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Pingu Penguin Party for a Toddler, or Fiesta Pingüino!

Pingu Penguin Party for a Toddler, or Fiesta Pingüino!

How many of you have been thinking about penguins this week?  January just seems like a good time to think about them and their habitats!  Penguins make very cute themes for birthday parties!!  Especially during a cold, snowy January….  Have you ever seen that cute little claymation penguin named Pingu on TV?  Maybe his catchy little tune is playing inside your brain right now (I know it is in mine!) and how fitting that would be as you glance over this next party!

A snowy day is the perfect time for little penguins to get together and celebrate a special birthday!denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partyAnd two year olds especially seem to love little Pingu!  His black and white self is a fun graphic image for a penguin party!  I found some pics of him online and changed them a bit for our party.  The rest of the graphics I used were from a digital scrapbooking kit from scrapbookgraphics.com  and I changed some of the colors just a little so they would fit with the party colors of turquoise, red, black and white (with a splash of yellow!).  We printed out some small posters, denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partyone of the smaller monogramed ones was just right for taping onto a frame that was already on the wall over the Birthday Boy’s high chair.denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partyThe small white double-sided plastic frames from Ikea are handy for many party decorations and make great keepsakes afterwards!denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partydenna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partyThe tags for the treat bags and the placecards for the table were easily printed on regular paper and cut out, matching the posters.denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partyIn case you didn’t know, I love polka dots!!  So I already had the polka-dotted tablecloths from Ikea (the kind that are easy to wipe clean, I forget what they are called) and they just happened to be the right colors.  The party palette of colors was very easy to continue in tissue paper, balloons and crepe paper streamers.  We made our own tissue paper balls for hanging on the light fixture.denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partyThe centerpiece was a toy that we’ve had a for a few years, a penguin habitat that is like a wooden puzzle, you fit the pieces together to form a three-story habitat.  I saw them on sale at Toys R Us a long time ago…it looked like no one was buying them, there were so many boxes of them on for half price, and my party-mind said “cupcake holder!”  It’s been totally worth it.denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partyOnline I have see a cute goldfish bowl filled with light blue jello, with a few gummy fish swimming around in it…but that seemed like way too much messy work, and I wasn’t even sure if it would work out nicely (I think Martha made it work perfectly of course), so we went for turquoise jelly beans in the fish bowl with some large gummy fish in the sides.  The fish were also used as cupcake toppers along with punched paper penguins.  These cute little penguins are easy to make using an owl shaped paper punch and I’ve posted about how to make them here.  (they are cute on tags, too).  Two of them made a quick cake topper…denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partyalong with a paper banner which I printed and cut out from the Carnival Time digital kit (link above).  Those old-fashioned cherry stick candies on the cake gave it a “north pole” flavor (what are those candies called again?).  A fuzzy penguin puppet found a spot on the dessert table in the corner  (and more fabric from Ikea in the window).denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partyA toddler food that I knew we should serve was…you guessed it….fishy crackers!  Surprise to me, there are also penguin-shaped cheesy crackers.  We served them in these cute ice cube trays (Ikea)…denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partydenna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partyThere was one little game at this party….penguin bob!  Color some ping pong balls with a sharpie to make them look like penguins and place in a small tub with a little water…and let the kids play!  There isn’t really a game  involved, but it still was fun for a new-two-year old!denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partydenna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler party(in the video, the ping pong balls hadn’t been colored yet.  I knew someone with sharp eyes would point that out to me!)denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partyA fun time was had by all the little penguins!!denna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partydenna's ideas: pingu penguin toddler partyHere is a fun video of our Birthday Boy and his Pingu Penguin birthday party!!!  (I just love it!)

Josiah’s second birthday from Dustin Siggelkow on Vimeo.

Mermaid Color Palettes


Mermaids have been swimming in my brain.  And not just this past week, for a couple of months!  My girlie had this cute stuffed mermaid doll.  So cute that I took it back and put it in my room where I could see it every day.  (I know that sounds weird, but I just love the colors and seeing something colorful and cute cheers me up.  And gets my brain gears turning).  Mermaids started swimming around…and around…and my girl “somehow” surprisingly asked for a mermaid-themed birthday party.  So this is what inspired me for the colors of the mermaid party:

My own little mermaid would be wearing her “Ariel” mermaid dress to the party, so that’s where I was grabbing the dark blue and the coral color, and then just a splash of pink!  We were going to have a mermaid party (not an Ariel party!), but I just loved that coral/red color of Ariel’s hair….

When I went shopping for paper/cardstock/tissue, these are the colors I found:

Tucked away in my closet, I found a couple yards of this fabric, which went perfectly with our mermaidy colors:

And several months ago, this little mermaid swam into my shopping cart when I was shopping for something else…but I knew it would be the perfect birthday gift so I saved her, hidden away in my closet…..(now my girl has her own perfume, ooo lala).so like I said, I loved the coral color, but in the end there were only small touches of it at the party…it would have been great for party plates, cutlery, something like that.And the birthday cake…..just happened that it was easy to match our mermaid color palettes with the food coloring that I had on hand, without too much hair-pulling.

