A bite of a sunny day…


The summer isn’t over yet!!  We can still squeeze some gorgeous days and sun-filled moments out of it…like I did today.  My laundry dictated my day…I was washing up some tablecloths and runners from a party over the weekend, and their tags all said Do Not Tumble Dry (of course).  So the brilliance of the day called me outside to string up a makeshift clothesline in my little backyard.  I had forgotten the joy of hanging clothes out to dry!!  Yes that sounds funny…joy…in laundry, but really, there’s something wonderful about the smell of clean damp washing when you can hang it outside on a bright summer day in the breeze.  (There’s nothing at all lovely about the smell of damp laundry when you are down in the fusty basement on a freezing winter’s day, believe me!)
denna's ideas: thyme harvest from my gardenI have been enjoying my little patch of garden, and I mean little…what shows in the photos is my bit of garden.  The rest of the little backyard is taken up by bicycles, a BBQ and some snow shovels.denna's ideas: from my garden

At Easter time, the kids planted sunflower seeds and they have shot up, but haven’t flowered yet.dennasideas.com_my garden harvest - drying wash

I felt so pleased to be doing this little chore today (and not some other horrible, messy chore that I still have to work on later).  I love the sight of the orange and yellow laundry flapping on the line!

When we lived in Guatemala, hanging the laundry was a regular chore in a few of the houses we lived in that didn’t have a dryer.  But I (mostly) didn’t mind hanging wash out on the upstairs patio in the Guatemalan sun (I only remember the sunny days) and listening to the laughter of children from the school across the street and the buses clattering by.  So today I was in nostalgia mode.  Enjoying the sun and blue sky and my little patch of green.  Listening to Gloria Estefan’s Mi Tierra seemed fitting.

I was even able to harvest a few things from my garden!  I have a small pot of what I think is thyme….well, I’m pretty sure it is…and I snipped some sprigs to dry.  My new gnome stands guard so cats don’t mess with my herbs!  (There’s Mi tomillo, the herb that goes in all my Guatemalan cooking) the basil that is on it’s last legs….dennasideas.com_my garden harvest - new gnomedenna's ideas: thyme harvest from my gardendennasideas.com_my garden harvest - thyme

Two small lavender plants grew up in the garden patch this year and actually flowered!  Last year they were just sad looking bits of spiky leaves.dennasideas.com_my garden harvest - lavender harvest

There was enough for a little bunch to dry…dennasideas.com_my garden harvest - lavender

The smell and taste of lavender always reminds me of a wonderful summer trip to Kelowna, B.C. that we had years ago.  Inspired by my memories and my little harvest, I whipped up a midday snack for myself. 😉  Some lavender lemondade!!  Ok, it was really limeade, and I added some chocolate mint leaves that are in a corner of my garden patch.dennasideas.com_my garden harvest - lavender mint lemonade

So pretty with a few lavender flowers!!  And tasty!denna's ideas: mint and lavender lemonade from my garden

A little snack would be nice, using some of the fresh thyme and my favorite sun-dried tomatoes and some interesting gluten-free crackers we’ve been eating lately…dennasideas.com_my garden harvest - thyme bites

Yum yum!  I might add that I have never been accused of never pampering myself….dennasideas.com_my garden harvest - thyme and dried tomato bitesSometimes I go a bit overboard, for the sake of photography…so I added some dessert, not intending to eat it, just for the photoshoot…denna's ideas: mint and lavender lemonade from my garden

The citrus cookies are from the party I was baking for on the weekend.  They seemed so perfect with the lemonade that I did feel the need to eat one…

What else should I have done on such a lovely day and no one around to share it with?  I decided to bring out my camera so I could capture it and share it with you.  I hope you have a few sunny days left of this summer that you can use for relaxing, enjoying and maybe even spoiling yourself a bit, even if there are chores to do!!  🙂


What do you think? Que piensas?

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