Guess the Theme Game


We’ve started a theme around here….a before-and-during Christmas theme.  We don’t usually “do themes” for Christmas, other than Christmas, but I fixated on this idea for awhile and decided to go with it.   (I was told that a theme was ok, as long as it’s not too girly!)  To introduce the kids to my super idea, I made up a little guessing game.  See if you can guess what our theme is…
Narnia Guessing Game for kids by dennasideas.comThe items are hidden in the basket and came out one by one….(I did it without the hints, and added those later)

Narnia Guessing Game for kids by dennasideas.comI wanted to use a compass, but someone lost it for me, so I went with the spyglass.Narnia Guessing Game for kids by dennasideas.comnext…Narnia Guessing Game for kids by dennasideas.comNarnia Guessing Game for kids by dennasideas.comNarnia Guessing Game for kids by dennasideas.comguessed yet?Narnia Guessing Game for kids by dennasideas.comand the most obvious for last…Narnia Guessing Game for kids by dennasideas.comMy last clue was a chocolate bar called Big Turk…chocolate covered Turkish delight, but it was eaten so quickly that I didn’t get a photo of it!!  And no, I still don’t really like Turkish delight, though some of the kids do.  So did you guess our theme?

I thought my guessing game was a good idea, but of course things don’t usually work as planned….before I even opened the basket one of my dear children blurted out the theme.  And didn’t even really give the other kids a chance to guess, just yelled “Narnia” every time something came out of the basket.  That’s when I was getting them to explain exactly how each item went with the theme.  And yes, the theme is Narnia!!  At the end my dear child explained that I had already given away my idea weeks ago….hmmmm….I had forgotten that part!  Oh well, it was kinda fun anyways….even with the spoilsport!Narnia Guessing Game for kids by dennasideas.comAnd then there were cookies….to go with the theme…of course!  What’s a theme without baking???!!!Chronicles of Narnia cookies by dennasideas.comNarnia cookies by dennasideas.comWords to get through the winter on…..”When Aslan bares his teeth, Winter meets it’s death”….that’s what is engraved on High King Peter’s sword.  So this week we’ll be doing our Narnia theme, I’ve already got a few projects on the go!  Can anyone tell me why this week, of all weeks, is the perfect time for a Narnia theme??? Hmmmm???  There’s a good reason 🙂

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