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Celebrando la independencia de Guatemala: el 15 de septiembre



15 de Septiembre,  himno nacional de Guatemala, dennasideas.comhay mas ideas para celebrar aqui:  Arte de la bandera y papel picado,  Pastel de papel para el 15 de septiembre,  y Manualidades para el 15 de septiembre

Que disfruten el dia!! 🙂


One more Blue and White thing:

One more Blue and White thing:

Whew, the weekend is over.  Our Independence Day celebration is over, my daughter’s birthday is over.  The parties are over.  For this week.  😉

Well, maybe not.  We should probably watch a few videos from the parades in Guatemala, look at some photos and listen to the national anthem.  It was such a crazy busy weekend that there were several things that never got done!  4 birthday parties this weekend that someone from this house was involved in!  (plus Guatemala’s b-day).

Anyways, I just wanted to do one more little post about el 15 de septiembre because of this cute thing that I just couldn’t resist:  (and there’s one other reason after the photos)I printed out a party cake favor box and colored it.  And glitter-glued it.Specially for my dear Guatemala.

with all my heart….and all my glitter 🙂I have been going wild with these cute printable cake boxes…
Aren’t they cute?
Ahhh, the details!!  You can find these adorable printable party favor cake boxes at Paperglitter’s Etsy shop here.

And I also wanted to mention a very cool blog that I found (or that found me) this morning….

Growing Up Bilingual at growingupbilingual.com.  I’m excited to have found it!  Please check out Paula’s home page and scroll down a bit to see some of the posts….I’ve already found a bunch that interest me about encouraging my kids in their bilingualism, stuff about Guate and some yummy recipes!  (among other things!)  There are some lists of books for kids in Spanish, too.

Feliz 15 de Septiembre! Eat, sing and be merry…

Feliz 15 de Septiembre! Eat, sing and be merry…

Happy to be together on this day, even though we’ve been stressed and tired!  My blog photos make it look like I have a lot more patience than I do.  Really.

To celebrate the 15 de septiembre, Guatemala’s Independence Day, we ate some “traditional Guatemalan” food.  Well, about as close as I get nowadays.  I do know a few recipes, but I’m afraid that I now take the shortcut version of all the recipes I know.  The other day was so exciting because at our corner grocery store I found…..tomatillos! Finally! This is the first time I’ve seen a can of them for sale (once in awhile I see the fresh ones in some stores).  So Henry obligingly picked up the ingredients.

The shortcut I take on this recipe is that we buy a rotisserie chicken…that’s pre-cooked.  (I call them “rosti-pollos”)  So I just make up the sauce…..oops, I forgot to mention the name of the dish I’m making…it’s called jocón.  Pronounced “hoe– (as in ho-ho-ho) cone“.  It is a chicken with green sauce dish.  Super tasty and super good for you.  I mean it.

It’s easy, too.  Grab the bunch of cilantro and a bunch of green onions (wash first if you wish) then throw them in a food processor or blender (I don’t have a blender) and process!  Then throw in the drained can of tomatillos, process!  Pour this into a pot and add the secret spices.  This is one of them:

Do you know what it is?  Cloves.  In North America a lot of people don’t “cook” with cloves, they just use them in desserts.  But cloves (called “clavos de olor” or just “clavos“) are an important part in traditional Guatemalan dishes.  The same goes for cinnamon (canela)….add a piece of cinnamon bark.  Add some black pepper corns (pimienta) and some salt.  Is that all…clavo, pimienta, canela….I think so.  Heat it up for awhile and then toss the chicken in….in pieces, and cook for a bit.  That’s all I did.  I know that it’s a really quick version..I’m sure somebody somewhere is rolling in their grave. (eso solo es un viejo y conocido dicho…)

The kids were a bit suspicious, some of them couldn’t remember having eaten it before, but they loved it!!!  Licked the platter clean!  We added a spinach salad and avocado and lime.  I had honestly wanted to food-color the jocón blue…but Henry didn’t like that idea at all.  I thought it was a very green meal for a blue and white holiday…but hey…I guess quetzals are green……..And now for dessert, this I made sure was blue and white.

Cupcakes with a little surprise in the middle.

The light was so dim in the room, it was hard to get the photos.  I brightened this one up, but that’s really what it looked like!  A blue heart to say:


Blue and White surprising cupcakes


We made blue sugar the other day.  For decorating purposes.  But I decided I needed to use it up and cook with it.  So I threw the sugar into some mini cupcakes that I was making for my girlie to take to school…to celebrate Guatemala’s birthday and her birthday.  So blue sounded good to me.  For some reason this all seemed like a good idea….the stuff to follow that is, the mini blue cupcakes topped with marshmellows (but it was after midnight so that might explain it).  I saw on pinterest the idea for sticking marshmallows on top of cupcakes, bake them 5 min. more and then you don’t have to frost them.  Ok, here goes:

ooooOk, so they looked a little funny…the edges were a bit brown, because i didn’t have any mini muffin papers…oh well, I think my girlie was pleased with them.

For our celebration here at home we had these lovely huge cupcakes:  vanilla with a bit of Tang cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a cute surprise in the middle!  I found out how to do this trick on this fun blog: bake it in a cake.com fun and so cute and doable!!  And that’s what we ate for dessert.  Have a sweet day.

