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How to make Button Cookies for a Lalaloopsy party!


Well, it’s more like a sewing party….and what could fit that theme better than some button cookies?!  Button cookies are not my original idea, there are all sorts of button cookies floating around out there in cyberspace and other people’s kitchens and such.  But anyways, this is my version of them.  I gave them a photo shoot this morning.  I needed to see something sweet and colorful to cheer me up!  The ugly photos for the “how to” were taken last night in bad bad light…they are FYI only.  Here are the cute buttons:denna's ideas: button cookies for a sewing partydenna's ideas: button cookies for a sewing partyHere’s the HOW TO:

Make:  cookie dough with real butter, add liquid food coloring.

Tools: rolling pin, small circle and scallop cookie cutters, other round objects, plastic drinking straws, scissors.

First ,mix up some cookie dough.  I used LilaLoa’s recipe (click here) for vanilla rollout cookies and  was very pleased with it!  I followed all her directions and used the full amount of flour and baked them for about 6 to 7 minutes.  I divided the dough into thirds, even before I was finished mixing it, and added a few drops of liquid food coloring to each little batch (they were the neon colors from the grocery store).  The colors didn’t mix in well until I kneaded it…totally looked and felt like playdough!!  The dough is quite stiff.  You can roll out the dough right away with this recipe, which is nice.  I did stick the colors I wasn’t rolling out into the fridge to wait.

Roll out the dough and start cutting circles!  Use 2 slightly different sizes of circles.  I used the 2 smallest cutters that I have from a set of circles that are plain on one end and scalloped on the other end.  You can also use other small circular objects (clean) for making patterns in the buttons.denna's ideas: how to make button cookiesUsing a slightly smaller circle, press into one of the cut out cookies…but not hard enough to cut right through!denna's ideas: how to make button cookiesFor some of the buttons, I used a plastic communion cup to make an even smaller third circle…denna's ideas: how to make button cookies

Then use a drinking straw to punch out the holes in the middle of the button, either 2 or 4 for each button.  I cut up a plastic straw into thirds, then used each side to punch out holes, since the straw gets full of dough.  You can squeeze out the dough to reuse it (or eat it), but it flattens out the straw.  I went though a handful of straws with the whole  batch (three colors) of dough.denna's ideas: how to make button cookiesIt is quite easy to do, and doesn’t take too much time.  You do have to eye-ball everything to get it centered up.  I suppose you could make a paper pattern with circles punched in, then overlay it to punch the holes through the dough….that just sounds like way to much effort to me, though the results would be practically perfect!!denna's ideas: how to make button cookiesSome of the cookies received a scalloped flower design….I really liked these ones!denna's ideas: how to make button cookiesBake those babies!  I always use parchment paper to bake cookies, since I only have one cookie pan, so I fill a sheet of parchment while the other batch is baking.  The colors in my photos are weird, I know, the cookies didn’t really change much when they baked…it’s my flash.  Here are the baked cookies, they hardly spread at all and kept their shape very nicely!denna's ideas: how to make button cookiesHmmm, I forgot to count up how many cookies the batch of dough made….lots though!!  We ate up the deformed ones of course, and some raw dough, and even so that left lots and lots of little buttons.  I re-rolled the scraps several times, so some of the cookies look a bit cracked, but I was trying to get as many as I could from the batch.  You could probably avoid that….

Now back to the “fancy” photos….denna's ideas: button cookies for a sewing party4x6  blog photos landscape - Page 005The colors turned out quite well with minimum effort, I thought.  The right shades of blue and pink can be hard to make, since sometimes the blue looks more aqua since there’s a lot of yellow in the butter and the egg yolks….good thing I wanted aqua!!  I didn’t fuss with the pink, either, and even started dropping in purple food coloring by accident!  I dug most of it out and then tried the pink coloring….it matched my color palette close enough!!

I did make quite a few flower-shaped buttons and poked indents around the edges, but these are some of my favorite designs, the simple ones:denna's ideas: button cookies for a sewing party

Almost ready for a party…..denna's ideas: button cookies for a sewing party denna's ideas: button cookies for a sewing partyMmmmm, good to the last button!denna's ideas: button cookies for a sewing party

a Tangled Rapunzel party


What a princessy weekend!!  That’s about all we’ve been thinking and breathing lately…Disney princesses.  After my experimenting with marshmallow fondant the other day with the frog cake, I tackled the purple princess herself: Rapunzel.  I found a great cake online to copy 😉 here’s the link: http://imtopsyturvy.com/princess-rapunzel-cake-tutorial/

I don’t have the doll pan, (or any of the other equipment) so had to improvise.  The fondant turned out different than the day before…I admit that I almost had a heart attack in the making of this here doll…. (the colors change a lot in the photos, heehee)

holding my breathe as I shove her into the dress….

lovely plastic cap to protect her hair.  I wasn’t sure that her whole top part was going to stay on, the fondant was slipping a bit.  But it was all ok in the end, gulp!! 🙂

She looks like she’s going to burst into song!! (I think I actually did, when i was finally finished and she was whisked away by her prince charming…Alysia’s dad, haha)

Michelle and I worked together to make stuff to decorate for the party.  Pinterest has lots of good ideas, and we came up with a few of our own!

I used my handy dandy Crop-O-Dile II to punch holes in the treat bags for the cute little pennants, and my daughter made the braids to hang over the side of each bag.I just love purple and yellow!

A homemade banner and cute lanterns!Rapunzel is joined by her friends Flynn Rider and dear Mother Gothel. Michelle served the fruit salad in the cutest little plastic skillets (from Michaels), which later went home in the treat bags.

Braided bread!

The birthday girl enjoyed every moment of her party!  The elegant meal, the “limbo under Rapunzel’s braid” game, the craft…The mommies enjoyed the 15 minutes of silence as the girls busily worked on their craft, a beautiful frame!I was happy that the girls loved the cake!We found this idea on Pinterest, from the Disney site….it took a little time, but totally worth it!  I loved the Pascal party blowers!It was a lovely party!  There are so many ideas to do a Tangled party for cute little princesses! 😉