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Last minute Thanksgiving ideas

Last minute Thanksgiving ideas

Happy Thanksgiving to our American family and friends!  It’s always great to celebrate and give God thanks for all His blessings!

There were a couple of extra Thanksgiving ideas that I forgot to add to my Canadian Thanksgiving post so I thought I’d quickly share them here.  I’m always doing things last minute and I’m wondering if anyone else does it too….so here are some free printables and ideas for some last minute Thanksgiving decor! Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.com

These lovely printable pages are from Hope Ink, and I printed them off on kraft colored cardstock.  Here is the cozy house coloring page  and the cute turkey coloring page.  Perfect for Thanksgiving!  I used them for decorating my piano, and then forgot to let the kids color them!  Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.comThey would look great colored in with those really nice colored pencils (Prismacolor I think?)

I found another great printable at The Creativity Exchange for a child’s chalkboard place-mat.  This is such a fun idea, to have a black area that can be used as a chalkboard.  I printed out the regular-paper sized one, also on kraft cardstock, so the plate is oval shaped, but if you print out the larger size the plate is round.  My printer’s out of colored ink, so the color you see here isn’t what would print out on your printer! 🙂  Here’s our Menu for today:Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.com Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.comIt would make a great place setting with your guest’s name written on it in chalk….or just a fun place-mat for the kids to write on!

Oh yes, there’s also the printable that I came up with for my living room frame…you can find the link here.Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!

Some more last minute Thanksgiving decor ideas….use fruit.  Wooden fruit, plastic fruit or real fruit.  I was looking through some old Thanksgiving photos and noticed that that is what I tend to do.  Especially grapes.  Grapes appear adorning a naked turkey (in the family photo), and around jello salad and on plates, cake stands, everywhere!  So that’s my big advice.  Have some grapes on hand, and maybe a few other fruits.  Just in case.  You never know.Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.com Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.comAnd if you are really running last minute and the turkey isn’t thawed and the pies aren’t baked….Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.comYou can always do what Charlie Brown did……serve them buttered toast, popcorn, jelly beans and pretzels!!!  Charlie Brown Thanksgiving meal by dennasideas.com🙂 The idea is to be together and to be grateful.  The rest is all “dressing”!!Last minute Thanksgiving ideas by dennasideas.com

A Canadian Thanksgiving…

A Canadian Thanksgiving…

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t grow up celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving…at least not very often.  I grew up in Guatemala, in a mainly American and Guatemalan community, so we weren’t exposed to many Canadian traditions back then.  Now that I live in Canada and have my own little family, I’ve tried to start a few of our own “Canadian” traditions for our October Thanksgiving celebrations.  The other day I saw a quote that said “My favorite color is October!” and I totally agree!  I just love everything about fall in Western Canada!  Our biggest tradition so far is having my siblings come to our house for Thanksgiving weekend, and I try and put together a Thanksgiving meal.  Here are a few photos from our Thanksgiving this year…
A Canadian Thanksgiving by dennasideas.comA Canadian Thanksgiving by dennasideas.comWe made cookie place cards and chocolate acorns for the table-settings.  And yes, we actually ate at the dining room table….I finally got my stuff cleared off it.  It happens about once a year, for Thanksgiving (maybe possibly for Christmas).  Now that it is cleared off, every time we’ve eaten there recently I feel like we need to have a really delicious dessert after every meal….
A Canadian Thanksgiving by dennasideas.comThe moose is to represent our relatives who live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and just Canada in general.  The tablecloth and place-mats are from Guatemala, to remember our family in Guatemala.
A Canadian Thanksgiving by dennasideas.comThe cornucopia celebrates a good harvest and being thankful for abundance, good food and fall!A Canadian Thanksgiving by dennasideas.comI am so not an expert cooking meat or poultry….and have only cooked about 3 turkeys in my life….so our turkey was fairly amateurish (and would you believe, last minute?).  No time for a fancy bed of yumminess for this birdie…  I’m finding it really hard work to get a fancy meal cooked, put together and on the table….(really hard, that’s why I have to take a lot of photos of when it actually happens!)
A Canadian Thanksgiving by dennasideas.comThis is the part where I feel a little lot more comfortable….the desserts.   Though I kind of lost my Mom’s pie crust recipe this year, so had to go on a big search….I think I found one close enough that it tasted the same (we use the old-fashioned version that uses an egg and vinegar).  Yummy pumpkin pie!!  Though we grew up eating a different kind–carrots disguised as pumpkin, since pumpkins were scarce in Guatemala for some reason…
A Canadian Thanksgiving by dennasideas.com, pumpkin pie with chocolate acornsA tradition that I’ve started in the last few years is making Linzer cookies for Thanksgiving.  This year I cut out moons, and decided they looked like mouths, so added some eyes for some cute little critter cookies.  I used a new Linzer cookie recipe with ground up pecans this year, but wasn’t sure if I liked the pecans in the dough.  I’ll try and find another recipe next year.  Do you have a recipe for Linzer cookies that you’d like to share?
A Canadian Thanksgiving by dennasideas.com, linzer cookies with raspberry jam and pecansWe watched the cartoon A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and I just happened to have Charlie Brown’s ingredients on hand, so made up a plate for the kids….pretzel sticks, popcorn, jellybeans, and buttered toast!!  🙂
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving meal by dennasideas.comI like to have visual textual reminders of the season…..like a framed Thanksgiving printable
Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas! The best part is sharing a delicious meal with family and remembering to live in an attitude of gratitude to God, for Him and all His blessings.A Canadian Thanksgiving by dennasideas.com

