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Chillbots: Retro Robot ice cubes and candy Bots


This could be the life of your next party!!  Your next robot party, that is.  This will give your robo party that totally cool touch.  Amazingly retro and robotical!!  Or it will give you a nervous breakdown.

It seemed like such a goooood idea in the beginning.  I have been wanting to have a robot party for a longish time.  Don’t ask me why.  I just have.  And all of a sudden, I found this in the aisle of my local Winners store.  (Have you noticed yet that it’s one of my favorite stores?)

Look at it closely!!  How perfect!!!  And such a price! (kind of).  Another fun Fred product!I was excited already!!  Here’s the ice cube mold…Now to try it out!!  I tinted some water blue and tried to carefully pour it into all the small forms on the tray.  Freeze for awhile..and now comes the hard part, popping out all those little figures!

Those robots are super cute, but those little “hands” just cracked right off!  I made a few more batches, green and such.They make cool photos, even if some of their legs are just tossed in the pile!and some more…I just couldn’t stop taking the lil’ bot’s photos….And then they finally made it into our soda pop…fizz! glub, glub!Kinda cute.  Realistically, you have to make the ice cubes maybe a day or two ahead and make batches and batches to fill up everyone’s cup.  They were pretty tricky to pop out of the mold….but not as tricky as the other thing that was tried with the chillbots mold….Candy Bots!!  We filled the mold with melted Wilton candy melts…then carefully tried to pop them out….most of their little claws broke off, and just about every robot lost a leg or two….but that was easy to fix with more melted candy melts and it was also easy to “glue” the winders (keys) onto the backs of the robots with a little more melts, for a wow effect!  They made the perfect toppers for a fun robot birthday cake!And for around the edges, too….(the white buttercream cake was sprayed with food-safe silver spray paint)Cute robots, and yummy, too.  But don’t know if I want to try them again!!  I felt so upset every time one of their little legs ripped off!  It was rather traumatic for all of us!  But the cake and the party turned out great and my robot craving was satisfied.