wasn’t too hard to find some of these things and to quickly decorate my room for movie night.  I love the idea of the warm fur coats that the kids push through to get into the back of the wardrobe, and later borrow to wear in the wintry Narnia.  Of course I dreamed of making wardrobe doors that would open up and lead into Narnia (I was just going to make them out of large cardboard boxes) but (also of course) I didn’t have time to make all of my ideas.  So I passed on the wardrobe and just focused on pushing through the fur coats to get into the land beyond.  No fur coats around here, so I used my faux-fur throw (the dark brown color was perfect).  Here’s the simple how-to:The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightGet a fur blanket and a tension rod, install the rod in the door frame and drape the blanket over it, that’s all!The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightThis is what the inside of the door looked like.  The blanket was too heavy to cover the whole door, which would have been cool, but I didn’t have safety pins to pin it, and clothespins didn’t work, so just draped it hanging as long as I could.  It gave the right effect, when each kid pushed past the fur “robe” and slipped into Narnia….The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightTo create an instant and easy forest did require one purchase.  I found this canvas picture of an evergreen tree at IKEA.  When I first saw them advertised, I thought that they were kind of strange, especially when I saw that ornaments were pinned on, as if it was a Christmas tree, but now I totally changed my mind and love my canvas tree picture!  I scored this one in the As-is section for half-off, but here in Canada the regular price is about $14.50.  It looked really big in my room, and only took 5 minutes to tack up on the wall, right along the edge of the ceiling, though it does have a sleeve at the top to run a rope or curtain rod through…The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightIt really gives the feel of being in a winter forest, though there isn’t actually snow in the picture.  And in the process of setting up movie night, I found out that the tree glows in the dark!!  How fun is that?  Especially where the lamp post shines on it…The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightWhich brings us to the all-important lamp post (lamppost? lamp-post? I don’t know how to spell it…) which I wasn’t going to do without.  Another IKEA hack!!  I have a small Ikea lamp that cost about $7, it uses smaller round bulbs, so I just pulled off the shade and made a lantern-like top out of black cardstock (heavier than paper, lighter than card).  Since I was rushed, I didn’t spend much time on it, and the post at the top is proportionally way too big, but “la idea es esa” you get the idea.  I won’t leave the lamp post turned on for long, for fear it will burst into flame.  It would probably be great with a night-light bulb in it, but oh well.  The top is just a square of cardstock, creased cross-ways and basically just setting on, with 2 dots of glue.  There are 4 kinda rectangle shapes glued to a paper circle at the bottom, just to give the illusion that it’s wider and solid at the bottom.  And that was it, but kinda cute!The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightIt’s not at all sturdy, but fine for just a display.  I’m sure there would be ways for making it last longer…oops, I forgot to take a before shot of the lamp….The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightI draped a white sheet over the little bookcase (for snow) and set out a few things…. (hey, right when I typed that sentence out about snow, I remembered that I was going to throw white tissue paper on the floor, so that when you stepped “through the wardrobe” you would “crunch” on the snow!!!  What a bummer I forgot!!  That would have been super easy but really cool).

The craft store (Michaels) had a great plastic lion (used a 40% off coupon!) for Aslan, I really like the expression on his face.  We had Susan and her horn from a McDonald’s meal from a long time ago….The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightAnd of course, a box of Turkish delight! The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie night Didn’t have time to try making our own Turkish delight from this recipe from SprinkleBakes that I want to try, and I think (the adults) we were kinda tired of the real stuff anyways, so Henry picked up some of my favorite chocolates….The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightyummy! That went over well!  So the rest of the “decorations” were easy, just lots of comfy pillows, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightand a small white tree with white lights…The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightI had wanted to make chocolate beaver lodges for dessert, but just let it go for another time… We all piled together and got comfy, ate pizza and our Turkish delight for dessert, and enjoyed the Narnia movie!  Happy to report that a fun time was had by all.  It helps to have heaps of snow outside in the freezing weather and early darkness to make you feel reallllly cozy!  Hope this helps with some ideas for a family movie night for your family!The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie nightThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Chronicles of Narnia movie night by dennasideas.com #Narnia #DIY Narnia party #family movie night

Last minute Thanksgiving ideas

Last minute Thanksgiving ideas

Happy Thanksgiving to our American family and friends!  It’s always great to celebrate and give God thanks for all His blessings!