So I guess this is kind of how my thought processes went, in starting to plan out this mermaid party….kind of like mermaids swimming around and around in circles in a big empty ocean.

Paint Chip Art: the Guatemalan flag. Cuadro de la Bandera de Guatemala

Paint Chip Art: the Guatemalan flag. Cuadro de la Bandera de Guatemala

Guatemalans love their beautiful flag, and I just happened upon a cute idea for making some easy, economic wall art to decorate for Guatemalan Independence Day…..it’s called paint chip art!  Last night we made a run to the hardware store to pick up some paint chips.  I had printed out a swatch of blues that are the closest to the official Guatemalan flag that I could find, so I was trying to find paint chips that would be kind of close.  I found the right color of blue in this article called The Guatemalan Flag Should Be This Blue!  Also in this great blog AntiguaDailyPhoto is a free desktop wallpaper of the flag, just thought I’d mention it!  I have just loved scrolling through Rudy Girón’s gorgeous blog!  Incredible photos of my favorite place in the world.

But back to the craft at hand. Supplies:Those are the paint chips.Shade of white, too.A frame.Cutting tools.Cut various sizes and then lay them out.Starting in the middle,  glue the chips down.It’s ok if they hang over the edge of the base paper.The edges can be trimmed after all the chips are glued on.The part I really had fun with was using the paint color names.  Some of them were so perfect for this project!!Then pop the art into the frame!  It was finished in no time at all….ok, maybe about an hour and a half?

Color Inspiration at Grandma’s house


Spending Easter at Grandma and Grandpa’s house was good family time.  We love their house and the cozy things we find there.  Here are some shots and spring color inspiration:

Always a cheerful welcome at the red front door…

Love the old lath and plaster walls on this almost-100-year-old house, but there are few bits left showing now…

On my windowsill at Grandma’s house….I remember those insulator things from when I was little…

A tradition in my family=puzzles!

Grandma’s always knitting something….too bad I never learned how!  Little kids love playing with the balls of yarn.

Lovely, lovely old doorknob!  Looks like the entrance to a wonderful place…

mas Colores de mi Guate…


Some more color inspiration from my vacation photos!

I think “ginger flower” or “flor de jengibre” is my favorite for today!

some of my favorite flowers from my favorite place, the ancient nunnery….

and I can’t remember the name of this plant…hen & chicks? hmmm?

follow the yellow brick wall to lower prices….

so long, playa…..

Getting ready for Leap Year…


Leap year is tomorrow!!  I’ve never really paid it much attention before, except to feel sorry for the people who are born on leap year and technically only have a birthday every four years…but this year all of a sudden I thought…here’s a day that doesn’t come around very often, we should celebrate it! (but not with commercialized sales, etc)  We should celebrate it, because the next Leap Year February day that comes around, my 5-year-old will be 9, my 7-year-old will be 11, my 11-year-old will be 15 and my 12-year-old will be 16 years old…….YIKES!!!!!!!!! and double yikes.  So tomorrow will be a celebration to freeze a moment in time, because the next time my family and I celebrate this day, our lives will be different and full of teenagers and tweens.  *sigh*  (I hadn’t actually figured out the ages until just this second as I typed this…gulp…a big lump in my throat).

So I took some photos and made up some color palettes to get myself in the mood to set up a little party for tomorrow….;)

(yes, i carved an apple instead of cleaning the counters and loading the dishwasher after lunch.)

I read that tomorrow is National Frog Legs Day in the USA (according to http://foodimentary.com/today-in-national-food-holidays/february-food-holidays/) who knew?  It will be a good day to watch the original Muppet Movie!  Maybe with a big bucket of green popcorn.  Or something, we’ll see…

I guess February 29th is also a day when traditionally a woman could ask a man out on a date, or even propose marriage to him.  (Maybe I didn’t know this because I missed out on watching the movie Leap Year, haha).  Did anyone else miss this vital piece of information?  I just did it anyways…in March….about 19 years ago…heh heh…. 😉

Vacation Edibles Color Inspiration


Lots of lovely and fun food on our vacation in Guatemala….here are a few samples!

this might be recognized as non-Guatemalan…more like Texan Sonic 😉 but it was on our way!

A nice lunch at El Gringo Chapin in Antigua….great for taking kids out for lunch and nice with Rosa de Jamaica drink!

The beginning of a wonderful tipical Guatemala dish: Caqu ik, or is that Cak iqu….?

And what Henry was longing to eat…..very very fresh:

I’m having fun making up these color palettes from my photos…someday I will use them in scrapbook layouts….!! 😉