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A punch of Lego!

A punch of Lego!

A quick party idea:  freeze up some cool-looking ice cubes!  For our Lego-themed party I wanted to use the primary colors, like Legos, well, actually, that’s all I had in the freezer…a bag of frozen berries and a frozen orange juice concentrate.  And it just so happened that we have these ice-cube trays that are long instead of square (for adding to water bottles), so they worked perfectly to give the effect of Lego bricks.

So I added some frozen blueberries to an ice-cube tray with some water + blue food-coloring, then some  raspberries to a tray and added water + red food-coloring.  Ta da!  For the yellow “bricks” I mixed some of the frozen concentrate into some water with yellow food coloring so it wasn’t too orangey colored.

At “party time” (more like, supper time) I added the ice cubes to some ‘fancy’ goblets and then filled them with 7up while the kids watched…they were pretty impressed!  When I broke up the ice cubes, they really looked like Lego bricks.

We got a lot of bang for our buck on this quick party idea!

For a clearer punch, I tried not adding the orange juice ice cubes, they made for a more opaque drink.

I honestly hadn’t really done this before, (I’m not a punch-maker)  so was very pleased at the final effect! 😉  Hmm, maybe now I’ll get some of those shaped ice-cube trays, the ones the kids always want and I always say “no!” to…..