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Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese-ball and Texas Trash!

Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese-ball and Texas Trash!

Gobble gobble!  That’s something you see written a lot at this time of year.  I would say “hear a lot this time of year” but honestly, it’s been years since I’ve heard a real turkey’s garbled yell.  Not something the next door neighbors keep in their yard.  Maybe your neighbors do…..?

I don’t love turkeys, but I do love cheese-balls!  And snacky foods.  And cheesy foods.  So I saw this baby on Pinterest and felt in my bones that I should copy it!  I followed the recipe from Homemade in the Heartland for this handsome gobbler, though I didn’t have all the decoration ingredients.  We ended up having a Thanksgiving snack table before the actual turkey dinner, and this gobbly guy fit right on it!Turkey cheeseball: Thanksgiving snack foods by dennasideas.comInstead of starting life out as an egg, he started out as this (cream cheesy, oniony, pinappley goodness):Thanksgiving snack foods by dennasideas.comAnd then rolled around in this (pecans):Thanksgiving snack foods by dennasideas.comI found that after sitting around a while, the pecans started to soften up (especially the next day).  I think I would try and roll him in pecans at the very last minute before the party!  I used white chocolate chips for his eyes, glued him together with black candy melts.  His neck is a pepperoni stick and candy corn for beak and feet!Turkey Cheeseball: Thanksgiving snack foods by dennasideas.comWith the extra red candy melt I made his “gobbler” and wrote….a little word….I was in a hurry, ok?!!  (and my brain has been turning to mush lately)Texas trash: Thanksgiving snack foods by dennasideas.comTo go along with Mr. Gooble, I was all excited to try this traditional Texas snack mix!  (Texans, tell me the truth in the comments below:)  A delicious recipe for Texas Trash!  I found it on Little Magnolia Kitchen and just changed her recipe a bit to fit with what I could easily find.  The only Chex cereal I could find was Honey Chex  (see photo above)!!  And the nacho flavored Bugles.  I made up half the recipe, and could barely squeeze it into my pan.  Little Magnolia’s recommendation to use a large aluminum foil roaster is a good one….next time!  I didn’t have steak spice, so just kinda made my own with what I had.  So things were kinda different, but kinda……AWESOME!Texas Trash: Thanksgiving snack foods by dennasideas.comIt turned out Y.U.M.M.Y!!  Definitely a hit!!!  I think it might go on our “traditional” list.  We thought of our Texan relatives while we ate it!! 😉  (Oops, should I have said that???)Thanksgiving snack foods by dennasideas.comThere were some other new recipes that I tried out this year…..let me get it together and I’ll do another post…..

Mini pumpkin pie cheese appetizers

Mini pumpkin pie cheese appetizers

I forgot to post these yummy bites in October….so thought I’d post them in time for our southern neighbor’s Thanksgiving.  Funny thing, I was thinking that this weekend was USA Thanksgiving, but just found out it’s next weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving neighbors!!   But….I just received a flyer in the mailbox yesterday for Black Friday sales…..what’s up with that?  This is Canada….Thanksgiving was in October and we….don’t…..have……black…….friday!!!  I don’t appreciate retailers pushing something like that on us!!!  And that’s my rant for today.  Ahem….denna's ideas:  mini pumpkin pie cheese & cracker appetizers for Thanksgiving

