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Party food for a Lalaloopsy and Hello Kitty themed party


Hello party food!!  I put more thought and effort (and sweat—eww, gross, but true!) into the actual food for this party than I usually do.  I’m talking about real food, other than the dessert stuff!!  And when I say sweat, I mean it, because I spent a couple of hours over a hot stove top boiling pasta!  It’s easy to make colored pasta, and I found 2 shapes that fit our party theme perfectly:  scoobi doo (that’s what the package said!) and farfalle (bows).

denna's ideas: pasta salad, party food for a Lalaloopsy party. How to color pasta!When you are boiling the water for pasta, just add some food coloring to your salted water.  I started with pink…some pink and some red food coloring….for the bows.  I just boiled them for a bit more than the time that was on the package, so for about 14 minutes.  The first batch was a light pink color.  Instead of draining the pasta, I fished it out with a slotted spoon, so that I could save the water.  I added more red food coloring to make a second batch of darker pink bow ties.  When the pasta was cooked, I added just a bit of olive oil so the pasta wouldn’t stick together when it cooled off.  I was pretty pleased with them!!  I saved some little bows to top the round jam sandwiches that we served the girls, for a cute “hello kitty” look.  I had wanted to cut out the sandwiches to look like hello kitty’s face, but don’t have a cutter for that!!denna's ideas: party sandwiches for a Hello kitty party or for a Lalaloopsy girly party

I made 2 batches of the scoobi do noodles (I’m sure they have another name, but I don’t know what it is!!) and made one orange and one yellow.   These noodles really look like the lalaloopsy doll hair!  I had thought of mixing this pasta in with the bows, that’s why I didn’t do any pink “hair” but didn’t end up doing that.  I made 2 different pasta salads, one with a vinagrette dressing and veggies, and the other one with a creamy yoghurt dressing and cheese and ham.  I thought that would kind of cover the bases….here are the recipes I used:denna's ideas: pasta salad, party food for a Lalaloopsy or Hello Kitty  partyHello Bow Pasta Salad ingredients:

farfalle pasta (bow tie) colored 2 shades of pink

little cucumbers, sliced (the ones used for making pickles)

cherry tomatoes sliced in half

a bit of chopped parsley (optional)

Italian salad dressing

I’m not giving measurements, because it’s easy to guess, depending on how much salad you want to make.  I didn’t need very much, so about 3 cucumbers and a handful of cherry tomatoes.  I made extra bow ties for garnishes.  Here’s the Italian dressing recipe I used, I found the recipe on Food.com here.  I didn’t need very much for the salad, so I saved it and a few days later, used it as a marinade for some baked potato fries, good!!

Italian Dressing Recipe:

1/2 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons minced onions
1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon granulated garlic powder  (I used less)
1/2 teaspoon dried basil leaves
3/4 teaspoon dried mustard
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano leaves
3/4 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 cup cider vinegar (or white wine vinegar)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Combine all ingredients in blender and process 2 minutes. Don’t skip the blender and just stir it or shake it or it won’t be as good.

Chill at least 3 hours. It’s best if you make it a day ahead as it just gets better with age.  Mix into your pasta salad a bit at a time.
denna's ideas: pasta salad, party food for a Lalaloopsy party
For this next salad I kind of followed the recipe for She Sells Seashells pasta here on Food.com.

Lalaloopsy Hair Pasta Salad:


2 colors of curly tube pasta

cubed mozzarella (I think cheddar would be better!)

diced honey ham

a few chopped green onions

For the dressing:  (approximately)

6 ounces plain yogurt
4 ounces ranch dressing
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon honey

salt and pepper and dill to taste and a pinch of onion powder

Mix ingredients for dressing, add to pasta.  Then stir in ham, cheese cubes and green onion.

I think this salad could have used a bit more dressing!  I mean, I think I put too many noodles into it!

The salads turned out super-cute and quite tasty, I thought.  I don’t usually make salads, it’s not really “my thing” so I don’t think I’m very good at it.  The adults who tried the salads said they were good, the little girls……well, I wasn’t over-expecting!!  Some of them tried the salads, and a few of them actually ate the salads….so there were leftovers for the next day…yay!!  I forgot to get a shot of a pink plate full of salad and bow tie sandwiches, too cute!  Oh well, the food matched the Lalaloopsy/ Hello Kitty theme quite well!

Oh, by the way, I got the idea for coloring the pasta from this cool blog article called The Lorax Dinner Makeover.  I would love to add a cheesy sauce colored bright aqua to those colored pastas!!  But I thought that that might be just a bit much for the little girl party guests!!  😉

It’s a Garfield Party lunch!

It’s a Garfield Party lunch!

For us, fall has come and gone…too quickly!  This October was busy for me, with a couple of parties….in particular this Garfield party for my son that I had been thinking about for awhile.  I always start thinking about the parties way ahead of time, but the nitty-gritty gets done mostly last minute!  (by that I mean, practically everything gets done last minute!!)  October is a great time for a Garfield party….all the stores carry lots of black and orange stuff because of halloween, so it was easy to find orange and black crepe paper streamers.  So I stocked up on those before hand, and some orange plates and bowls from the dollar store.  I think that was the extent of my pre-preparations.

