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Sopa Maggi, my way!


A quick cozy lunch for my girlie and I, that was what we needed, after a “long” morning at kindergarten…(haha).  I was so pleased to have a few carefully guarded packages of soup that traveled in my suitcase from Guatemala.  Since it was a lunch emergency, I decided to use my last package of:It just seems like the soups from Guatemala are yummier than the ones I get here…probably a lot more MSG in them! 😉

Follow the package directions to cook up the soup, and then add a few extra ingredients!

I happened to have some cooked chicken (which I don’t usually have!) so I added that to the soup:

Now come my yummy extras: Salsa and tortilla chips!!  (looks like we need a new jug of salsa)…I put that —— on everything!!  Delicious!! 🙂