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Happy Mother’s Day Mom!


What a lovely day…Mother’s Day! ­čÖé┬á But I’m afraid that I was so busy letting my kids spoil me today, that I didn’t email my own Mom! ­čśŽ┬á Sorry Mom!

She is far far away, on a fun trip enjoying herself…it’s not like she’s home alone, sitting by the phone waiting for me to call…but I still feel sad for not talking to her today!┬á I hope that, being a Mom herself, she understands how crazy things can get.┬á I was so pleased to see that my kids actually were making an effort to pamper me…like serving me scrambled eggs and toast in bed…I just had to soak it in!┬á Then there was┬áthe moment when I had to jump in and help find socks, iron clothes, pack a picnic, make supper, clean up, etc, etc. and suddenly the day was gone and I was exhausted.

I hope you understand, Mom.┬á I thought about you so many times today, when I was doing things for my kids that I remember you doing for me.┬á I made home-made Tang sherbert, and that first taste took me straight back to when I was little and you used to make it for us!┬á And a song came on that you used to sing, and it was like I could hear your voice.┬á So I belted out the song, so my kids could hear me sing it, just like I used to listen to you sing it.┬á So many little things that I do and say are just like you, and even when I’m doing them, I’m aware how much I sound like you, and do things like you!!┬á ­čÖé┬á I frequently think about that saying about how we turn into our mothers!!┬á Good thing you have always been such a wonderful mother! ­čÖé

Thanks, Mom, thank you for everything!  I love you!