Hello (and Goodbye) Valentine’s Day!!


Hope you had a sweet Valentine’s Day!  Personally, I think it should be Valentine’s Week, just to fit everything in.  Around our house, things do tend to get drawn out, birthdays, holidays, stuff like that, so maybe it was Valentine’s Week around here 🙂

I always tell myself that this Valentine’s Day I’m not going to go crazy getting stuff done for the kids’ school valentines…but every year (excepting one) I stay up late getting cookies baked, bags packed, labels stamped, gifts wrapped, etc.  It’ s one of those obsessive things I can’t seem to get past!  Here are some of the cookies I was working on, denna's ideas: hello kitty cookies for valetine's day denna's ideas: hello kitty valentine's day cookies Denna's Ideas-- hogs and kisses cookies Denna's Ideas-hedgehog cookies for valentine's dayI don’t always do cookies, but rather send candy, since kids nowadays don’t seem too content with just small paper valentines 🙂 but this year I did go for cookies since I had this cute cutter and the first grade has a pet hedgehog named Chloe!!

Here are some more photos from our Valentine’s Day (week)….and for some reason I put quotes on them……                                                                          follow the way of love--valentine's day decor by denna's ideas valentine's day squirrel cookies by denna's ideas valentine's day decor by denna's ideas valentine's day train cake by denna's ideas                 Fondant train made by Amber!! valentine's day train cake by denna's ideas valentine's day tulips by denna's ideas - Page 001denna's ideas--tulip love    Some of our pixelated Valentine’s Day decor came from the Minecraft birthday party we did at the beginning of the month (and which I will post about soon!)Valentine's Day Chalkboard by denna's ideas - Page 001All in all, it was a sweet week!!denna's ideas: valentine's day


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