Garfield, oh Garfield…..what a funny cat!  He was totally a part of my growing-up days, so I feel quite nostalgic about him.  My youngest son just devours all the Garfield comic books that his uncle gave the kids…I have to force him to stop reading and turn out the lights for bedtime!  We also enjoy watching episodes of (that old) series Garfield and Friends….that includes US Acres with Orson the Pig and others….so funny!  (I don’t like the computer animated Garfield shows at all, rant rant!)  So Garfield is practically a pet in our household, and thus it seemed like a really good idea to have a Garfield party when my son suggested it! 🙂  (gotta stick a “thus” in there because of my tendency to way overuse the word “so”…I also credit that to my brother.)

I decided the colors for the party would be orange and black and yellow and lime green.  It just seemed like a good (easy) idea.  So there.  Here are the streamers

Last minute idea: Garfield’s famous black stripes, even if they are going the wrong way!

There, these ones are going the proper way….crepe paper streamers taped onto a yellow polka-dotted orange plastic tablecloth….

Add a few printed-out Garfield strip cartoons (the printer was printing crazy colors).

And add a Happy Birthday paper banner.

This family party ended up lasting a whole day…so there was both lunch and supper served.  Here is the fun Garfield lunch:

On this awesome lunchbox site I saw a lovely Garfield bento box lunch for kids…but that didn’t work out for me exactly…so this is what I came up with: eyes=cucumber slices, pupils=raisins, eyelids=cheddar, face=mozzarella, nose=cherry tomato, ears and whiskers=cucumer and then some pickle-and-ham fancy sandwiches for some real food.  (And yes, I know that Garfield hates raisins, but my kids hate black olives!!)

Another necessary on our Garfield party table was some Tang to drink!!  These Mason jars have been a great help to my parties of late!  My mom gave me these little Mason jars and I have loved using them for drinks for the kids:  take off the lid and take out the metal disk, add a paper cupcake liner over the top of the jar-after you’ve filled it with juice of course! and screw on the outer metal circle on over the cupcake liner.  This time I printed out Garfield faces and set them on top, then cut a small hole through them to pop in the straw:

Is he a cool kitty or what?!

I printed out a few “surprise!” Garfields to spread the party cheer around!

Tape him onto a plate:

This was our fabulous lunch dessert.  Jello Pinwheels!!  We just loved this fun sweet!  Easy and fun and yummy for kids and grownups.  Here’s the link for the jello recipe and how to, here.

The lunch was fun 🙂  The pop bottles that were going to be for supper were a nice bright orange-and-yellow touch to the decorations!

I’m saving the little boxes from all the food that I use for the parties…saving them for a Christmas craft! 😉  Oh yeah, the Reese’s pieces were from the cookies that my son took to school for his bday…appropriate colors of course!

In the afternoon we worked on some crafts, like this pipe cleaner Garfield head:

You can find this Garfield pipe cleaner craft here.  It was a little tricky, and the kids didn’t get into this craft, but I thought if someone (not a kid) wanted to try them for your next Garfield party, they could be used like this for a place setting:

And like this for a party favor bag:Well, there is more Garfield stuff to come, but I think this post has gone on long enough for now, so I’ll continue posting the party tomorrow!


Kids’ Under the Sea Party Food

Kids’ Under the Sea Party Food

There are a lot of cute ideas for kids’ food and lunches out there.  Sometimes they look overwhelmingly difficult to put together….or maybe they all do.  But really, with just a little extra effort, food can really be made to look, well, FUN!  I think the coolest and craziest party food we had was the Giant Octopus swimming in Dip!!  It took about 10 minutes to put together, but looks fabulous!  All you need is 2 orange bell peppers, something for eyes, like black olive slices and dip!

In my all-time favorite, the dollar store, I had found some blue plates and a blue bubbly bowl and polka dot cup, $3.50 for all.  These were used for 2 “cake” stands.  Just stick ’em together with a bit of hot glue….so far they’ve been through several (hand) washings and different uses. the Fabulous Giant Octopus Dip (idea from the Disney Family Fun site):

I put a little battery operated “tea” light under the octo, to look like we were cooking him!! 😉So cute!  And then there were goldfish crackers, of course….And end-of-the-season plates and napkins that were on sale….that’s why it’s good to do a party “out of season”, you can find great sales!!  (I ended up doing a “summer” party theme in the fall, but the stores are still selling off their summer stock!)I had wanted to make crab croissant sandwiches, but the croissants we had were straight and not curved, so last minute our sandwiches turned out to be little clams with just their beady eyes showing (reminded me of the clams from the original Alice in Wonderland Disney cartoon!! heehee)We ended up having a mermaid party weekend, so what I didn’t get done for the first party, I worked on for the next day, but I’m posting it all together to make it look like I actually had it all together.  So here are the super easy crab croissants!!

