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! Feliz Dia de la Madre!


Today, the 10th of May, is Mother’s Day in Guatemala.  And also in much of South America, (but not Argentina, that’s in October)  Mexico, Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates, according to what I found on the internet.  I hope my info is right!  (Mexico might be the 8th of May…?)

So happy Mother’s Day to all our friends and relatives everywhere!!

I especially want to say a special Happy Mother’s Day to my very special Mother-in-Law!  I have been so blessed to have her in my life, as a friend, a sister in Christ, the mother of my husband, the abuelita to my children and as the woman who prayed for me even before I was born (for years before I was born!). Thank you for all your love and support, Mamita!

Quiero mandar un saludo especial en este Dia de La Madre para mi Querida Suegra!  He sido tan bendecida de tenerte en mi vida, como una amiga, como una hermana en Cristo, como la madre de mi esposo y la abuelita de mis hijos, y tambien como la mujer que ha orado por mi aun antes de que naciera (por a~nos antes de que naci!).  Gracias por todo tu amor y cari~no Mamita!


Rainbow cake, bunting and banners…


This is what I was up to after our little Cinco de Mayo celebration:  a baby shower.  I find myself going crazy for cakes, cupcakes, party banners and pretty much anything to do with party decorations.  Sometimes, it’s all I think about.  I’m not sure why, all of a sudden, but there you go….anyone need a cake/cupcakes for a party?  Just let me know!  And if you live far away and would like me to create some party printables for you, just let me know, too! 😉

For this baby shower, I used a digital kit called “i (heart) animals” from Ju Kneipp Designs.  I tried to make the cake match the decorations!  This shower was supposed to be “gender neutralish” because no one knew who baby is yet: he or she?  I thought this was a fun kit to work with, with cute colors, especially the dash of orange!  (I had wanted to make an orange layer for the cake, that would have been super dooper, but wasn’t able to squeeze that out of my time and energy….heh heh).

and the Cinco de Mayo winner is….


I was interested to know a bit more about the history of the Cinco de Mayo celebration, so the other day I asked who could give me an answer to the question “Why was the battle of Puebla important to the country of Mexico.”  I also said that I would do a giveaway to the first person to comment with an answer.  And the winner is…….oh wait, first read this:

Here are a few excerpts from wikipedia:    “The Battle of Puebla took place on 5 May 1862 near the city of Puebla during the French intervention in Mexico. The battle ended in a victory for the Mexican Army over the occupying French forces. The French eventually overran the Mexicans in subsequent battles, but the Mexican victory at Puebla against a much better equipped and larger French army provided a significant morale boost to the Mexican army and also helped slow the French army’s advance towards Mexico City.  The Battle of Puebla was an inspirational event for wartime Mexico, and it provided a stunning revelation to the rest of the world which had largely expected a rapid victory for French arms.”

So now we all know a bit more about the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Mexico 🙂  Now to the giveaway…

And the winner is……Oralia!!  Thanks for your comment!

Here is a page/layout/poster (whatever you like to call it. I call it a 12×12 layout, made with a few of my digital kits) that I made for you, Oralia.  I just grabbed one of your gorgeous photos from facebook, muahaha!!

! que pareja mas linda!! 😉

the non-iron maiden


haha, actually I feel like the low-iron non-maiden.  Here’s a round-about post for you,  starting with some digital scrapbooking, and ending with a list right out of your doctor’s files. 🙂

Last night I remembered these layouts that I made for Creative Memories a few years ago so dug them up to share with you:

This was inspired by my terribly crazy peppermint craving a few years ago.  I found myself rummaging around in my friends’ houses to see if they had any candy canes left over from Christmas.  I was drinking peppermint tea, then buying peppermint extract (for baking) and putting it in hot water to drink like a tea.  I chewed 5 (the brand name) peppermint gum all the time.  Then I discovered Mentos and chewed them constantly, along with red and white swirly candies.  Then I moved on to shampoos….not to eat or drink but to use…peppermint bubble bath, and CREAMS!  I would slather my hands (and feet) with peppermint cream then just breathe it in!  It seemed normal at first, but quickly turned abnormal and obsessive.  Ok, fairly quickly I started wondering what was wrong with me.  Eventually I went in for a checkup and did a lab test.  My doctor called during supper one evening to tell me that my file was flagged because my iron was so very low  ( I think at that point it was almost off the chart, like a minus 2).  I did a bit of reading and concluded that my craving for peppermint was because of the iron deficiency in my body.