There were a couple of extra Thanksgiving ideas that I forgot to add to my Canadian Thanksgiving post so I thought I’d quickly share them here.  I’m always doing things last minute and I’m wondering if anyone else does it too….so here are some free printables and ideas for some last minute Thanksgiving decor! Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.com

These lovely printable pages are from Hope Ink, and I printed them off on kraft colored cardstock.  Here is the cozy house coloring page  and the cute turkey coloring page.  Perfect for Thanksgiving!  I used them for decorating my piano, and then forgot to let the kids color them!  Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.comThey would look great colored in with those really nice colored pencils (Prismacolor I think?)

I found another great printable at The Creativity Exchange for a child’s chalkboard place-mat.  This is such a fun idea, to have a black area that can be used as a chalkboard.  I printed out the regular-paper sized one, also on kraft cardstock, so the plate is oval shaped, but if you print out the larger size the plate is round.  My printer’s out of colored ink, so the color you see here isn’t what would print out on your printer! 🙂  Here’s our Menu for today:Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.com Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.comIt would make a great place setting with your guest’s name written on it in chalk….or just a fun place-mat for the kids to write on!

Oh yes, there’s also the printable that I came up with for my living room frame…you can find the link here.Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!

Some more last minute Thanksgiving decor ideas….use fruit.  Wooden fruit, plastic fruit or real fruit.  I was looking through some old Thanksgiving photos and noticed that that is what I tend to do.  Especially grapes.  Grapes appear adorning a naked turkey (in the family photo), and around jello salad and on plates, cake stands, everywhere!  So that’s my big advice.  Have some grapes on hand, and maybe a few other fruits.  Just in case.  You never know.Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.com Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.comAnd if you are really running last minute and the turkey isn’t thawed and the pies aren’t baked….Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.comYou can always do what Charlie Brown did……serve them buttered toast, popcorn, jelly beans and pretzels!!!  Charlie Brown Thanksgiving meal by dennasideas.com🙂 The idea is to be together and to be grateful.  The rest is all “dressing”!!Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.com

Guatemalan Independence Day Flag art and Papel Picado Cake Bunting


The fifteenth of September is always a busy time around our house!  Not only are we celebrating Guatemalan Independence Day, but also our youngest’s birthday.  I’m usually busy doing a bunch of party related stuff.  This year I only had time/energy for a few simple Independence Day crafts.

Last year we did fun paint chip wall art, and some printables, but this year I only did a super quick post-it note flag and a few desserts and just pulled out the banner from last year.  You do what you can, I guess!!  I found these really cute post-it sticky notes at the dollar store (or Walmart) and the package came with both blue and white….so…..denna's ideas: post-it note art for el 15 de septiembre denna's ideas: sticky note Guatemalan flag artThat was easy!!!  Stick the notes onto a blackboard, and there you go.  I was going to somehow create the coat of arms for the middle of the flag….but minimalist modern is ok I suppose….

Another super easy but very cute idea was to make papel picado bunting for the cupcakes.  I so love papel picado art!!!  Here’s a little definition from wikipedia:

Papel picado (“perforated paper”) is a decorative craft made out of paper cut into elaborate designs. Although it is a Mexican folk art, papel picado is used as a holiday decoration in many countries. The designs are commonly cut from tissue paper using a guide and small chisels, creating as many as forty banners at a time. Papel picado can also be made by folding tissue paper and using small, sharp scissors. Common themes includes birds, floral designs, and skeletons. They are commonly displayed for both secular and religious occasions, such as Easter, Christmas, the Day of the Dead, as well as during weddings, quinceañeras, baptisms, and christenings.

I made myself a little banner for the 5 de Mayo and I confess that it’s still hanging in the kitchen because I like it so much!  Very cheerful.  Well, I’m also into stuff with paper doilies right now, too.  So I figured I’d use one to make the other….as a cake/cupcake decoration!denna's ideas: easy DIY papel picado cake bunting denna's ideas: easy DIY papel picado cake bunting Grab a small paper doily and punch out some scalloped circles, or even plain circles will do.  Easier yet, just cut out some circles or rectangles with scissors.  I used the scalloped punch because that’s what was in easy reach.  I punched out shapes from the edge of the doily, then folded over a little flap at the top.  Punching out shapes in slightly different areas of the doily gives a different look to the little pennants.  I trimmed some with the scissors so that I could fit more into the bunting.  Using 2 long bamboo skewers, I wrapped some baker’s twine around one end, tied it and hot-glued a button on to hold it.  Then I eye-balled how long the string needed to be and tied it to the other skewer.  I stuck the skewers with twine on into the cake/cupcakes and then added the doily pennants, already folded; arranged them a bit and glued the flaps down.  It took about 10 minutes from start to finish, and my daughter and I loved the look!!denna's ideas: easy DIY papel picado cake buntingdenna's ideas: easy DIY papel picado cake bunting