gotta love them! and their easiness to put together!  filled with butter or herbed cream cheese.  Eyeballs are herbed cream cheese mixed with grated mozarella to make little cheese balls with a sliced black olive stuck on.  Legs are green snap peas sitting there, and the claws are strawberries (or could be red bell peppers).so yummy!! 🙂Along with the food, we had goldfish guts punch!  Ginger Ale with orange juice ice cubes and one drop of blue coloring!The food was fairly easy to put together, little kids are usually happy with fairly simple stuff…veggies and dip, plain sandwiches 🙂 I just love trying to give it that extra little twist, though!and then there was some cake!  This is the mermaid cake topper…..which eventually ended up on a cake…(my original idea had been to make one of these little mermaid cakes for each guest…but ran out of time!!  I would love to do that someday-for someone=make the individual mermaid (or dolly) cakes for someone elses’ party-hint*hint* contact me if you like that idea!)And these are some starfish candy pops….which weren’t actually handed out….I figured none of the parents would be upset if I didn’t give their kids a pure sugar coated candy pop…..what do you think?Fun, food and mermaids, it was a swimmingly mermaidy party.  🙂

Fancy party sandwiches or Ways to use white bread


Here are some cute little fancy party sandwiches that you might like to try for your next party or just as a special treat for your kids!  They are not gourmet, but fun and just plain tasty.  My mom has made them for as long as I can remember and they bring back memories of our special family get-togethers…my engagement party in particular!  These sandwiches were made for my daughter’s birthday party a few months ago…oops, I guess that would be almost a year ago now….

A Quick “How to” Overview:  slice bread, spread filling on each slice, roll up into a roll, refridgerate, slice before serving. Sounds simple, right?  Now I’ll go into some more detail and give you some ideas for fillings, buying bread, etc. 🙂

The Bread:

To make these yummy sandwiches, it is necessary to get bread specially cut……LONGWAYS.  I walked over to a small grocery store near our house (early in the morning) and explained what I wanted to the baker…I just wanted the loaves of bread put through the slicer lengthwise.  He seemed to think it a strange request, but was willing to try.  I tried out 2 different loaf sizes, the sandwich size and regular size.  I’m “afraid” I bought white bread.  Not whole wheat as usual.  It was for a party!! Gotta live it up a little once in a while!         Anyways, you can probably go into the bakery section of your grocery store and ask them to do this, we’ve never had anyone say “no way, you weirdo!!”  Make sure you ask someone who works in the bakery and not just a salesperson.  Sometimes you need to order the sliced bread a few days ahead of time.  The baker who sliced the bread for me said that it would have been better to have known beforehand as he would have let the loaves set for awhile instead of slicing them super-fresh.  I didn’t have any problems with them though, they just were slightly fragile to carry home and I had to be very careful to not squish them. (tip=think ahead!!)Now you will have nice looonnnnnggggg slices of bread to work with!

First, cut off the crust and make sure your slice is very rectangular.Next, spread on the filling, right to the edges of the bread.  (this was a ham or chicken filling).Then gently start rolling it up!When it is rolled up, wrap it in wax paper (or plastic wrap) and refrigerate until ready to serve.  When you slice them up before serving (not too thick, not too thin), discard the slightly not-perfect ends by popping then in your mouth!  Gotta taste before serving!!   (All the little “logs” look so cute sitting in the fridge waiting for the party!)

The Fillings:  it is nice to have several different fillings to work with.  And what’s really cute is to add something to the middle of the roll….like pickles or olives.  This would be added at the end of the slice of bread (set the pickles out end to end to completely cover the width of the bread slice) and then start rolling it from that same end.

Here are some of our “usual” fillings:

ham and pickle with a pickle in the middle

cream cheese and pimiento in the middle

cheeze whiz and an olive in the middle

peanut butter and jelly!!!  (great for kids, haha!)

tuna, mayo and a pickle  (or canned chicken)

The ham and pickle is made by putting sliced ham in a food processor and chopping it into very small pieces, add to a bowl, then chop the pickles in the food processor and add to the ham and mix up with some mayo and use this for the filling, with a whole pickle in the middle.

This time I tried something a bit different.  First I spread the bread with cream cheese, sprinkled on some pepper, then peeled a scrubbed carrot, and laid the “peelings” across the bread, and added a line of raisins at one end.I really liked these ones! 😉  They tasted yummy and I liked the orange dotted lines!(here are some just plain jelly/jam ones for those picky kids!)kids’ party plate ideas:add some cheese on swords!Let me know if you try these and come up with some more cool, crazy and yummy ideas for fillings!!

And here are some BONUS ideas:

Using the leftovers:  a great way to use up all those crusts that were trimmed off is by making homemade croutons!  You can sprinkle them with a little melted butter and shake on some garlic and spices then bake for awhile in a low oven…very nice!!Something else I tried with the crusts was “french toast” muffins.  I can’t remember where I found the recipe…probably on Allrecipes.com, they involved eggs, maple syrup and frozen fruit.  They looked cute, but I didn’t think they were so great, but maybe with a bit of tweaking the recipe would turn out better…here are the photos anyways!P.S.  I think I spent about $3.50 on the loaves of bread, and had enough sandwiches for the party + extra for a meal the next day + croutons for a big big salad + french toast muffins for a meal.   NOT BAD!! 😉