Preparing for Easter

Preparing for Easter

What do you do at your house for Easter? Good Friday?  Holy Week?  Semana Santa?  Passover?

It’s a special time of year, and I had all sorts of plans to decorate, do crafts, bake goodies, etc.  You know, that stuff I like to do.  🙂  But this year it’s going to be all about family, and spending time visiting!  And not about food and decorations.  So I thought I would just post this with a link to my Pinterest board (see below)  where I have been saving up ideas for this time of year, then if you feel like checking it out, you might get some crafty urges 😉  While I spend my time talking and visiting!

Here are some ideas:

birds’ nest treatsand  Crown of Thorns cookies:You can find that post here.

For more ideas, super cute crafts and lovely bakedy baking, click here for my Easter Ideas pin board.

I’m sure we’ll make a few special treats and of course we’ll have a lovely time, but I’ll be so busy doing it all that I won’t be posting about it till much later!!

I hope that you have a very special Easter.  🙂


What do you think? Que piensas?

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