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Father’s Day free printables!

Father’s Day free printables!

Ok, here’s what I have for you this afternoon: some cute tags and toppers for you to print out and use for Father’s Day tomorrow.  I found some cool cupcake papers and made these tags to coordinate, but they’d look great with solid color cupcake papers, too.  They are only in English (lo siento!) because I don’t know how to make all the “puns” in Spanish.  But if you really would like some in Spanish, let me know right away and I’ll send you some!

(The colors look really really bright on here, but those are my photos.  Every printer will probably print them out a bit different, but the colors are dark blue, dark purple, green and orange).  All you have to do is download the file, there are 4 pages of designs, then unzip it and print! Download here

There is a page with mostly “pop” tags.  I saw this idea for putting tags on pop bottles and soda pop cans on Pinterest, of course! 🙂There is a page of cupcake toppers, too.  Some of them say “You R one smart cookie, Dad!”  because I plan to make oreo cheesecake cupcakes for tomorrow!  (just hasn’t happened yet…hopefully I’ll get it done!).  There is also a page printable for the sides of the soda bottle holder, or you could use it as a sign, or whatever else your imagination comes up with!! (the cola font is Loki Cola from dafont.com)Dad’s are special, and deserve lots of junk food and soda pop and chips and popcorn and yummy stuff….yes, that is a fake cupcake…since I haven’t made them yet, I frosted some aluminum foil…just for the photoshoot, it’s trickier than I thought it would be….

Don’t forget some drinking straws to match!


Here are some more ideas I found on pinterest, for soda cans here, and for root beer bottles here, and here.

Hope this helps you out if you are in a rush and haven’t planned anything for tomorrow yet, just get printing! 😉  Now I’m off to do some baking, um, I mean shopping then baking….

Cinco de Mayo party stuff and giveaway!

Cinco de Mayo party stuff and giveaway!

I feel like doing a giveaway today!!  The First Person who comments on this post and can tell me why the Battle of Puebla (Cinco de Mayo) was important for Mexico, will win…….a fun digital Fiesta poster with their photo on it (made by me! I will send you the file, good for printing out for a poster, scrapbook page, or using as a profile pic, etc.)  I really want to know the answer to this question….and I want to make a Cinco de Mayo and/or fiesta page for someone!

Now for some more festive colors…my brain has been filled with them and my printer has been spitting them out…now my table’s covered in them!

Hola hola, aqui hay mas cosas para tu fiesta del Cinco de Mayo.  Here are some more ideas and printables for your Cinco de Mayo party or any old fiesta that you are having!!  They are all made with the printable download at the end of this post.

First, an invite for your fiesta!  I printed out the front and back of the card as 4×6 photos, then they can be glued together to make an easy invite.  The front:And here’s the back, easy to fill out with a permanent marker, The paper rosettes and paper dolls are made from the download I posted yesterday!

Oh, here’s a preview of the pages that are included in the download for today (you can print off as many of each page as you like, or only one page of the package, whatever you like):Now for some cutting and punching!!  You can use scissors for all the designs, or punches.  I used a 2 and a half inch circle for the large circle toppers, and also a small scallop punch for some.  Smaller circle punches also will work well.  I used the scallop circle to punch out the round Cinco de Mayo ones…Keep on cutting!  (or get the kids to do it)  The cactus is from yesterday’s printable download!When you cut out the Mexican flag, leave a white edge beside the green to use as a flap for gluing/taping it onto a skewer or toothpick (or stir stick or whatever!)Now for some decorating!  All these printables are great for decorating a festive table.

Here’s an idea for a table centerpiece.  My nice husband brought me home some cinco de mayo fiesta flowers (I love the crazy colors!)…along with large bags of avocados and limes.  I “happened” to have an Ikea glass vase/bowl on hand, so I put a small glass of water inside it, then piled limes around the edges inside the large vase….then added the flowers.  It won’t last long, as I need to get the limes in the fridge, but it’s good for today & tomorrow.Now to “party” it up a bit.All of a sudden, I remembered the only “living plant” in my house… a dusty cactus that lives on the piano…so I grabbed it for more decorating inspiration:A cut-out paper moustache seemed like the right touch.  I just love the fake moustache craze that’s on right now!  Or how about this idea?:I started off the morning by consuming largish quantities of chocolate/caramel cracker candy (see recipe at the end of this post).  This seems to have given me some decorating brainwaves.  I remembered a random package of black pipe-cleaners that I found in the basement the other day.  Inspiration struck me, like this one:I used 2 pipe-cleaners per glass, and just wrapped one around the stem of the glass, and fold the ends in.  Then add the other piece on top, twisting it around the first piece a bit so it holds, then curling the ends up and giving them a trim:Added a Cinco de Mayo paper tag and !Salud!  I filled my glass with ice tea and glugged it down (after taking 25 photos of it):You can also add a stir-stick with a flag and slice of lime (got lots of those!)Hmmm…what’s left?  Oh yes, the “toppers”.  They could be used on cupcakes (some of them anyways), but I decided to stick them in other more seemingly Mexican foods…And here’s my future guacamol dip (that’s how they say it in Guatemala, without the “e” at the end, and without the “dip” it’s just gwa-ka-mowl, no eh!)

Agh!  Those avocadoes are so hard and green, they’ll never ripen!! I have a few sitting in the oven, wrapped in ShoppersDrugMart flyers….we’ll see what that does to them…

Here’s another cracker-candy inspiration…using limes to poke things into.  Poke a hole with a knife first, then insert the toothpick with cactus taped to end.  It seemed like a cute decoration idea at the time…also since I don’t actually have any food cooked or even thought of yet…it might be chimichangas from Costco again tonite!et voila!  We have reached the end…and I’m feeling woozy…is it the short night I had, or because I had to retype this post so many times!  For some reason it kept not saving and losing all my work.  Oh wait, maybe I’m feeling woozy from a cracker candy sugar rush letdown.  Oh well, anyways, you have made it to the end of this long long post and here is what you’ve been waiting for…the download.  This is for the Free Fiesta party printables used in this post. (I hope it works! heh heh)

Click right here for the download.  And for more printables, check out my last couple of posts in case you missed them!