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Easy Lego Cookies for a Lego themed party


Since I had a big bag of mini M&Ms sitting around my kitchen, I decided to try out some more cookies.  Colorful M&Ms always remind me of Lego bricks….and it’s no coincidence that I’m thinking about Lego right about now, when The Lego Movie just came out in theaters..still haven’t seen it, but it’s on my wish list…Mini MnMs by dennasideas.com - Page 001So while I wait to see it, I made some easy Lego brick cookies.  And yes, photos in this post may possibly resemble photos in my last post.  I’m ok with that.how to make easy Lego brick cookies by dennasideas.com - Page 004The only ingredients you need for these easy cookies are:  cookies, mini M&Ms and candy melts (or possibly icing and maybe some Nutella, depends how far you want to go with this).how to make easy Lego brick cookies by dennasideas.com - Page 012Roll out your cookie dough and straighten off the edges, then cut into small rectangles.  I used this chocolate cookie dough recipe, but you can use your favorite dough. You might want to lay out 2 rows of 3 M&M candies to see exactly what size you want your rectangles.   If you really wanted to go crazy with these cookies, you could use a vanilla recipe, then add food coloring to the dough so that the actual cookie would be the color of the lego brick! cool! But too much work for today.

So after you bake up the little rectangle cookies (about 7 minutes), when they have cooled you just ice them and stick M&Ms on them.  Easy!  I tried to melt all my different colors of candy melts in just a few baggies, so that I could pipe the melts onto the cookies.  Well, that didn’t work out for me….how to make easy Lego brick cookies by dennasideas.com - Page 002They melted right through the bags and glooped all over the plate.  In the end I just scraped up the goopy candy melts and spread them onto the cookies.  For a brown Lego brick, I used Nutella instead of candy melt, yum!how to make easy Lego brick cookies by dennasideas.com - Page 011Just add the M&Ms before the candy melts set up.   That’s all.  Really.  That’s it.  Now to eat them!how to make easy Lego brick cookies by dennasideas.com - Page 003how to make easy Lego brick cookies by dennasideas.com - Page 001disclaimer:  this is only easy if you have M&Ms and candy melts.  If you have to go out and buy everything, then it’s not so easy.  BUT if you were having a Lego themed party, and even only wanted to make, let’s say, red and yellow bricks, then you’d only have to buy 2 colors of candy melts.  Or if you only wanted brown Lego bricks, then you only need Nutella.  But then you’d still have to get lots of M&Ms….anyway.  It does happen to be a win-win situation though, since both M&Ms and candy melts (oh, and Nutella) will keep for quite awhile and you can bring them out for your next special baking event.  And make some slightly different looking cookies…..maybe like these ones….Mini M and M cookies by dennasideas.com - Page 001

Lego Star Wars party…MORE ideas!!!


For all you Lego Star Wars fans out there….another party!!!  I posted about the party we had for my son awhile ago here.  Now I want to show you some more cool ideas from my friend Amber’s party for her son!  She has some really cool ideas and fun games!  I love this banner she made, it looks fablous, and the fun balloons!  You can see her blog post here.

Her cupcakes turned out really cute, too!

Amber’s party also included a great piñata!!  You have to go over to her blog here and read the funny story behind this Lego Star Wars piñata, it’s so cute and resourceful.

She also shows the invitations they made and a how-to for some lego man head pops (treats!)!!The whole family worked on this party and it turned out super!  I love the Lego character chalkboard drawing and all the details.  I love all the photos Amber takes and posts on her blog, please check out her blog because LOVE is a lifestyle for some great stories, ideas and photos!

feasting on Star Wars party Leftovers…

feasting on Star Wars party Leftovers…

After the party, the only thing left to do is….play with the new toys and Eat up the Leftovers!!  My 7 year old and I decided to make Storm Trooper Macaroni (a.k.a. Carbohydrate Casserole).

“Hey, it’s suppertime…um, let’s use this macaroni that’s been in the fridge for a few days, we can whip up a white sauce,”

“ok Mom! I want to help!”

“I’ll show you how to make a roux, son.”

“Let me stir it!”

“Now I’ll slice up this leftover Storm Trooper Cheesball head…”

taste test- “It’s too salty, what else can we add?”

“How about some Greek yoghurt, that should cut the saltiness….and hey, how about those leftover crackers…?”

“Let me crush them up, Mom!”

“Still needs something….” glugs in some salsa, “how about the last of the tortilla chips?”

“I’ll stir it up, Mom, let me taste it now!! It’s great!”

“Yes, I think it’s about right!  Ta da everybody!! Storm Trooper Casserole!!”

And it was a success and nicely emptied out the fridge from our Lego Star Wars party! 😉

I couldn’t resist adding the leftover black cream cheese!!

The Lego Star Wars party, accent on the Star Wars…

The Lego Star Wars party, accent on the Star Wars…

We did it!  Everything finally came together for our son’s Lego Star Wars party…after weeks of thinking about it, checking out ideas on Pinterest, the anticipation….and now it’s done!  I’m afraid that I plan things in my head, then leave everything until the last minute…so I’m usually rushed.  This time was a little better.  About a week before, we made a trip to IKEA and I picked up some fun things (that I had wanted for a long time anyways) so that gave me some inspiration to work with.  From the bulletin boards on Pinterest, I got a bunch of good ideas and free printables.  And the final thing: a photo sale on at Costco, so really, the coolest items were ordered as photos from Costco.

I was kind of thinking about why I do these things, these detailed creative things.  Really, I don’t do it to show off….I don’t like show-offs and I don’t want to be one, so I was investigating my real motives, and decided that this is not one of them.  I don’t do it to impress others.  I do want to impress my kids and husband, that I admit, and I like to do that!  (it’s fun).  I figured out that I also like to do these things because I get a picture in my mind and I want to see if I can do it: I guess that would be called a challenge.  It’s a challenge to me to see if I can create what I can think up (ok, or what I can copy!! I’ve always been a good copy-cat and like to see something and try and copy it).  And I guess my other motivation for right now was this: I was wondering if I could get into the party business….still wondering about that.  Part of me really wants to and the other part of me says no way, only do it for your family!!  And I guess the reasoning behind that is that I am organizationally deficient and tend to work up to the very last minute and improvise a lot!  In fact, some of my best ideas are last-minute and made using something I find laying around in my basement or kitchen.  So, I’m just playing with the business idea…

Anyways, for the fast version, here’s a slideshow of party photos, and following are individual photos and the links from where I grabbed the cool ideas!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The night before, Henry, Lyra and myself stayed up assembling these cute little paper cubees of Star War figures to decorate with.  You can find them here  http://www.cubeecraft.com/ then print them off, cut and some assembly required (they are about 3 inches high).  Any paper geeks out there? you will love these!!

More paper stuff: these cute little lego brick boxes to fill with candy.  They were originally large boxes, but I wanted them for the treat bags.  You can find the printout here: http://deliacreates.blogspot.com/2011/01/lego-brick-favor-boxes-and-free.html

I found these cool shiny black bags at IKEA for treat bags, and printed out tags for the boys’ names here:  http://www.livinglocurto.com/2009/08/star-wars-free-printable-tags-stickers/  I also included a “squinky” in each bag, from a cute little set of star wars toys.

And an “autographed” photo of Luke Skywalker.  The rest of the candy in the treat bags, the boys were allowed to choose themselves from the Dessert Space Station.

A couple of my own ideas for the table setting: light saber straws and utensils.  We found salad fork&spoons at IKEA in all the perfect colors, so I wrapped them up in green and black serviettes for the handle of the sabers, then the boys had to eat with them!! The straws were IKEA straws, bundled up in bunches and taped together at the top.  They were surprisingly fun!  The boys played with them and bent the tops around, and used them to slurp up their Yoda Soda punch!!

