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Polka dot cakes

Polka dot cakes

Last week I was sick as a dog.  That is a weird expression, because I don’t ever remember our dogs getting sick.  Maybe it means that when dogs do get sick (infrequently), they get really sick.  That’s how I felt.  Anyways, there’s my little gripe (and no one made me any chicken soup).  While I was sick, I knew that there was a birthday party coming up that I had said I would make the cakes for.  I was just hoping I’d get better quick…and be able to do everything last minute.  The Rapunzel cake worked out fairly last minute, so I was hoping I’d be ok.  Finally on friday afternoon, I started feeling a bit better.  Henry was kind enough to bring pizza and hamburgers for different meals, and that helped me feel better, believe it or not.  So, here we go again with the last minute cake rush…  I had seen a few cute cakes on Pinterest that I thought I could copy…so I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies to give me strength, and started guzzling the “Dr. Flave” (walmart brand).  Ok, so it was more work than I had thought it would be, and a late late night.  A lot of work, but the cakes turned out really cute….and they even tasted good, too!  (I’m still trying to get the “hang” of fondant cakes and making my own marshmallow fondant)  I lost my chocolate cake recipe years ago, too,  and had to try out a new one, a Hershey’s one, which I am very pleased with.  I ended up using this photo for inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/201606520788981292/   So anyways, that’s my ramble about making cakes last minute, like I do everything, not feeling well, but improvising and making things work out at the very end.  Another thing, as we were heading out the door to pack the cakes into the van, we realized we had a very flat tire.  Thank the Lord for good friends who can bail you out!  The cakes, cupcakes, and ourselves did make it to the birthday party and all was well!  I still get palpitations when I’m working on a project like this…oh wait, maybe that was from the Dr. Flave!!  All’s well that ends well….here are some cake pics that I snapped before we carried them out in boxes….

a Tangled Rapunzel party


What a princessy weekend!!  That’s about all we’ve been thinking and breathing lately…Disney princesses.  After my experimenting with marshmallow fondant the other day with the frog cake, I tackled the purple princess herself: Rapunzel.  I found a great cake online to copy 😉 here’s the link: http://imtopsyturvy.com/princess-rapunzel-cake-tutorial/

I don’t have the doll pan, (or any of the other equipment) so had to improvise.  The fondant turned out different than the day before…I admit that I almost had a heart attack in the making of this here doll…. (the colors change a lot in the photos, heehee)

holding my breathe as I shove her into the dress….

lovely plastic cap to protect her hair.  I wasn’t sure that her whole top part was going to stay on, the fondant was slipping a bit.  But it was all ok in the end, gulp!! 🙂

She looks like she’s going to burst into song!! (I think I actually did, when i was finally finished and she was whisked away by her prince charming…Alysia’s dad, haha)

Michelle and I worked together to make stuff to decorate for the party.  Pinterest has lots of good ideas, and we came up with a few of our own!

I used my handy dandy Crop-O-Dile II to punch holes in the treat bags for the cute little pennants, and my daughter made the braids to hang over the side of each bag.I just love purple and yellow!

A homemade banner and cute lanterns!Rapunzel is joined by her friends Flynn Rider and dear Mother Gothel. Michelle served the fruit salad in the cutest little plastic skillets (from Michaels), which later went home in the treat bags.

Braided bread!

The birthday girl enjoyed every moment of her party!  The elegant meal, the “limbo under Rapunzel’s braid” game, the craft…The mommies enjoyed the 15 minutes of silence as the girls busily worked on their craft, a beautiful frame!I was happy that the girls loved the cake!We found this idea on Pinterest, from the Disney site….it took a little time, but totally worth it!  I loved the Pascal party blowers!It was a lovely party!  There are so many ideas to do a Tangled party for cute little princesses! 😉