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Gibson Electric Guitar cake


I had an unexpected project this last weekend.  A friend called me up and asked if I could make a guitar cake for her brother’s 40th birthday, and could it be life-sized?  What a challenge!  Right away I googled “guitar cakes” to see what was online, then my friend sent me a photo of one of her brother’s guitars.  So I did a bit of research, since I didn’t even know what a Gibson guitar was.  And now I know a few more things about these electric guitars…like that the color is called Chicago Blue!

I found my trusty old cake pan (trusty, not rusty) that my mom and I used to use for wedding cakes…For some reason, I wanted to make a chocolate and cherry cake, so decided to make different layers.  This took a bit of experimenting.  The big round cake for the body, and then I did a couple of loaf pan cakes for the neck of the guitar…My brain was twisting, trying to figure out the best way of doing this…putting the cake on the cake board and cutting it, or shaping it before putting it on the board….??  I ended up filling and stacking the cakes while they were still on the baking racks…It seemed like a good idea…the chocolate layer with choco-brandy icing went ok, then the cherry layer with gooey cherry icing…And then I had to flip the vanilla layer upsidedown and position it over the cherry layer……waaaahh!!!It didn’t work!  Honestly, this was the point that I was going to burst into tears!  But I knew that “time was of the essence” so I just kept on….I had to cut the top layer up a bit, to get it back on properly, so the top of the cake was a bit patched up…

My husband helped me out so much getting this cake together (well, not in stacking up the layers, heh heh).  He traced out our paper blueprints for the guitar.  Later, I made up a list of all the little parts/knobs and stuff that needed to go onto it.Out of the rolled out marshmellow fondant, I started cutting out all the “hardware” for the guitar.Some tiny details…Trying out the silver edible spray paint:

Here are some action shots of me flipping the cake…they were quite heavy, but had to be flipped around to get it on the cake board.This is the one thing that I’m good at: keeping my cupboard doors closed…wouldn’t you know that because I was rushing around, one was open and appeared in the photo…that’s why I blurred it out!Carefully cutting through the layers..It ended up that there was enough layer cake from trimming the body, to use on the neck of the guitar, with only a bit of chocolate loaf cake for the head.After that things were so crazy busy there wasn’t even a second to snap some photos.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my husband’s help.  We slapped it together pretty quick….it was all the prep work that took forever…

Here’s some of the marshmallow fondant, and then skipping to the finished cake:Of course I didn’t notice till I saw the photos that some of the strings were twisted, they jumped a bit when the cake was moved.Working up to the last second:I called the filling “cherry neapolitan”What a big cake challenge, but fun, in a crazy kinda way!