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Mermaid party crafting

Mermaid party crafting

More mermaids! I know, I know, you feel like swimming away, but hang in there a bit more…just swim through a few more posts and then we’ll leave the mermaids far behind us and swim off into the wild blue yonder, or the sunset or something.  The point is, I’m trying to finish up posting about this Mermaid party!!  If you are planning on hosting a mermaid party, then I imagine you are taking notes on every post, “pinning” your favorite ideas, etc.  If you have no wish of ever hosting a girlie mermaid party (and are glad that you never were invited to one) then you can do one of 3 things:  stop reading posts until next week, or scroll through and imagine that it’s a Marine Biologist party or a Sunken Pirate Treasure party….or just grab an idea here and there and forget the mermaids and the rest.  🙂

Just thought I’d mention a few crafts that went over well at the party.  Some little children’s parties have really gotten into the crafting aspect.  It just seems to work well to keep little fingers busy, if you have the patience to oversee the crafting and supply-buying.  I had to laugh when we were in the middle of our party, the girls were working away at something, and my 6 year old daughter comes into the kitchen and asks me very seriously, “What craft will we do next to keep the girls occupied?”  You hit the nail on the head, my little friend: keep them occupied.  I’m not really into let-them-all-run-around-and-yell-and-bounce-off-the-walls-and-furniture type parties.  Once in a while maybe…..

So….CRAFT is the word!  And the winner for the best all-around Under the Sea craft would be:

Paper Starfish!  And I’m proud to say that I invented this one all by my ownself (no ideas from Pinterest for this one!! insert proud but humble smile here.)

This craft works best if you just happen to own some fun paper-punching tools, and by fun I mean, punches that smaller hands can use without too much frustration.  Strangely enough, I have 2….one super old one that I bought at a garage sale because it looks like a Morse-code telegraph sender thingy….so it was originally bought to let the kids play with, and the other a mammoth Crop A Dile II, which has totally been worth it’s purchase (Michaels, with %50 off coupon of course. I needed it to punch through tin, many tins).

The easy to do instructions:  Trace out a starfish star onto a piece of cardstock (don’t complain that it’s hard to do, just try it, a star: a fat star: doesn’t matter if the arms are waving in different directions. If necessary, google an image!)  If the kids are into cutting, let them cut it out themselves, if not, it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

And now comes the fun part: let the kids go wild with the hole punchers!! 🙂 I can feel someone quaking in their boots.  Really, these little girls were very entertained by punching a bunch of holes into their starfish.  And the end result was cute enough to use as party decorations!!

Ok, there was one other result:  someone discovered that when you fling the starfish in the air, they kind of act like frisbees or boomerangs, so we did have a few minutes of flying starfish, but nothing was knocked over or anything like that.  Part of the party decoration was a large mosquito netting hanging from the living room ceiling, with the edges tacked up to the ceiling, so it looked like a fishing net, and when the starfish landed in the “net” it looked so cute, and turned out to be a not-so-bad game!!  So maybe that’s a little wild for you, but, I repeat, no one nor any starfish was harmed in this process and nothing was destroyed or dinged up.  So we were all pleased.Another idea was to make simple sand dollars with the hole punches.I was going to make octopus marshmallow pops for the party, but surprise surprise, I ran out of time, so decided to let the kids make their own, as another craft to “keep them occupied.”

The only prep work that I did was to cut a slit in the top of each large marshmallow, melt a little candy melt and put it on the end of the lolly sticks in order to keep the marshmallow safely stuck to the stick.  They sat out for a bit, so the marshmallows hardend up a tad, which helped when we were dipping them.Obviously we were doing this craft in the kitchen!!  I pre “piped” some purple melted candy melts into little legs on some parchement paper, they looked like stars.  So each girl dipped her marshmallow pop into the purple candy melts and then plopped them onto the octupus “legs” (which could have been made larger/longer!).

The eyes were tricky…..easier would have been buying those “pre-done” eye candies…..oh well!  I had to just let go of my perfectionist tendencies!!  The girls ran out to break open the pinata while the octo pops were “setting” then came back to eat them!The last craft we worked on were these cute paper cake boxes…the girls decorated them and then cut them out, then someone else assembled them….markers, colored pencils and glitter glue!!These little party favor boxes were so cute and fun, that I’m going to do another post about them in a bit, to let you know exactly what we did and where you can find them for yourself!! 🙂That’s a lot of crafting fun for one party, eh??!!  🙂  More mermaid stuff coming up…..heh heh heh.