Here’s another view, I love to see papel picado banners silhouetted against the light…denna's ideas: easy DIY papel picado cake bunting

Here are some desserts we had to celebrate the 15 de Septiembre, Guatemalan Independence Day:

15 de septiembre denna's ideasdenna's ideas: mini cupcakes made into ice cream cones for the 15 de SeptiembreMini cupcakes iced to look like ice cream cones, with a blue skittle on top for Guatemalan flag colors!  They turned out cute, but what a pain in the neck to ice crumbly from-a-cake-mix mini cupcakes!!  (only made 4).  The sandwiches were a lot easier….denna's ideas: fancy sandwiches for the 15 de septiembre

I saw the idea on this German blog and it looked so fun and easy, too.  Cut out circles from 2 slices of white bread, spread one side with jam, add sprinkles if you want, then from the other side of the bread, cut out a little heart (with cookie cutter) and slap the two sides together!  I used a few fondant buttons for decoration, and the cut-out hearts….denna's ideas: fancy sandwiches with sprinkles denna's ideas: fancy sandwiches for the 15 de septiembreAfter dessert we went on a bike ride to a little lake….15 de septiembre - Page 002 15 de septiembre dennasideas.comI know, it’s a very Canadian scene to celebrate a Guatemalan holiday, but since I can’t be down there, I have to enjoy what we have here!  Our weather has been unseasonably warm, so we have to make the most of it.  It was a fun afternoon, and our little princess enjoyed it!!15 de septiembre dennasideas.com

It’s The Amazing Sock Carnival!!


The other weekend I made the mistake of writing something incendiary on our chalkboard, having one idea but getting different results.  (I love the dicitionary meaning of incenidary: tending to arouse strife, sedition, etc.; inflammatory. yup, that’s what I mean!!)  It wasn’t incendiary at first…just way more exciting than I meant it to be….

The real story is this:  I had just set up a chalkboard in the living room and wanted to practice some cool-and-so-in-style-right-now chalk lettering.  And it was a weekend.  And I really really wanted everyone to pitch in and get some chores done.  So I wrote this:the amazing sock carnival by denna's ideasThat’s all I did.  Then I left it.  Well, it was surprising how much excitement and speculation stirred up suddenly!  And then I realized….they actually were expecting something exciting and amazing.  Oh no!  I had just been hoping to get some socks folded and put away….now what was I going to do?

What with one thing and a lot of others….there was no time for the Sock Carnival.  At all.  For a whole week.  I couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty about not coming through with it.  And there were still enquiries about when were we going to do the carnival….”sometime” was my only answer.

Exhausted after all the events of the week, I wasn’t even thinking about Socks.  Until Saturday morning rolled around, and I was up way earlier than I ever want to be on a Saturday…and I felt that obsessive urge: I should do the Sock Carnival (whatever it will look like).  And so, to give myself some motivation, I dressed in the most brightly colored clothing I could find (it happened to be a mou-mou that my Grandmother made for herself out of woven Guatemalan fabric!) and started to decorate.  That took all of 10 minutes (I happen to have a stash of clowns, ready to appear at any moment.  Don’t ask why).  As I was throwing things together, I realized that my husband was face-timing his family in Guatemala on the iphone, and telling them about the Amazing Sock Carnival that we were going to have!!  Oh!  Now I really had to come up with something resembling fun…but I’m afraid that at that point, all I felt like doing was yelling at people (kids) to just help out without complaining and get their laundry put away!!  (My efforts to whip up something fun weren’t going over too well with the kids when they saw the giant bins of socks that really did need sorting, and when certain people realized that it wasn’t a real carnivalthe amazing sock carnival by denna's ideas(couldn’t resist adding that photo, though I know she’ll not be happy with me! heh heh, sweet revenge!  There were moments when I thought that this just might turn into an Amazing Carnival of Complaining like we watched years ago.)

And so I got busy and another sign went up to add to the “carnival decor” this time in Spanish….the amazing sock carnival by denna's ideasthe amazing sock carnival by denna's ideasSend in the Clowns!!  Add some mate-less socks to my hanging display…the amazing sock carnival by denna's ideasMy little friend joined the decorating…the amazing sock carnival by denna's ideas

I happily modeled my mou-mou for my mother-in-law (even though I knew I that looked terribly exhausted and just, well..terrible)the amazing sock carnival by denna's ideasAnd blew up a few more balloons while I tried to get myself into the party-type mood to happily persuade the kids that this was really going to be fun and not just plain work.  I must say that it helped to have an audience!!  (I had to get my impatience under control!)  3-2-1 and the Amazing Sock Carnival had begun!!

