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Color inspiration from Guatemala

Color inspiration from Guatemala

I can’t get enough of color!  I’ve finally figured it out, I’m crazy for color.  Doesn’t matter where I find them.

¡Ya lo decifré, el color es mi locura!  Me encanta ver colores, no importa donde los encuentro.

Aquí hay unas paletas de colores que hice de unas fotos de mi viaje a Guatemala.

Here are some color palettes from some of my photos from my recent Guatemala trip.

One of the gorgeous window in Antigua…

I love bougainvilleas in any color, but especially in magenta!

So many corner stores!  Lots of cell phone advertising; instead of hanging a sign, they paint your whole building!

I’m afraid that turtles are not my favorite animal, but the kids loved them….

There’s nothing like swinging in a hammock with the sea breezes floating past your bare feet.

I could just drink all these colors up!! 😉