Paint Chip Art: the Guatemalan flag. Cuadro de la Bandera de Guatemala

Paint Chip Art: the Guatemalan flag. Cuadro de la Bandera de Guatemala

Guatemalans love their beautiful flag, and I just happened upon a cute idea for making some easy, economic wall art to decorate for Guatemalan Independence Day…’s called paint chip art!  Last night we made a run to the hardware store to pick up some paint chips.  I had printed out a swatch of blues that are the closest to the official Guatemalan flag that I could find, so I was trying to find paint chips that would be kind of close.  I found the right color of blue in this article called The Guatemalan Flag Should Be This Blue!  Also in this great blog AntiguaDailyPhoto is a free desktop wallpaper of the flag, just thought I’d mention it!  I have just loved scrolling through Rudy Girón’s gorgeous blog!  Incredible photos of my favorite place in the world.

But back to the craft at hand. Supplies:Those are the paint chips.Shade of white, too.A frame.Cutting tools.Cut various sizes and then lay them out.Starting in the middle,  glue the chips down.It’s ok if they hang over the edge of the base paper.The edges can be trimmed after all the chips are glued on.The part I really had fun with was using the paint color names.  Some of them were so perfect for this project!!Then pop the art into the frame!  It was finished in no time at all….ok, maybe about an hour and a half?

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