Thanksgiving printable for your fall decor

Thanksgiving printable for your fall decor

Thanksgiving is almost here for us Canadians, are you ready?  I’m still housecleaning and baking like a crazy.  Kind of.  I keep getting distracted by little fun things, like decorating or going through boxes that I haven’t seen for a while.  I saw a list yesterday that said countdown to Thanksgiving, and shows you what to do each week, for 4 weeks before the event!!  Things like start baking, send out invitations, etc.  And it says 4 weeks before: finish major housecleaning!  I figure that if I changed weeks to days, I’d be right on schedule.

Decorating is so much more fun than cleaning and de-cluttering.  I have a frame in my living room that is for changing, with the seasons, or with the birthdays, whatever.  It’s easy to pop out the picture and add something new.  I was looking around for a “free Thanksgiving printable” to print and frame, and I found lots of nice ones, but they were in color.  And even if I switched them to black and white, they’d be all grey and use up tons of ink.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m down to only black ink, so I made up something myself to print out for my frame, and thought I’d post it here, in case anyone else with a black-ink-only printer problem would like to have one for their Thanksgiving decor.  All the fonts I used are by Kimberly Geswein,  I really like her stuff!  Ooh, I just saw some new ones on her blog that I want, nice very nice!  There are links on her blog to download all her fonts, and she has examples, so you can see what the fonts look like in a paragraph form.  The  border is artwork by the Gypsy Chick, that I had for commercial use.  (warning: blurry photos ahead!)Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas! Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!

The printable is for a 8 1/2 by 11″ page, but my frame takes 12×12″, so I printed off 2 and cut one up to go behind the other.  My printer also didn’t print to the edge of the page, so I had to shave some off.  The printable should go to the edge of your page, if you can set your printer to do that.  So this is what I did: Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!

Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!Trimmed.Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!

Added some dollar store leaves behind the main page.Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!

I don’t like the placement of the red leaf, but am trying to tell myself to just leave it, to not take everything down to rearrange!!! grrrrr.  Oh well.  So this is what it looks like, and you can click on the folder below to download a zipped folder.  Unzip and print!  Let me know if it’s not working, since, ahem, it’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded a printable….  This photo below is just the example, and somehow one of the words is cut off and there’s a watermark that says personal use only, so that means it’s just for you to use in your home, y’know, no copying or selling or that kind of thing!

Thanksgiving printable by dennasideas.com, easy Fall Decor ideas from denna's ideas!Find the original copy for your personal printing use here: