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Sugar Plum Snowflake Ballerina Fairies

Sugar Plum Snowflake Ballerina Fairies

That’s what I’m calling them!  “While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads…” mixed with snowflake ballerinas and the nutcracker’s Sugar Plum fairy…make a lovely Chrismas decoration.  I found them on pinterest, of course, and just had to try them out!!  Here’s the blog called Krokotak where I found them and printed out the patterns from, though the original idea came from here, though it’s not in English.

They are fairly easy to make, if you like cutting up paper!  Cut out a ballerina silhouette from cardstock (or 2 pieces of paper glued together).  Make a snowflake from paper.  Cut a slit in the middle of the snowflake and gently pull it onto the ballerina, to make her “tutu”.  Hang them up and watch them pirouette!!

I know, my sugar plum snowflake ballerina fairies are hanging by large clothespins gripping their heads….it wasn’t meant to be, but I was in a rush, and the clothespins hanging on twine have been there since Henry’s bday ( I had photos hanging from them).  So the season changed and now it’s Christmas ornaments and Sugar plum fairies!

The only different thing I did from the original version was to cut out one silhouette from paper printed with that Christmas Mouse story I did the other day…I thought text on a ballerina would add visual interest…and it does.  (no, they are not tatooed fairies!!)  I love watching them “dance” in every little breeze (from the hot air registers) that comes their way!denna's ideas: sugar plum snowflake ballerinas denna's ideas: sugar plum snowflake ballerinas denna's ideas: sugar plum snowflake ballerinas denna's ideas: sugar plum snowflake ballerinasAfter Christmas (if I ever get the Christmas stuff taken down and packed away) they will make cute hanging ornaments for the girls’ room until winter’s over….still lots of time left!!!