Hello Kitty Crackers….fail?

Hello Kitty Crackers….fail?

Back to Hello Kitty party stuff.  Here’s something I made for our party…but it looked like a fail to me (or failage, as my sons says, though not about the crackers necessarily).  Hello Kitty crackers seemed like a cool idea.  Something salty in the midst of so much sweetness.  I found several cracker recipes on Pinterest and decided to try this recipe for “homemade Ritz crackers” out, because it said if I halved the recipe I could fit it in a mini food processor.  Maybe that’s where the failage started…my mini processor was too full, so in the end had to lug out the bigger one.  And then I only had whole wheat flour, which of course gives things a different taste and texture (though I think we are used to that by now), and I thought it would be nice to add a bit of pink food coloring….anyways, the “crackers” seemed ok at first, but then I realized that they were kinda…weird.  I rolled them and cut them out…denna's ideas: Hello Kitty crackers

Then I used the cutest little Hello Kitty play dough stamp to stamp faces into the crackers.  I even tried stamping it with food coloring, which looked like it had possibilities, but didn’t actually work…denna's ideas: Hello Kitty crackersdenna's ideas: Hello Kitty crackersdenna's ideas: Hello Kitty crackers

The recipe said that holes should be poked in the crackers so they’d bake alright, so I did, poking Kitty’s nose and eyes with a meat thermometer (clean).

denna's ideas: Hello Kitty crackersWhen they baked up…they still looked a little weird.  And when I tasted them…I wasn’t impressed.  They really just tasted like very flat biscuits.denna's ideas: Hello Kitty crackersSome of them were kinda cute…though the pink color was strange.  I was surprised that the kids liked them!  The recipe might have been fine if I had not added whole wheat instead of white flour…. I definitely need to try this again, but will try a different recipe.  I think I’ll try a recipe that has cheese in it!


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