Hello Kitty Strawberries


Hope this will brighten up your day…super sweet Hello Kitty Berries!!  These delicious bites of apple and strawberry with a hint of chocolate are perfect for your next Hello Kitty party, or your next couple of Hello Kitty parties… (We just had a Hello Kitty party and I’m sure that it won’t be the last)…or really for any party or any day at all!!  These easy-to-make berry snacks are just the cutest things around.denna's ideas: Hello Kitty Strawberry snacksMy daughter found this instructional video on youtube by Mosogourmet on how to make strawberry men.  When we watched it we knew that we had to try them….just as soon as I could get my hands on a melon-baller!!  🙂  I couldn’t find a tiny one, like in the video, but I finally found one that had two sizes, at Canadian Tire!!  It was a lot harder to find that little tool than I thought it would be.  The rest is easy, just follow the steps in the video.  The Hello Kitty faces were my idea, since all I’ve been thinking about for weeks has been that cute little graphic cat!denna's ideas: Hello Kitty Strawberry snacksFast and easy to make, yummy to eat, fun to look at….and Hello Kitty….what could be better?!?!!!denna's ideas: Hello Kitty Strawberry snacks


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