Father’s Day free printables!

Father’s Day free printables!

Ok, here’s what I have for you this afternoon: some cute tags and toppers for you to print out and use for Father’s Day tomorrow.  I found some cool cupcake papers and made these tags to coordinate, but they’d look great with solid color cupcake papers, too.  They are only in English (lo siento!) because I don’t know how to make all the “puns” in Spanish.  But if you really would like some in Spanish, let me know right away and I’ll send you some!

(The colors look really really bright on here, but those are my photos.  Every printer will probably print them out a bit different, but the colors are dark blue, dark purple, green and orange).  All you have to do is download the file, there are 4 pages of designs, then unzip it and print! Download here

There is a page with mostly “pop” tags.  I saw this idea for putting tags on pop bottles and soda pop cans on Pinterest, of course! 🙂There is a page of cupcake toppers, too.  Some of them say “You R one smart cookie, Dad!”  because I plan to make oreo cheesecake cupcakes for tomorrow!  (just hasn’t happened yet…hopefully I’ll get it done!).  There is also a page printable for the sides of the soda bottle holder, or you could use it as a sign, or whatever else your imagination comes up with!! (the cola font is Loki Cola from dafont.com)Dad’s are special, and deserve lots of junk food and soda pop and chips and popcorn and yummy stuff….yes, that is a fake cupcake…since I haven’t made them yet, I frosted some aluminum foil…just for the photoshoot, it’s trickier than I thought it would be….

Don’t forget some drinking straws to match!


Here are some more ideas I found on pinterest, for soda cans here, and for root beer bottles here, and here.

Hope this helps you out if you are in a rush and haven’t planned anything for tomorrow yet, just get printing! 😉  Now I’m off to do some baking, um, I mean shopping then baking….

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