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my “bum art” collection


My spur-of-the-moment photo art collection.  Really, I did it to embarass my kids, what can I say?  I know that on my “about me” page of this blog I have a list of things I don’t like, i.e. vulgar things, stuff like that.  Just to show that I’m not a total prude, I decided to post my little bum art collection of photos that I took at Christmas time.  We visited a wonderful art garden, on the top of a hill overlooking the colonial city of Antigua, Guatemala.  Without meaning to (at first) I took the monkey bum photo, then realizing that it was embarassing to most of my kids, I kept on…the youngest one was obviously not embarassed at all, and was very enthusiastic to do a bit of posing!!

This reminds me of the trouble it took to find out how to say the word “bum” in another language…namely, Spanish. But maybe “bum” is in another language for you….in the USA it’s usually “behind” or “butt”…which I always found a bit on the vulgar side, I admit. I prefer the often-used Canadian word “bum”… I think that word probably would come from England, though I haven’t acutally looked this one up! Anyways, I guess it was a bit embarassing when I was young, trying to find out how to say  bum in Spanish.  I think we always used the word trasero, which means “behind”.  Then one day I was at the ice skating rink (the only ice rink) in Guatemala City…and there were only a couple of people skating, and I happened to be talking to a girl who was skating (very well), and since it’s easier to bring up the subject of “behinds” when you are practicing a sport where you are likely to end up falling on your behind…it was kind of easier to drag it into the conversation!  She laughed and told me the word nalgas, which I later figured out meant “bum cheeks”.  😉

Anyways, this last trip down there I heard a few “new ones” for me, so thought I would write up a little list of ways to say “bum” in Guatemalan Spanish, to go along with my little “bum art” collection.  As far as I know, they are just funny slang and not offensive or vulgar.  (Of course I have no idea what they mean in Spanish from other countries!!  Just have a laugh, and don’t get insulted, please!! 🙂

trasero–behind or rear end

nalgas–bum cheeks

fundillo–(I think this is old-fashioned slang)

chumasera—(I’m pretty sure this is the back end of a vehicle, as in the rear end of a car!!)

las pompas, or la pompa

el pompis–(I think this might come from a TV show, Chespirito?)

las nachas—-(this just sound too too funny, like nachos! So I guess if you say “buenas nachas”, that doesn’t mean good night!!)

el mero, mero—literally, the head honcho! haha! (the head honcho, that’s English slang)

Enough laugter, now let’s get down to the serious ART:

colorful Mosaic monkey bums

Strangely tailess horse patooties….oh, ah, and ahem….someone else’s…..

yikes, this one is a little more graphic, but it was a challenge to try and get the Triple Butt shot….(is this, like a famous statue of something…the 3 muses or such?)

there were even scary bums in trees

ok, ok, there’s a behind in this photo somewhere…….somewhere……

this next piece of Art was accidental…my girl was going to pose beside the statue, and I was in the middle of saying, No, step back! but snapped the photo anyways….so this one looks weirder than it was meant to…..!!   (! que nalgitas!!)

and this one, was just perfect….

but she was still in “bum mode” and wouldn’t show her face even when I wanted her to!!

the final bum….

titled “Simbiosis”, this sculpture was the last bum in my collection, snapped out the window of a moving car, close to the airport.

A fitting “end” to the collection, eh? 😉