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What is a Pocky Cake?


Today I thought that someone somewhere might just be wondering what a Pocky cake is.  Was it you?  First of all, do you know what Pocky is?  Have you ever eaten this tasty little snack?  It is quite popular around our house.  🙂

Pocky is a Japanese snack food that is found all over the world, but especially popular in Japan.  This sweet snack is made of small sticks or “rods” that are almost the size of drinking straws (a bit smaller) and are made of biscuits covered in chocolate.  That would be biscuit in the European meaning, more like a crisp cookie dough.  I personally think that they are quite like pretzel rods covered in chocolate-like coating.  They are crisp and fun to crunch on.  I always like to check out what wikipedia has to say about all these types of things, haha!  So if you are that interested, click here: wikipedia to find out more about Pocky snacks, and even how to pronounce it!

Glico Chocolate Pocky 2.47 oz

Wherever you live, you can probably find and  buy Pocky at Asian supermarkets, or online, like from sites like this one: Asian Food Grocer, where they have all sorts and varieties of Pocky.  In Canada and the United States  they can also be found at other stores, such as HEB and Walmart.  That’s where I ended up buying them, Walmart. (Though they were also at the T&T Asian supermarket close by my house).  I found a very large bag of them at Walmart, more like “bulk” packaging, so I went for that instead of buying about 10 small boxes.  Here’s another photo from the Asian Food Grocer:

Pocky Sticks and Pretz

When I was looking up this Pocky stuff, I also found out that there is something called Pocky cake, which is a cake shaped to look like a Pocky stick. But that is not what I meant to post about today.  I actually mean a Pocky covered cake.  Have you seen one before?  I have seen photos of them going around on Pinterest.  Especially a pink Pocky covered cake that just looked so sweet.

For my daughter’s birthday, I decided that a Pocky covered cake would be so perfect, she loves Pocky!  It makes for a clean and simple looking cake…and a super easy cake too, I found out!  The photos I had seen online were of plain layer cakes, like with only a layer or two, so that when the cake was cut, you ended up with a regular piece of cake with these tall Pockies sticking up on the side.  It seemed a little strange to me, so I decided to make the cake as tall as the Pocky sticks.  I was testing things out a bit first, so had bought some strawberry Pocky and some chocolate.  I found out that they are not quite the same size, the strawberry is shorter.  Both snacks have a very strong smell.  Not being partial to strawberry smells, I went for the chocolate covered ones!  I acutally did some math for this one….I laid out all the Pocky sticks from one box and measured to see how much area they covered…then did primitive measuring and math to figure out how many boxes of Pocky I would need to go around my cake.  I was using a 6 inch cake pan…..anyways…..blah blah blah math blah…….it turned out that when I bought the bigger bag, all my figuring was in vain anyways….but it did just barely turn out, with not a Pocky to spare!  I think you would need about 10 boxes…maybe 12 to be on the safe side, though.  Or one bag from Walmart plus about 2 extra boxes.  Something like that!!  (I’m only going on and on about it in case you are reading this post because you want to make your own Pocky cake!)denna's ideas: how to make a Pocky Cake

It’s really easy, after you have all the Pocky bought!!  Bake a cake.  My cake was several layers high, and ended up measuring just over 5 inches high.  Stack the layers and frost with icing, such as buttercream.  Buttercream worked out very nicely because it wasn’t too gooey….it was just the right consistency to hold the sticks of Pocky, without bulging out between them.  Then start slapping on the Pocky!!  It was that easy.  They didn’t need to be supported nor held.  I decided to go with the cookie part at the bottom.  They are quite uniform, so I didn’t do any chopping or anything, just put them on…all around the cake.  It wasn’t necessary, but I decided to tie a ribbon around the whole thing at the end.

And there you go!!  (at this point many people type in Wa-la!!  But I will never do it!  I might think Voila! to myself, but prefer to type a less fancy “and there you go”)  Your cake is finished.  And it looks so cool!  And I have to mention that it smells wonderful!  The Pocky have a very strong chocolaty smell, so it was nice to have a cake that had it’s own powerful “perfume”!!  🙂

I think that was the fastest cake I’ve ever decorated!  But I never seem to just let things “be” I must always go for that extra little fussiness…that one extra little touch….so I added a Hello Kitty head to the top of the cake!!  More about that later…..denna's ideas: Hello Kitty Party Ideas and Pocky CakeP.S. One last little bit of Pocky trivia from wikipedia: The “Pocky Kiss” is the eastern equivalent to the western “Spaghetti Kiss”  bet ya didn’t know! 😉