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An asparagus recipe for picky eaters

An asparagus recipe for picky eaters

How do you feel about asparagus?  I love “Junior Asparagus” from VeggieTales, but haven’t had very much experience cooking with the bumpy green stalks.  Ok, make that no experience.  The other day a very large bag of it came home from Costco, and I had no idea what to do with it.  Resisting the urge to let it quietly grow a fuzzy green beard in the bottom of the refrigerator, I decided to get on the ball and check out Pinterest for some asparagus recipe ideas.

I felt very hesitant about cooking it at all, since I have never been impressed with any of the stalks I’ve tried in the past.  And obviously my kids haven’t been eating it if I haven’t been offering it.  Dilemma!!  But then I found this asparagus gratin recipe over at Apron Appeal that looked so cheesy and good, I figured anyone could choke it down!  🙂asperagus gratin recipe tried by dennasideas.com

I liked the way the white sauce was made with water from boiling the bottoms of the asparagus.  I changed up the recipe a bit since I didn’t have the same cheeses and basically used Parmesan in the sauce and a bit of Tex-Mex grated cheese mix to sprinkle on top.  But I didn’t really add much cheese at all (less than the recipe called for)  And added bacon bits, sort of an added incentive for picky eaters.

Since I was busy trying out this new recipe (at the last minute) I ran out of time, so supper was….asparagus gratin over white rice!!  Ta-da!  When I whipped the tray of asparagus out of the oven the reactions were so funny!  Mostly along the lines of “Mom, whaaaat’s thaaaaat??” >insert disgusted emoticon<  ahem, Let me introduce you to asparagus my dear ones.

Long story short, it received a thumbs up from almost all 6 of us, and a double thumbs up from one adult and one child.  I really enjoyed it, but am not exactly rushing out to by asparagus again….not sure why….maybe because someone felt it was sad to be eating “Junior”…..

But I do really recommend this recipe and you should head over to Apron Appeal and try it out the next time you have a bag of lonely asparagus!  I really liked the way the gratin (white sauce) browned up under the broiler, it looked so very nice……………….well now that I’m seeing my photos, maybe we should try it again….!

asperagus gratin recipe tried by dennasideas.com

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