Festivities began with all the socks being dumped in the middle of the living room.  This might not seem like a big deal to you, but I’ll just say that there are 6 people in our household and no one likes washing or matching and putting away socks (that’s normal enough) and so bins of washed socks have been accumulating for awhile….

The first carnival activity: the timer was set for 5 minutes and a prize would go to the person who made the most matches of socks right off the bat.  I shouted gleefully  “this is not nicey-nice school where everyone gets a prize!!”  when there were comments like “where’s my prize?”  The winner received a yummy Ikea chocolate.  This prize-giving gave the whole proceeding a bit more of an edge!  The next round was a quick one, and involved pulling out all the clean underwear that had been mixed up with the socks.  The least said about this round, the better!the amazing sock carnival by denna's ideas

By this time, we were all having fun!  (I’m not quite sure what our family who were watching by face-time thought about our antics….I’ll have to ask!!)  Another “sock round” involved everyone pulling out any socks that were theirs.  There were “breaks” when everyone rushed up to put away their armloads of socks.  Oh and of course, each person had a tally sheet to keep track of the pairs they were making.  I was really really curious to know how many socks we have.  It just made it that more exciting (for me anyways.  I don’t get out much).the amazing sock carnival by denna's ideas

Snacktime at the Carnival!  The smell of buttered popcorn kept everyone going.

the amazing sock carnival by denna's ideasAnd so it did turn out to be a fun carnival after all!  I’m afraid that not every sock was matched up, since some of them are still hiding in strange places around the house and haven’t come to light yet.  So there is still a small bin of matchless socks sitting around, but I did come up with a final tally……drum roll please……180 pairs of socks!  That’s 360 socks, not counting the rest that were in hiding.  It seems like a lot, doesn’t it?  It’ s not that we have a sock fetish or anything like that….I guess it’s just that I don’t throw out socks until they are really full of holes, and some of these socks have literally been around for years and years–they must have been well made!!  Anyway, yes it still is a lot of socks, and just imagine having to wash them, dry them and match them up and then put them away in everyone’s drawers…it’s enough to drive anyone crazy!!!

After the sock carnival (and after we had watched the previously mentioned Amazing Carnival of Complaining by the 3-2-1 penguins)  I wrote up these verses from Philippians 2:14, 15 which are mentioned in the cartoon.  A good time was had by all, and maybe a lesson was even learned. Maybe. 🙂

chalkboard with verse about complaining by denna's ideas

The Dirty Mystery of the Appearing Socks

The Dirty Mystery of the Appearing Socks

We have always had a sock problem around here.  Sock problems.  There’s the obvious sock problem of the dryer eating the socks and then you end up with mateless socks.  Yes, that is one of our problems….we have piles of lonely socks.  But the other is a different scenario.  The Case of the Dirty Appearing Socks.  They appear everywhere, cowering under the sofa, jammed in behind the end tables, hanging around the book shelves, strewn on the bathroom floor, frolicking under the piano bench, rolled up in balls among the dust bunnies under beds, flung onto piles of clean clothes, hidden under desks and tables, shoved into nooks and crannies, in short: everywhere that they are not supposed to be!!  I won’t name names, (as I myself am not completely free from this type of criminal record)  for the culprits of these dastardly crimes all know who they (we) are.  I was just wondering if anyone else has a similar sock problem.  ???  No one that I know has ever mentioned such a thing, and it could be a phenomenon that only happens at our house…. well, only my Mom has mentioned finding some socks hidden in….oh wait…they were ours! 😦

The other day, with a flash of Sherlock-like brilliance, I found a solution to our dirty appearing sock mystery!  The answer was very simple, and involves a clean garbage can and a piece of chalk.  Stop! Before you see the solution, you should see the before photo of our back entrance.  This was taken in the fall, note: no winter jackets & boots.denna's ideas: dirty sock managementJust back packs, jackets and lunch bags.  So I tried to make our back entrance a more useful and interesting space, and came up with this after photo:denna's ideas: dirty sock managementAdded: one chalkboard with hat pegs, one black crow, 5 large magnets for holding artwork and…look closely….denna's ideas: dirty sock managementno I don’t mean the rubber boots (ok, this was a few months ago before the winter boots came out),  but look closer!!denna's ideas: dirty sock managementTA da!  A special place for the dirty socks!!  Imagine that!  We need a whole container to hold the pairs of dirty socks that come off the feet of my kids.  Belive me, it was full in no time.denna's ideas: dirty sock managementSo far, this has been a fairly efficient solution, and out dirty sock problem has become almost less of a problem.  The problem now is that there seem to be less clean socks for the kids.

Oh, I guess I should actually go and check that Dirty Sock Holder and take it down to the laundry once in a while……that might help a bit.

Sugar Plum Snowflake Ballerina Fairies

Sugar Plum Snowflake Ballerina Fairies

That’s what I’m calling them!  “While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads…” mixed with snowflake ballerinas and the nutcracker’s Sugar Plum fairy…make a lovely Chrismas decoration.  I found them on pinterest, of course, and just had to try them out!!  Here’s the blog called Krokotak where I found them and printed out the patterns from, though the original idea came from here, though it’s not in English.

They are fairly easy to make, if you like cutting up paper!  Cut out a ballerina silhouette from cardstock (or 2 pieces of paper glued together).  Make a snowflake from paper.  Cut a slit in the middle of the snowflake and gently pull it onto the ballerina, to make her “tutu”.  Hang them up and watch them pirouette!!

I know, my sugar plum snowflake ballerina fairies are hanging by large clothespins gripping their heads….it wasn’t meant to be, but I was in a rush, and the clothespins hanging on twine have been there since Henry’s bday ( I had photos hanging from them).  So the season changed and now it’s Christmas ornaments and Sugar plum fairies!

The only different thing I did from the original version was to cut out one silhouette from paper printed with that Christmas Mouse story I did the other day…I thought text on a ballerina would add visual interest…and it does.  (no, they are not tatooed fairies!!)  I love watching them “dance” in every little breeze (from the hot air registers) that comes their way!denna's ideas: sugar plum snowflake ballerinas denna's ideas: sugar plum snowflake ballerinas denna's ideas: sugar plum snowflake ballerinas denna's ideas: sugar plum snowflake ballerinasAfter Christmas (if I ever get the Christmas stuff taken down and packed away) they will make cute hanging ornaments for the girls’ room until winter’s over….still lots of time left!!!

How to fix those annoying elastic waistbands in kids’ clothing:


It seemed like such a super idea:  elastic in the waistbands of children’s clothing that could be ALTERED to fit the size of your unique kid!!  Making clothes fit growing children!!!  Never wearing baggy trousers again!  Think of the posibilites…the hand-me-downs!

How it works: extra elastic is in the waistband of the garment and the ends of the elastic stick out of the inside of the waistband and have special buttonholes in them, so they can be fastened to a button, either pulled in tight or let out more loosely, depending on what your child needs at the moment.  A great idea to help clothes fit growing little bodies and just all the different shapes and sizes in general.  Agreed?

Do you also agree that there could be a few cons about this whole scenario?  The first time I pulled the elastic in tight and buttoned it, I realized that that left long pieces of elastic hanging out.  And I thought, “There’s no way I would wear those uncomfortably large pieces of elastic dangling around in my jeans!!”  And then I thought, “Well, they are just kids, and they probably don’t even notice them and even if they do, they’ll get used to it and isn’t it great I can buy these jeans 2 sizes too large and they can wear them till they grow into them!!”

So there’s the comfort con.  And the kids-wearing-too-big-clothes con.  And bunchy waistbands con.  And what about the biggest one that I can think of:  How many times does the elastic pop off the button and go whipping back into the inside of the waistband from whence it came “con”??  (oh, and the other one, the button-drops-off  and then the elastic flies back to whence it came con).

Anyways, I thought I would post today about how I have overcome the big con (but not that very last-mentioned con, because that would involve actually sewing on buttons).here’s the waistband with one side of elastic lost inside.Here’s the tool we will use to capture the elusive elastic:A crochet hook.  Either that or one of those scratchy dental tools with the little hook at the end!!Stick the crochet hook inside and start fishing around for the elastic….It wasn’t too hard to catch the end of the elastic (or a buttonhole)…Button that baby securely!  Sometimes I double the end over and button the end buttonhole again, so the elastic is in a loop, and not such a long end hanging loose.  I think the idea is that you can cut off the extra elastic, but you never know when your kid is going to grow!!!

I hope this post is helpful to someone…I know I have had some frusterated moments (before I figured out the crochet hook thing) and some clothes that weren’t worn anymore because of the lost elastic.  I can only pile up so many clothes to bring to my Mom for mending!! 🙂