An Irish Rainbow!


I’m looking for a rainbow on this gloomy day.  I guess I’m always looking for rainbows.  My confession of messiness for today: I still have my rainbow-colored papel picado banner up from the Cinco de Mayo (personally I don’t think this is too awful as we are still in the month of May!!)denna's ideas: papel picado banner

There is something in me that is always looking for color and something beautiful to gaze at……and something in me that craves something beautiful and colorful to listen to.   On this gloomy day, I found it all in what I’m calling my Irish Rainbow!!  It’s my new favorite band, straight from the emerald isle of Ireland!  It’s Rend Collective Experiment.  A home-grown organic group….. here’s a fun video for today, just what I needed…colorful and fun….

I recently heard about this band from my friend Amber from Because Love is a Lifestyle and I guess I’m copycatting her by saying that the Campfire Album is my new favorite! 🙂  Rend Collective Experiment is not a new band (just new to me), it started as a group of friends in Ireland, eventually joined by almost 100 other artists, musicians etc.  The core 5 of the collective have gone on to an international success,with major tours all over the world.

Concerning the band itself Gareth comments,”We are a collective of people like a family and not just a band. We want our music to be what we call Organic worship, an honest and natural connection with God, something which is authentic and not artificial. We want to create an environment for people to have genuine encounters with Him and to find themselves singing to Him in ways that they find real”

I love it that their album Homemade Worship by Handmade People was recorded in a living room!!  Here’s an excerpt from Rend Collective Experiment‘s website:

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that anything homemade is typically better than its slick, factory-produced counterpart. Much like a handwritten note, a birthday gift that wasn’t procured at the local mall or a mouthwatering, made-from-scratch meal savored with family and friends, Irish worship artists Rend Collective Experiment wanted to approach the follow-up to their universally praised debut, Organic Family Hymnal, in the same decidedly homespun fashion. So instead of holing up in a studio for weeks on end, Rend Collective Experiment held their recording sessions a lot closer to home—namely in Gareth and Ally Gilkeson’s own living room in Northern Ireland.

For some musicians, working at home would be the very definition of chaos. But for the group who’s always been less of a band and more of a family anyway, it was an ideal experience that culminated in the group’s exquisitely crafted (and appropriately titled) second album, Homemade Worship By Handmade People.

“The best way I could describe it was that we didn’t want to get involved in any clinical, polished studio where things felt detached from normal life,” Gareth says. “We wanted things to feel homey, and there was something intimate about that. Naturally, there were guitars and instruments everywhere for the better part of six months, and I’m not sure how my wife [Ally] coped, but it was an experience none of us will ever forget. It’s a fun way of making music.”

Love it!!  I know that the music from their CD Campfire is going to be my summer sound this year!! Some of my biggest favorites are: You Are My Vision, Praise like Fireworks, Movements, Build Your Kingdom, 10,000 Reasons….

My day has suddenly cheered up!!!!  Hope you have a nice one, too!


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