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A Prairie Winter Wonderland


Before I get into all the other ‘January’ posting stuff, I just wanted to show you a few photos from our holiday.  I guess that you could say this is one of my hobbies, it’s something that I’m driven to do, just can’t stop doing: it’s taking photos through the windshield of a moving vehicle.  Seriously, I can’t help myself.  It’s a super-frustrating hobby, the windows are dirty, I have no zoom, and all the cool scenery is flashing past, and I usually see something fabulous then notice the camera is off and in 2 seconds it’s gone!!  But I always do it.  Over and Over again.  (this is starting to sound more like an addiction and less like a hobby).

I’ve decided to post these photos as a slideshow.  I was going through them and narrowed down the ones to post here on the blog, and when I was uploading them was surprised to notice that there were 45!!  Forty-five photos of scenery from our minivan window!!  (I’m feeling slightly insane as I type this).  And those are only the ‘bestest’ ones. (I shouldn’t have told you that, now you won’t want to see them all!  It only takes 2 minutes to watch them though, really!)

Just a few more comments, then on to the slideshow!!   These were taken on Christmas Eve morning, as we left Edmonton, Alberta and started on the 8 hour drive to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  (We actually made it in seven and a half hours this time with only 2 potty breaks! ha!)  It was an amazingly beautiful drive as we watched the sun come up over the prairies.  I just love love love the prairies.  Maybe because I was born there, or maybe just the huge sense of openess and freedom.  You can see the whole sky at once!  And watching a sunrise is a very very rare event for me.  I also want to mention that Christmas Eve morning the temperature was -25 degrees Celsius, plus windchill made it 30 degrees below zero!  (that’s minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit).  It was a frosty morning.  We were well prepared with our emergency kit (candles, matches, radio, stuff like that) snow pants, sleeping bags and food.  My window was so frosted up that I scratched some hearts in it and just had to take a few photos (even my fingerprints crystallized)…. denna's ideas: praire winter wonderland snow All of a sudden we could see a rainbow!!!  (and it wasn’t snowing or raining!)  denna's ideas: praire winter wonderland snow It was such a gorgeous morning, watching the prairie winter wonderland flash by as we listened to glorious Christmas music.  I don’t even feel bad anymore about the crazy amount of photos I took….I’m happy to look at them and remember that special morning!

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