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out and about Guate: Color Inspiration


I loved photographing pretty much everything I saw out the car window in Guatemala 🙂

There was a lot of cool graffiti down Atanasio Tzul, and I even dared to get Henry to drive in close for some photos…but didn’t dare hop out and pose by the walls…too many scary stories 🙂

The kids loved this one:

Loved this little store front, an interesting mix of products/produce:

and my favorite, old Antigua door-knockers 😉

Vacation Edibles Color Inspiration


Lots of lovely and fun food on our vacation in Guatemala….here are a few samples!

this might be recognized as non-Guatemalan…more like Texan Sonic 😉 but it was on our way!

A nice lunch at El Gringo Chapin in Antigua….great for taking kids out for lunch and nice with Rosa de Jamaica drink!

The beginning of a wonderful tipical Guatemala dish: Caqu ik, or is that Cak iqu….?

And what Henry was longing to eat…..very very fresh:

I’m having fun making up these color palettes from my photos…someday I will use them in scrapbook layouts….!! 😉

Valentine Color Inspiration

Valentine Color Inspiration

Try out some different Valentine color combos this year!

Prueba algo diferente para sus colores este Día de San Valentín…

Anyone going to be making their kids’ valentines this year?

?Alguien va a estar fabricando las tarjetas de san valentin para sus hijos este anio?

Chocolate, anyone…?

Try some grapefruit cookies…

un million de rosas…. 

some nail fun for that special day….

Ok, I know there’s a lot of peach going on….but I saw a valentine with pink and peach and it looked gorgeous!! Try it out!