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Simple Thanksgiving table setting


It’s very hard for me to do anything simple and modern looking.  It just is.  I love to look at trendy simple things: clothes, home decor, scrapbooking pages, patterns….anything.  And I love it.  But when it comes right down to it, it’s impossible for me to duplicate that look in anything I touch.  It starts out simple, but very soon another element creeps in, an extra detail here or there, some brighter color sneaks in….and soon whatever I’m working on is full right up with all sorts of visual junk!  Yes, I am a messy person, and it usual shows up even in my “designing” (art, decorating, crafting,  junk making, whatever you want to call it).  It’s hard to stop myself.  I know, I know,  I’ve heard: Art is knowing when to stop.  And I agree.  And I guess that’s where the line between crafty and artist is drawn.  All this to say, I felt rather proud of myself for creating (in my mind) a simple modern-looking Thanksgiving table setting this year.  It was excruciatingly hard to hold back and not add more and more, but I forced myself and getting some new simple dishes from Ikea helped (and a time crunch helped, too).

Last year’s Thanksgiving table here was more like what I usually do.  This year I tried a new color scheme, and I must say I liked it.  I just loved the bright colors (that is normal for me) what wasn’t normal was the more simple decorations.simple modern Thanksgiving table setting by dennasideas.com - Page 008A plain white cake stand, a dried gourd (from Guatemala), a couple of small pumpkins and pomegranates, a few candles, a bunch of purplish carnations and a few green flowers.  Yes, it did involve a shopping trip to IKEA for a few things: new blue dishes, a couple of blue candles, purple table runner, purple juice jug and purple serviettes.  I had lots of orange things already in my stash 🙂  simple modern Thanksgiving table setting by dennasideas.com - Page 007No time for place-cards this year, just a few plain wooden leaves from Walmart.  I did print out some Thanksgiving things on kraft paper, but we didn’t really use them…..they were to make a thankful paper chain.  We were thankful without the craft.  The rest of the photos were taken under the dining room lighting so the color looks kind of weird….simple modern Thanksgiving table setting by dennasideas.com - Page 006 simple modern Thanksgiving table setting by dennasideas.com - Page 003I quickly crammed all the flowers into an orange bowl (and left the other non-color-coordinated flowers in the kitchen).simple modern Thanksgiving table setting by dennasideas.com - Page 002simple but pretty, I thought.  And yes, that is an old fashioned jello mold!simple modern Thanksgiving table setting by dennasideas.com - Page 004For that old fashioned, traditional touch.  I enjoyed it, even if few others did!  I had made one awhile ago, from an old recipe, then totally lost the recipe!!  So this was kinda made from my memory: grated carrot, crushed pineapple, orange gelatin (jello), and a cup of plain yogurt.  Does anyone have a recipe like that?  It would be nice to have the exact amounts!simple modern Thanksgiving table setting by dennasideas.com - Page 001My daughter the turkey, I mean, my daughter cooked the turkey this year!  She did a good job, though we had a few nervous moments 😉

There was a kids’ table this year, with a few Snoopy treats…very simple (not like the other Peanuts kids’ table)Thanksgiving snack foods by dennasideas.com - Page 016When the younger kids couldn’t take the wait for supper, we gave them a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving meal.  It’s what Charlie Brown and Snoopy served in the classic cartoon: buttered toast, pretzels, popcorn and jelly beans!  (It’s starting to be a tradition!)Thanksgiving snack foods by dennasideas.com - Page 015Another food that is now a Thanksgiving tradition around here is Guatemalan enchiladas!  I think this was the day after Thanksgiving, though traditionally they are served on Nov. 1st in Guate.  (It was a short weekend with family, so we had to cram a lot of food into it)Thanksgiving snack foods by dennasideas.com - Page 018 Thanksgiving snack foods by dennasideas.com - Page 017Mmmmm good!!  I’ll have to post the recipe someday…. 🙂   And so that was our little Canadian, American, Guatemalan Thanksgiving!!



Owl punches penguins


Warning: this is a post about fiddly paper stuff.  (definition of fiddly: chiefly British: requiring close attention to detail : fussy; especially: requiring an annoying amount of close attention <the tiny control buttons on the back are fiddly)

It’s about my new Owl punch from Stampin’ Up. It’s new to me and I’ve already gotten some good use out of it.  For our Owl and Rainbow party it was used to make cupcake toppers:

Cute, eh?  (paper was from an old Stampin’ Up kit).  Yes, it took a bit of  time to make those colorful little babies…

This was a place setting from my daughter’s party:

The white frame is from IKEA, of course…and I just typed out each guest’s name on a blank card, so that they could use the fabulous Owl Punch and create their own work of art to take home…It was interesting to see what design each girl came up with!  My girl made a cyclops owl….(not pictured)

In the back of the frame was the thank you card… And each girl had the cutest cork coaster…ready to be decorated with…you guessed it….an owl!  (cork coaster from IKEA)I could stare at it for hours……those eyes, those EYES!!!

This is the only photo I have of the punch.  If you love it like I do, you can find it on the Stampin’ Up website.

Here is what is punched out by the Stampin’ Up Owl punch, from a small piece of paper or cardstock:

Ok, here’s the really cool part, I clicked around online to find some more ways to use this punch, and this is what I found….A cute penguin!! And how perfect is that, since the next party I’m doing is a (drumroll) Pingu penguin party! yay!

Here’s how you can transform an owl into a penguin (going from right to left):It’s that easy…really.  Ok, that’s what I was going to do, but I decided to get even more fiddly and give little Pingu yellow feet and beak…Cut off a few owl’s feet and add to little penguin.  The heart becomes the beak.  If you have some down time, and feel like making something rather fiddly….try it out!  Ta da! Totally cute. Penguins, what can I say?

Stay tuned for more penguin party ideas in the next few days…(or weeks, we’ll see…)