Apparently, people with low iron can crave chewing ice, eating dirt, stuff like that.  I noticed that some of it seems to be in the chewing…like I really wanted to chew and crunch on the candy.  My friend’s little guy wanted to eat snow every time they went out.  When my iron levels came up, the craving went away.  Nowadays, when my iron has dipped again, I find the smell and taste of peppermint starts getting more and more tempting!

I thought I’d just mention a few symptoms here….just in case anyone else has had a few of these….I recommend getting your iron checked!!  I haven’t done great research, but I have read a little bit, and talked to a bunch of people who have also had these problems.  Here’s a little list I copied and pasted (from, then added a few of my own comments:

  • fatigue (tiredness!!)
  • decreased energy (increased sleeping)
  • hair loss  (why is my brush so full of hair!!)
  • weakness (do your arms ache when you wash your hair in the shower or put rollers in your hair?)
  • shortness of breath  (sometimes lying in bed, does it feel like breathing is a big effort?)
  • lightheadedness  (it doesn’t matter if you are a blonde or not)
  • palpitations (feeling of the heart racing or beating irregularly)
  • looking pale (pale lips, pull your bottom eyelid down, is it pink or pale yellowish?)
  • Symptoms of severe anemia may include:
    • chest pain, angina, or heart attack
    • dizziness
    • fainting or passing out
    • rapid heart rate
      • low blood pressure
      • rapid breathing
      • pale or cold skin (I’m taking this to also mean, feeling more chilly than usual?)

Ok, this is turning into a rather medical-sounding post (not like me at all) but I really think it’s worth it to have a glance, in case you or someone you know is expericing some of this.  Oh wait!! I just found this better list on another site! take a peek!:

“If you have 5 or more of the symtoms below, see your doctor: Also consider taking B-Complx vitamins

Depression     * Fatigue     * Listlessness, weakness, decreased work productivity     * Impaired learning and cognitive function     * ADD and ADHD type behavioral disturbances     * Developmental delay in infants and young children     * Poor memory     * Decreased attention span and increased distractibility     * Impaired reactivity and coordination     * Irritability     * Dizziness     * Appetite loss     * Cravings for non foods such as ice, dirt or clay     * Constipation     * Difficulty swallowing (because low iron may cause a thin membrane to grow across the esophagus)     * Joint soreness     * Night time leg cramps     * Asthma     * Sores on skin, or itching     * Poor wound healing     * Can cause excessive menstrual bleeding     * Hair loss (LOW IRON IS A FREQUENTLY OVERLOOKED CAUSE OF HAIR LOSS)     * Headaches     * Sore or burning tongue     * Soreness in corners of the mouth     * Brittle, flat, or spoon shaped nails     * Longitudinal ridges on nails     * Heart palpitations on exertion     * Shortness of breath     * Cold extremities, with decreased resistance to cold and poor regulation of body temperature     * Tendency to recurrent infections     * Chronic bladder infections     * Anemia (hypo chromic, microcytic) paleness, weakness, drowsiness, fatigue     * Numbness & tingling     * Night sweats     * Fragile bones     * Growth impairment in children     * Eye soreness     * Vague gastrointestinal symptoms: belching, gas, nausea     * Vitiligo (light blotches on the skin)     * Swelling in the ankles     * Bluish tint to the whites of the eyes     * Visual disturbances     * Papilledema (swelling inside the eye)” (from

I highlighted some of the symptoms I was/am feeling.  I feel I have experience them all except APPETITE LOSS!!!  No way that has affected me, haha.  (boo hoo!)

I think it can be easy to live with some of this stuff, and just never think “my iron must be low”!  It’s way easier to think “I’m going insane!”