Back to these bites of cuteness….in my Thanksgiving preparations I came across this mini pumpkin pie idea and couldn’t rest until I had tried making them!!  (Honestly, I spent weeks obsessing about making them, weird, eh?)  I found these precious pieces of “pie” here on SHEKNOWS with a how to.  They were so cute….but I couldn’t find most of the specialty crackers to make them with.  I did find triangle shaped Triscuits, but had to improvise with the rest of them.denna's ideas:  mini pumpkin pie cheese & cracker appetizers for ThanksgivingI found little pretzel stix in a snacky party mix from the bulk food section at the grocery store for the pie crust edge.  I picked them out and saved them for these appetizers.  The rest is super easy:  Cheddar cheese wedges for the pumkin pie.  Cream cheese (whipped or softened) for the whipped cream, piped out of a plastic baggie with the corner snipped off.  And a triangle Triscuit cracker for the bottom crust.  Assemble with dots of cream cheese to keep everything together.  I found that after I refridgerated them for a few hours the bottom crackers were starting to soften up, so I would suggest assembling these last minute.  They didn’t take long at all…..if you have your crackers in the right size!denna's ideas:  mini pumpkin pie cheese & cracker appetizers for ThanksgivingI completely skipped putting on a crust at the back….and they still looked fine.  I found that if I used a whole Triscuit, the wedge of pie was quite large….maybe too large for a kid’s appetizer.  So I carefully tried to cut down the Triscuit crackers…..kinda worked, but I was forced to eat up all the ones that just crumbled and cracked up!  (quite a few)  The big ones were reserved for Dad, and the rest of us ate the bite-sized ones.denna's ideas:  mini pumpkin pie cheese & cracker appetizers for ThanksgivingAnd where does the pumpkin come in, you ask, (all you pumpkin haters out there!) um, it doesn’t.  This is a case of food imitating…well, uh….food!!  I don’t know why so many of us have a fascination for food that disguises itself as some other food, but there it is.  I know I’m not the only one.  And I know there are lots of “haters” out there who find this idea awful and plain wrong.  And that’s ok.  Just beware…..next time you see a slice of pumpkin pie……beware……..beware the food look-a-likes……denna's ideas:  mini pumpkin pie cheese & cracker appetizers for Thanksgiving

Quick Microwave Caramel Corn


It seems to be the season for caramel corn, caramel apples and all sorts of caramel things!  YUM, caramel is my favorite!  So far I haven’t ever tried making caramel corn in the oven, but just use this microwave recipe that I remember my mom making when we were kids (yes, microwaves existed then).  It’s also a great recipe for people who only micro-cook!!  😉 Maybe it doesn’t taste or look exactly like the from-scratch oven caramel corn, where you cook the caramel with a candy thermometer and then bake it and all that, but if you want a quick sweet snack that is popcorny and caramely, then you should try out this quick recipe! 😉

Here are the ingredients.

It helps to have a hot air corn popper or know how to pop your corn some other way.  I don’t recommend using the bags of microwave popcorn, but I suppose it would be ok if it wasn’t too salty…

Quick Microwave Caramel Corn (serves 1-4):

7-8 cups of popped corn

1/2 cup brown sugar, packed

1/4 cup butter or margarine

2 Tbsp. golden corn syrup

1/4 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. baking soda

1/4 tsp. vanilla

Combine sugar, butter, syrup and salt in a microwave-proof bowl.  Cook on high for 1 and 1/2 minutes, stir.  Cook for 2 more minutes, stirring after 1 minute.  Add baking soda and vanilla and mix well and quickly pour over the popcorn, mixing well.  You might want to divide it into 2 bowls at this point, if that makes it easier.  Cook each bowl-full in the microwave for 2 minutes more, stirring after a minute.

Here are the steps in photos, Pop yer corn!

Then add most of the ingredients in a bowl, this is the dark (golden) corn syrup…Here we are all cozy together:Micro-cook!(Like the retro bowl?)  Get the popcorn ready, about 7 or 8 cups of popped stuff…maybe you should have already measured this out….This is the bowl of bubbly ingredients coming out of the micro,Sprinkle on the baking sodaAnd splash in the vanilla and mix well, The mixture will foam up, it’s kinda fun!Stir quick and then get that stuff poured over the popcorn!! I wasn’t really fast enough because I had the camera in my hand…This is the sticky part….I was so busy trying to photograph this stuff, that I forgot the very last step, the cooking of the popcorn for 2 minutes more in the microwave.  So I set up my little photoshoot with the caramel corn and it wasn’t quite done….so you’ll just have to believe me that it turns out more uniform in color and caramel than mine looks in the photo!  I don’t think this recipe is the best for popcorn balls….but it might be ok for poppycock: adding in different nuts! yum!  Enjoy a quick treat!

P.S. if you are wondering about the Golden Corn Syrup, I think it might be fine to substitute the light or clear corn syrup.  But if you do buy a bottle of this stuff, you could also use it for caramel apples (I’m going to try that tomorrow) and for butter tarts for Christmas baking, oooooo baby!!