Mayo Fiesta Birds


May is almost here!!  We just had 2 days of blowing snow…and finally this afternoon the sun burst out and is turning the snow to puddles.

Today I started thinking about May, since it begins tomorrow.  In many countries of the world, tomorrow, May 1st is a holiday, but not here!!  On the weekend there is el 5 de Mayo, which is another holiday also not around here!  I’m late for holidays this year….but I did make some festive cookies today…kind of for May fiestas, but mostly for Lilaloa’s cookie challenge!!

The challenge is to think outside the box….or outside the cookie cutter shape!  There is a diamond ring cookie cutter that is popular for engagement cookies, and Georganne over at Lilaloa has challenged everyone to make something different than a diamond ring, using that cutter.  I confess that I have been thinking about it for a week (or more!) but just haven’t had the umph! to make anything, until today…inspired by the sunlight and the festiveness of May….I made some parrots.  (I also happen to have been thinking that a parrot would be the perfect pet for our household.  Years ago we had a green parrot and he had such a fun personality!!  Ok, ok, lots of feathers everywhere….but he was my little baby….anyways…)

Here’s the blank cookie shape….see that big diamond ring?denna's ideas: mayo fiesta fondant bird cookies

I saw parrots.  My kids saw swimming fish and little people in hoodies.  I was going to try and make everyone’s vision….but….well, maybe I should let them decorate their own cookies this afternoon…denna's ideas: mayo fiesta fondant bird cookies

denna's ideas: mayo fiesta fondant bird cookies denna's ideas: mayo fiesta fondant bird cookies denna's ideas: mayo fiesta fondant bird cookiesI’m liking the “1960’s filter” on these photos!  The lighting is so awful in my house….I have to try and edit to try and get near the cookies’ original colors… I know I complain a lot about the lighting…really I’m just not a great photographer and never use Manual 🙂

Get ready to have a great May!!

What do you think? Que piensas?

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