Manualidades para el 15 de Septiembre: Paper Crafts


I can’t seem to stop myself from making paper crafts.  And so I made something for our Guatemalan Independence Day celebrations.  Out of paper, of course.  (As I’ve been working on this post I’ve been cutting out paper sea horses.  Sounds weird, I know, but later I’ll post about those babies.)  So without further blabbiness, I’ll show you the photos of some simple crafts to make from paper to decorate with.  (Lo siento que no estoy escribiendo en español, pero es que estoy muy cansada, y todavia es más fácil el ingles, perdonenme!)

I’m all into banners.  So I made one for this special day.  Please feel free to download the printable pattern for this banner and use it to decorate at your house!  The download is HERE.  Included in the zipped file are 4 sheets of patterned paper that the pennants are made from.  I had hoped to get some origami boxes and things made…anyways, you could cut out other things or do some Independence Day origami.  And here are the photos.  Easy to do: print out papers, cut on grey lines, punch holes in corners, string up, decorate! 😉And another paper craft:

A paper flower centerpiece!  I used my assortment of paper punches, but you can really do anything, like just cut a few circles from paper and then glue them to skewers.  The main thing is that they are blue and white for this holiday!  (we made red and white for valentines and Canada Day!)Glue circles on the back and front of the bamboo skewer.The leaves are punched out with paper punches, too.

The jar is filled with “colored sand”, well really it was colored sugar that the kids and I colored.  I didn’t have sand or salt, so sugar it was!

15 de Septiembre búsqueda-Free Word search


Hola todos!  Aqui les tengo una búsqueda de palabras para celebrar el 15 de septiembre.  Yo quiero que mis hijos aprenden acerca de su patrimonio y el dia de la Independencia es una celebracion la cual conmemoramos en nuestro hogar para mantener contacto con nuestra querida Guatemala.  Nuestros amigos de Mexico usualmente celebran se Dia el 16 de septiembre, pero aveces hemos celebrado juntos (ahorita no encuentro la foto de las galletas que hicimos de las banderas de Mexico y Guate para festejar juntos, pero por alli estan).  Hice esta búsqueda para compartir con mis hijos, uds. y los compañeros de clase, para que asi aprenden tambien, jaja 😉

Bueno pues, ya me voy que hay otras manualidades que quiero terminar para el 15, asi los comparto con uds. tambien!

Si quieren bajar e imprimir la búsqueda se encuentra aqui.  Por supuesto es para uso personal, nada commercial porfa, gracias!

Here’s a fun word search page for your kids that I put together to celebrate the 15th of September!  I want my kids to know more about the history of their heritage, and Independence Day is a holiday we celebrate at our house to keep us connected to Guatemala.  Our friends in Mexico usually celebrate their day on the 16th of September.  Well, I’m going to rush off to work on some more crafts to post about later!! 😉

You can dowload the word search here.  Of course it is only for personal use, nothing commercial, thanks! 🙂

Celebrando el 15 de Septiembre

Celebrando el 15 de Septiembre

There is a special date coming up soon….the 15th of September!!  That is the day that Guatemala gained her independence, way back in 1821.  I know I’m starting a bit late in the month, but I did want to post some ideas for celebrating Independence Day.  We have had a few little celebrations of our own for the past few years, while living here in Canada.  (Obviously our celebrations would have been very different if we had been living in Guatemala! more fun, more noise, more family and more parades!)  Here are a few ideas and some “old” photos of our past 15 de Septiembre celebrations. (version en español al final)

Make a yummy dessert:                 (this one is a cherry jello poke-cake)And take a photo of the kids around it:Now go back a year:                                                         (this dessert is a trifle, layers of cake and pudding and fruit and cream)                                                                         (the stand up decoration is made of candy melts)And go back another year:                                                          (another year, another trifle, decorated with cream and candy melts)Skip back 2 years:                                                 (another jello poke-cake decorated with cream and chocolate candy melts)Go on a picnic:Make your own parade:                                                                  (keep the beat kids!!)                           (we even had a stranger on a bike join our parade! guess we were making enough noise!)

Draw your own version of the flag:Take everyone’s portrait:                                                           (with a Guatemalan backdrop of course!  And matching Guate outfit if you have one)Enjoy the day!!

!Mira que ya viene el 15 de septiembre!  Se me esta agarrando la tarde, pero sí quería poner unas ideas para festejar el Día de la Independencia Guatemalteca.  Ya sé que lo celebran varios paises, ya mero voy a escribir de eso tambien, !paciencia pués!  Obviamente ya no estamos viviendo en Guate, sino nuestras celebraciones serían mucho mas alegres y llenos de desfiles, etc.  Pero hacemos lo que se puede en el momento, pues.  Tambien es obvio que me gusta hacer los postres.  Yá me di cuenta que cada año hago pasteles frios, ricos y cubiertos de crema….ni sé porqué, solo asi me sale!  El postre que llamo jello poke cake es un pastel que después de hornear, se hecha gelatina encima.  No sé como se dice trifle …..ah bueno, el diccionario dice que es bizcocho borracho con crema.  Sí más o menos, ni tan borracho, pero sí con crema, pudín y fruta en capas.  

Solo quise compartir estas fotos para que empezamos a preparar para el quince.  Ya quiero subir otras fotos con más ideas que hacer para celebrar el Día de la Independencia!!  Hasta lueguito!!