World of Goo party


Who has heard of World of Goo?  And I don’t mean my kitchen….;) My kids used to play this game on the computer, this World of Goo.  A game based on principles of physics, the idea is to build structures out of goo balls that will reach certain heights and then other reactions will happen.  Anyways, the things that grabbed my attention on this game were the graphics and the music!  (Of course!)  My biggest beef about the computer games the kids play is whether I like the music or not!!  (Poptropica is fine because there is no music or noise!)

Last year we had a World of Goo birthday party, just our family, for our son’s birthday.  Like I said, I like the graphics and the colors in the game, the (mostly) black goo balls and windmills against colored skies.I especially like the purple skies!So I tried to get the idea of the colors and shapes into the decorations.Goo balls and windmills!The goo balls were made from those metal frozen juice lids spray painted black with paper eyeballs.  Then they were attached together with black straws and black ribbon.Here comes the real fun….the food!!Building structures with meatballs!  First with plain meatballs, then later some attempted them with bbq sauce on their meatballs.Meatball engineers 🙂A super goo ball structure!!This is not a violent game and does not produce violence in kids! Really.After the yummy meatball skyscrapers (and a few other foods, I think) it was time for dessert…A peanut-butter-chocolate goo ball tower for the birthday boy!Light the candles on those goo balls…Now eat those chocolatey gooey balls of sweetness!Gooey fun was had by everyone!!Now off to play the game!!


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