There were a few shiny metal things from IKEA that were great for serving at the table, the coolest being a plant pot stand on casters!! love it!

I had big plans for creating a Millenium Falcon spaceship from a lampshade (from IKEA of course) but it didnt’ get done, so I just set it on the table with a light in it…it was a good effect, even without all the work…eventually it will become a pinata I think… Also from IKEA, some cheap blue curtains and Christmas lights….

First we had lunch, complete with Wampa Burgers (“rib” sandwiches), Wookiee Veggies and Storm Trooper Cheese Ball.

I saw the idea here: http://kitchenfunwithmy3sons.blogspot.com/2011/05/lots-of-star-wars-party-ideas.html and other cool ideas.

At the last minute, there was no lime sherbet, so I put a few scoops of vanilla and dumped in the lemon/lime fizzy drink + a few drops of food coloring= Yoda Soda fun!  Lyra helped serve the punch. This idea and the C-3PO H20 (idea and water bottle labels) were from here: http://imtopsyturvy.com/lego-star-wars-birthday-party/

After lunch, the boys went to play some Wii games, and Lyra and I quickly cleaned up lunch, and set up the Dessert Space Station and Birthday Banner.

The Banner and all the name cards, I had made up 2 nights before and printed at Costco.  I had downloaded a font (Star Jedi Hollow from dafont.com) and I used a lego-ish digital kit by Lindsay Jane called “Brickworks” here’s her blog where you can find a store: http://lindsayjanedesigns.blogspot.com/ I like her digital scrapbooking kits!!

So we set up a bunch of candy and cupcakes with name tags….This was the only orignal name I came up with!! haha, the rest were from others’ Star War parties (previous links and this one for the Tie Fighters: http://catchmyparty.com/photos/465815) But I liked mine “Death Star Droppings”! Hoth Chocolate Cupcakes (I broke down and bought a $1 cake mix, threw in some chocolate chips and iced with canned icing.)  The cool parts were the silver cupcake liners and the blue sugar+chocolate cookie crumbs=topping. Since I was doing so many desserty things, I just printed out cupcake toppers and punched them out with a circle punch, instead of making things out of icing or whatever.  The cute printables are here: http://www.skiptomylou.org/printable-lego-star-wars-cupcake-toppers/

A few more decorations:Here’s the Storm Trooper “man doily” that I mentioned in my post yesterday.  Here’s the link and template for that (recommended for a very handy adult, prob. not a kid!) : http://mattersofgrey.com/diy-star-wars-snowflakes/

Banner was my own invention, but wall art that I stuck onto my frames from here:  http://pinterest.com/pin/201606520788779181/ and here: http://pinterest.com/pin/201606520788779184/ and this fun one from here: http://pinterest.com/pin/201606520788771057/   I recreated it myself from scratch and put on the doors,

Safe to say, there were Children at Play, and they all had fun!!   Ahhh….yes, we all had fun!! 😉  Everything was worth it to see the smile on my son’s face!!Happy Birthday!!

disclaimer: I have never watched any Star Wars movies, so please forgive any strange/wrong spellings or Star wars labels!

A punch of Lego!

A punch of Lego!

A quick party idea:  freeze up some cool-looking ice cubes!  For our Lego-themed party I wanted to use the primary colors, like Legos, well, actually, that’s all I had in the freezer…a bag of frozen berries and a frozen orange juice concentrate.  And it just so happened that we have these ice-cube trays that are long instead of square (for adding to water bottles), so they worked perfectly to give the effect of Lego bricks.

So I added some frozen blueberries to an ice-cube tray with some water + blue food-coloring, then some  raspberries to a tray and added water + red food-coloring.  Ta da!  For the yellow “bricks” I mixed some of the frozen concentrate into some water with yellow food coloring so it wasn’t too orangey colored.

At “party time” (more like, supper time) I added the ice cubes to some ‘fancy’ goblets and then filled them with 7up while the kids watched…they were pretty impressed!  When I broke up the ice cubes, they really looked like Lego bricks.

We got a lot of bang for our buck on this quick party idea!

For a clearer punch, I tried not adding the orange juice ice cubes, they made for a more opaque drink.

I honestly hadn’t really done this before, (I’m not a punch-maker)  so was very pleased at the final effect! 😉  Hmm, maybe now I’ll get some of those shaped ice-cube trays, the ones the kids always want and I always say “no!” to…..

a candy Lego skyscraper (and recipe)

a candy Lego skyscraper (and recipe)

We love Lego at our house!  There are usually bits and pieces of it to be found everywhere, in every single room of the house…so it’s no surprise that I should get baking inspiration from those colorful little toys!  For my son’s family-only birthday party, at the last minute, I had an idea for a Lego skyscraper…out of candy.  I’m afraid that cracker candy is my new craze.  My friend Dana made us some for Christmas, and I loved it so much, I went online and found a recipe, and I’m afraid that I’ve been making it a lot lately.  So I used the cracker candy to make a skyscraper.  It was really a lot easier than it looks! heh heh. Really.

Here’s what I did (recipe will follow the photos):

First, prepare a baking sheet with aluminum foil.  Instead of covering the whole pan as usual, I divided it into 2 equal sides and made sure there was a little edge around the whole thing, so the sugar won’t spill over the sides.  Evenly set the crackers out.

Boil the butter and sugar in a small saucepan for 3 minutes.  Then pour the sugar mixture evenly over the crackers, then bake for 5 minutes.  This next photo is the white sugar mixture.  (I made one recipe with white sugar and the other with brown sugar.  The brown sugar is way tastier!)

The butter and sugar will really bubble in the oven, it looks weird, but it’s supposed to do that.  Don’t overcook, only 5 min!  After pulling the pan out of the oven, right away sprinkle with chocolate chips or candy melts.  I did 2 sides with chocochips and 2 sides with colored candy melts.  I set a skewer across to guide were the colors would go.

Let the candy melts set for a minute or two, then spread them around.  Refridgerate until hard.  Peel the panels from the aluminum foil.  I set up a box to use as a base for the walls.  Melt some candy melts in baggies to use as icing to pipe onto the edges and fill in the cracks joining up the walls.

The panels weren’t totally flat, so the back sides didn’t match up and there was a big gap.  Oh well….

Oh, I had piped the “bricks” onto the panels while they were still flat in the pan.  I had made a square for the roof, but it wasn’t big enough, so I had to patch it in with plain crackers!  I had to do a lot of filling in with the candy melts.  Then to decorate, just add candles, some mini M&M baking bits and lego Toy Story figures.  The whole project really only took half an afternoon and evening, I assembled the whole thing while my son was at his swimming class.  It was worth it to see his face!


The Cracker Candy recipe:

1 cup packed brown sugar

1 cup butter.

soda crackers (I used stoned wheat crackers, they are heavier) maybe about 35? enough to cover the pan.

1 1/2 or 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

(optional: nuts)

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.  Line a baking pan (cookie sheet or jelly roll pan) with aluminum foil or parchment paper.  Cover it completely with crackers, side by side, not leaving any empty spaces.  Melt the the sugar and butter in a small saucepan on medium-high heat.  When it starts boiling, set a timer for 3 minutes, and stir constantly so it doesn’t burn. Pour the mixture onto the crackers, covering them.  Bake them for 5 minutes, then promptly remove them from the oven.  Right away, sprinkle on the chocolate chips and let them sit for one or 2 minutes so they start melting, then with the back of a spoon, spread them around, completely covering the crackers.  If you like, add chopped up nuts, like pecans.  Refridgerate on the tray until hard (or freeze in the freezer for a little while).  You can peel them off the aluminum foil and cut them into squares, or just break them up.  Store in an airtight container in the refridgerator.  Enjoy!!