I’ve finally figured out that anemia can cause many feelings/symptoms of depression. (I’m waving a flag here).  I’m not advocating self-diagnosing, but just want people to be aware of some of the symptoms in case you have had them w/o really paying attention…and so that you can go and talk to your doctor, get the easy blood-test and get it checked out!!  It seems that doctors vary as to how they treat it, and what are normal levels.  I’m still a bit confused as to the “numbers” and levels and to date, haven’t tried many remedies beyond iron pills…*sigh*…but I have the feeling I’m going to have to start trying some other options soon 😦

I hope this post has been helpful for you in some way.  I’d really like to read your comments and/or your own experiences with this low-iron stuff.  🙂

a bit of this and that…


There’s this joke that my friend Shannon told me (probably in 5th grade), about a…. a mouse and an elephant (or was it a lion?)…did I mention that I’m terrible about jokes?  All I can remember is the punchline, said in a small squeaky mouse voice…”I’ve been sick!”

Anyone know that joke?  It’s no joke, I have been sick, and not creating much….not doing much….today I dragged myself around a bit and did a few things.  Since everyone was out of the house for awhile today, I did a few things on the computer….I played around with changing this blog’s background.  I am very un-techno-savvy and so I was just trying things over and over….and finally got this background, using some of my own (previously created) designs….so I’ll leave it up for awhile until I figure something else out!  The other cool blog background was from WordPress.

I also did a digital layout with photos of my new nephew, isn’t he cute?  It’s the same digital kit as the one in the last post…

So, who knows when I’ll be feeling better??  Hopefully soon, still have to cook and do laundry once in a while though…. which I should be doing instead of posting here, but honestly….I never feel like doing housework, and almost always feel like playing with my computer!  🙂

have I mentioned My Scrapbook Art?? :)


I’m not bragging, really!  I’m just mentioning a site, get it? 😉  There’s this great newletter, or digital magazine called Home is Where the Art Is.  Every month they have a new, gorgeous, free digital kit for their subscribers. There are articles about digital scrapbooking, photography and even non-digital crafts. I have really enjoyed receiving it…and especially the free kits! Sometimes it’s 2 free kits a month!  I just wanted to let you know, because I wanted others to get these cool freebies too! If you sign up now, you’ll be in time to get next month’s….

Just so you can see what I mean, I’m posting the layout that I made for the Designer’s Challenge with this month’s free kit, called Be by Creashens.  What a cute kit, I love it!  The challenge was fun….3’s!  Everything on your layout was supposed to be in threes.  I started with 3 papers (2 wood-look and 1 picnic cloth), 3 bees was easy….but I squeezed my brain a bit for the 3 suns (and slightly altered a few things to make the “sun-pop”!  Anyways, it was a fun challenge.If digital scrapbooking is new to you and you’d like to know more about it, please contact me, I’d love to help you out!  When I first heard about it, I was sure I would never do it, I hated computers and felt totally helpless on one!  A few years ago I forced myself to try and wow! my new hobby was born!  I’ve been able to actually learn way more than I thought I ever could, and without too much effort (or else I just wouldn’t have done it!).  It’s a great option for people with small children, as you don’t make a mess with scissors, punches, glue and paper bits everywhere!

See my Home page here for my email to contact me.  I’d love to anwer any questions I can 🙂

a wedding and a pickle barrel


We attended a wedding over the weekend…a beautiful spring wedding….complete with soggy wet blizzard!  Our weather has been a bit crazy lately, with springy moments and quite a few blizzardy moments.  Oh well, we know spring is here, even if she’s a little bi-polar.  There were no pickle barrels at the wedding (just friends and good food!), but there is a Pickle Barrel sale on at my favorite digital shop, Pickleberrypop here !  You can mix and match kits for $1 each full of digital goodness!  Some of the ones I picked up today have a “mother” theme….remember that Mother’s Day is just around the corner! (I’m reminding myself).

Here’s a quick page that I liked…it’s totally done for you, all I did was add my photos and journalling and title.  It took about 10 minutes. It’s from Dee Bee Designs here .    I just want to encourage people that digital scrapbooking can be super fast and easy!!  Let others do all the fiddly work for you!

Thanks for snapping our photo, Will!  Here’s one for you, heh heh, of your son and “the girls”.  When I took the top photo, both of the kids were very stiff and awkward, it’s was so funny, but they stood there and let me take the photo!

(this one uses some of the other digital content other than the quickpage kit)

Oh, yes, the digi sale is only on from today to Wednesday.  Just so you know, I only promote this digital scrapbooking site because I like it, and that’s the only reason 🙂  Now I need to start working on some Mother’s Day stuff with my new digi content!