My Profession by Birth.


That’s sounds weird….profession by birth.  It’s something (some sort of app) that I’ve seen going around on facebook lately.  I don’t know what you type in, but it will spit our what your “profession by birth” should have been.  I don’t have to do that to know…I just saw a video posted on fb that confirmed it to me:

I should have been a VULCANOLOGIST…… in Guatemala of course.

I know it.

I know that sounds funny for someone who pants and puffs all the way to the corner store, much less up a volcano (anyways, I’d get there by helicopter!).  But, amazingly enough, I did make it up the side of the Fuego Volcano several times (that’s the volcano erupting in the photos) when I was young ;).  Wow, what experiences!!  I’ll never forget my dad shouting at us to come back down the final cone when the rocks shooting out of the crater were starting to land behind us instead of in front of where we were climbing!!  Good times, good times!

(photo from Canal Antigua)

I know, it’s not good times for the people who live at the foot of the volcano, all that ash and stuff.  My sympathies to them.  It’s not a “totally unexpected occurance”.  You know it’s different there…people are more fatalistic than here….they’d say, guess that’s life in the LAND OF THE VOLCANO, especially when you live at the foot of a”live” active one…and it’s like, in your backyard.

I’ve been thinking so much about Guate.  I was showing my daughter a video on youtube of a beauty pagent where all the girls were wearing the traditional costumes of their “province” or department in Guatemala, and the show hadn’t even started, just the marimba music, and I was saying “that’s the traditional music of Guatemala…waaaaaaaaaaah!”  Suddenly I burst into tears.  I was trying to choke it down so she wouldn’t notice, and turn it into a strangled laugh, but I had to leave the room and couldn’t stop crying.  No, I’m not expecting.  Just homesick, I guess.  Seeing all these Antigua and Volcano photos doesn’t help, either!! 🙂

AntiguaDailyPhoto posted this link on facebook to a 24 hour marimba radio program today: Radio Marimba

I’ll see if I can control my tears today.

Maybe when I’m an old lady, I’ll study vulcanology……


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  1. I didn’t know you had a secret (or maybe not so secret) passion for volcanos! You would be a great vulcanologist, I am sure! Sorry that you have those homesick feelings, it is so hard being away from a place you love so much! Hang in there amiga… God know’s and I believe the time will come!

    • heh heh, it’s not something I’ve really told people…;)
      I know you understand how I feel, it just hits me harder sometimes than others…felt like out of the blue kind of, though not really, since I’ve been doing all this stuff for the 15th. What are you guys doing? 🙂

  2. One of the “get to know you” questions at our Mom’s group this week was “if $ was no object, where would you go on holidays”… Guatemala with my family of course!! SOMEDAY! Maybe we need to plan a Siggelkow family Christmas there one of these years…sigh, just wait long enough so my boys are old enough to climb a volcano (that’s age 4 or 5, right?!)

    • haha! I don’t know if that’s a good age anymore…it’s not very safe nowadays, and I don’t mean that you’ll get hit with lava…I mean lots of robbers and stuff. But we can still plan it…there are tons of other stuff to do for little kids! 🙂

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