Spring is here?


So we’ve passed the first day of spring….and guess what we are doing…..here are some photos of what it looks like outside my front window.denna's ideas: first days of spring=blizzardCan you see what this is?  It’s my son, making a snow angel….in our front yard.  Right beside him on the left side is the walk to the front steps and right above him is the sidewalk.denna's ideas: first days of spring=blizzardSomeone wasn’t too happy about shoveling the walkway….denna's ideas: first days of spring=blizzardwhat walkway?denna's ideas: first days of spring=blizzardThere’s one under there somewhere….it’s no wonder we didn’t get any mail delivered that day….denna's ideas: first days of spring=blizzardStill snowing….denna's ideas: first days of spring=blizzardThis is a photo of an elderly gentleman walking down the sidewalk to pick up his newspaper from the machine by the bus stop.

And so that is what our first days of spring look like here in Alberta, Canada.  How are yours??  Hope they are a bit brighter!!  🙂


What do you think? Que piensas?

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