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Mayo Fiesta Parrot Cake


El Primero de Mayo!  It’s May today…I’ll bet many of you are having a day off work…I guess I don’t need to point out that I’m not.  Heh heh.  Someone’s gotta bake cakes, even on holidays.

I was doing some research on what exactly is celebrated on the first of May, but have run out of time to post about it (I’m sure that’s a relief!!)  Needless to say, many things are celebrated in many places today.  There you go.

I made a cake today….to celebrate all the good stuff in May.  It also happens to be the 7th year anniversary of AntiguaDailyPhoto, a site with the most gorgeous and interesting photos of Antigua Guatemala.  So here’s a big Happy Anniversary to you!!  And some cake…..denna's ideas: mayo fiesta bird cake

Yum yum yummy….denna's ideas: mayo fiesta parrot cake denna's ideas: mayo fiesta parrot cake denna's ideas: mayo fiesta parrot cake

Here’s what is inside the cake: chocolate and mandarin orange….filled and frosted with Nutella!!!  What a flavor combination!denna's ideas: marble cake denna's ideas: marble cake denna's ideas: marble cake filled with Nutelladenna's ideas: marble cake

If the parrot cookie on top of the cake looks familiar, it is because I posted about it yesterday.  I entered it in Lilaloa’s “think outside the cookie cutter challenge”.  I made the flowers yesterday, too.  So today I just had to make a delicious cake.  🙂

I had some more blank cookies that I had made for the challenge…so I challenged my kids to think up something to create out of the “diamond ring” cookie cutter shape.  I think they came up with some pretty creative ideas!!   I melted up some candy melts and they decorated the cookies themselves…denna's ideas: kids entries for Lilaloa's cookie cutter challengeHello Kitty…denna's ideas: hello kitty cookieA good idea Lightbulb….denna's ideas: good idea lightbulb cookieA happy kid of some sort…. 🙂denna's ideas: happy kid cookieAnd Nemo the fish!!denna's ideas: Nemo cookieYes, yes they are creative kids!  Wonder where they get it from….?!

Well, after all the cake and cookies….I feel a diet coming on tomorrow!!  😉

Have a festive Month of May everyone!